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I downloaded the Moonrise Appartments mod by Daeley (this is the link: 

But it comes up as an empty lot. Can anyone direct me to the dependencies which are obviously not listed? Thank you!

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    • By VitroOliveira
      Hello friends, I have a dependency problem, but in my game not show any brown box... help please...

    • By simbasc4
      Are there any buildings, lots, mods etc... that donot require dependancies as I have a slow pc and dont wont a large dependancies folder my last one was over 3 gig and took forever ive had my hd die and am starting from stratch or is there a full dependancies package ( I got fooled into downloading the april fool 1 ) but have the time to sift threw getting 100s of dependancies, I would donatand get a dvd but I need for xmas when im off so would not arrive in time.
    • By robdragon
      I'm totally confused!
      I thought that when you create a lot that the info that is in the sc4desc file is saved in the exemplar file of the lot. So in essence the sc4desc file would be useless after the lot was finished.
      But now it seems it may not be useless at all, I see that file in many uploads here and today I actually saw a comment from a lotter that the sc4desc was a required file!
      Can someone straighten me out is the sc4desc file useless after the lot is saved is is it a required file to include with the lot when you upload it and install it in the game?
      The reason I ask is that I've been blowing away the sc4desc file whenever I run into it, if it is actually required then I need to stop doing that before I get myself in trouble.
      Dazed and Confused!
      Brad (aka robdragon)
    • By tariely
      Trying to establish a list of deps for upcoming uploads, and I am confused. Is BSC Holiday Park Prop and BSC Holiday Park SG Vol 01.dat the same thing ? I found the first one's URL, but no luck with the other one, and all the searches direct me to the first one. But.
      Help ?
    • By vFareW
      Hello all, not sure if this is the right place for this, but I recently was reorganizing my plugins and had to redownload HK Garden Estate Towers.
      I have been using the R$ lots 1a, 1b, 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b. However I have noticed that something weird is happening. 1b and 5b grow as normal, but 5a is growing using 1a's .desc info, and 4b with 4a's .desc info. If that is confusing, then an example is a 4x4 lot will grow, which is supposed to be Tower 5a. But the name and capacity, etc. will be Tower 1a, and the Tower 1a 2x3 lot will not grow. Same with 4b and 4a.
      I used the buildingplop cheat to test, and noticed that there are only 4 ploppables despite there being 6 lots. I used reader to change exemplar name for lot 4b, but that didn't work and trying to plop 4b would still plop a 4a tower with 4b stats.
      I removed the lot files and tested one by one, and they work fine. If I only use 1a, 1b, 4a then the lots are all there. If I use 1a, 1b, 4a, 4b, then 1a and 1b work properly, but there is only the 4b with 4a stats as the 3rd lot available.
      I am inexperienced using PIM, but I used it to examine the lots by going to the lots and right click them and check dependency, using the 4a/4b combo as the test problem pair. If only 4a is there it says 4a dependency is 4a.desc, and it appears in the RCI descriptor list. If both 4a and 4b are there then 4a.desc disappears from the RCI descriptor list, and 4a.lot now says the dependency is 4b.desc.
      I noticed that it has been updated lately, and maybe this problem is new. I have not used the other R$ lots or R$$ lots, so I am not sure if this is happening to other lots in the pack. Sorry if what I am saying is confusing!
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