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Hello Guyz!
I recently installed NAM 36 for my SimCity 4. I am new to it and I have never installed any version before so this is the first one I am using. I was watching Realistic Overpasses, Sunken Highway tutorials in youtube so I started making Sunken Highway. But the main problem is that the  man uses On Slope puzzle pieces that I can't find any where so please someone can tell me that how to find On Slope Pieces I  also don't have overpasses so please help me.

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Perhaps the tutorial is out of date, the NAM features have changed a lot over the years. If you use the link in my signature to my NAM YouTube tutorials, I've videos that cover these aspects of the mod.

You should also be sure that you've correctly installed the required components. If not, re-run the installer, choose the custom install and verify the Road Viaducts (overpasses) are selected. This includes On Slope pieces.

If that doesn't help you, please clarify what networks exactly you are trying to intersect, because we can give you much more specific instructions that way. The regular Road Viaducts are found in the Road Menu, two types the legacy "Puzzle" type and the newer "Flex" ones where installed can be found. For RHW, a separate set of transitions is found under the "FlexHeight" icon in the Highway menu.

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  • Original Poster
  • Really Really Thanks I searched in the Road Viaducts and I founded the pieces really really thanks. Another thing that do the NAM installer contains the contents from previous versions or not. And as I am very new to this thing so please tell me some tutorials to use this thing! Thanks


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    23 hours ago, Fahad Farooq said:

    Another thing that do the NAM installer contains the contents from previous versions or not.


    NAM development is cumulative, so except for some very rare cases, the answer is yes.  Legacy support is an important part of what we do.  NAM development is also continual, however, so the location of some items may change over time, usually as a result of further development and/or user feedback. 

    As far as tutorials go, the NAM's documentation can be a good starting point.  It's readily accessible online here for quick reference.  I'd also recommend rsc204's videos linked above as well.


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      • By Kto-To
        The bug is that when I want to place any rhw overpass puzzle piece it is not displayed correctly . But it works .

        I have : Simcity 4 delux edition , plugins : NAM v40 , RHW v5 , hole diging lots .
      • By tariely
        Not sure I should put this here, but in the threads I found about SG stations behaving weirdly, references were made to the NAM so here goes.
        The Clock tower station, although not present in my plugins, shows up as its footprint in blue, no building, and immediately causes a CTD if plopped -- it also seems to frack the rail menu, displacing other menu icons without showing up itself. BUT when I get all three problematic stations in my plugins (Clock Tower, Passenger Station, Simtropolis Station) everything works well. I don't notice any of the displacements of rails and platforms noted in the thread I followed. I assume it is because NAM 36 solved the problem. In said thread, @rsc204 pointed to a fix -- which I downloaded. I would like to know if I need it when none of SG problematic rail stations are in my plugins folder (esp. the Clock tower one) .
      • By tariely
        My companion plays on a Mac. I installed NAM36 on his Mac (completely forgetting I just had to slap my own folders in his plugins !!! But as he didn't want exactly what I have it was OK in the end, I guess.) As expected, we hit the plugins wall and will have to datpack the NAM. I downloaded JDatPacker but am always somewhat squeamish when using a new tool -- especially when said tool comes with a readme that is an electronic book (or at least DLs like one !) Should I use something else ? Whatever I use, are there special warnings, do's and don't's ? (I did take a little walk through forums ; my eyes are beginning to glaze over...)
      • By markussaage
        Hi guys,
        While testing a TE enabled lot I noticed, that when using the NRD-4 road connecting to this lot, the traffic lights are steady green on all sides. When I change the NRD-4 to the standard avenue, the intersection lights work just fine. To see, what I mean, see the attached pictures. One side is avenue TE enabled, the other side is road TE enabled. Is this a normal behavior?
        Kind regards!

      • By Lumeria
        Hi all!
        I am wondering if anyone can help me, I have two areas that are causing me troubles. I don't even know if what I want to do is possible. I'm trying to connect EL over Road 4 to EL over road (Maxis regular) crossing over an intersection, but it seems to elude me.

        What am I missing? I have the current NAM, did not choose "alternate" for EL and do have the puzzle piece that is supposed to connect EL over road to either EL over Rd4 or Ave, but the EL doesn't line up on that piece with the EL over Rd4, so I'm a bit lost. I have LHD, if that makes any difference...
        Also, in the second troublesome area, does anyone know how to connect EL over road, through at T intersection to just plain EL? I cannot get the puzzle piece to connect to the regular EL.

        If the two pictured configurations I have set up at the present are impossible, does anyone have any suggestions as to a better method or configuration I might try instead?
        Either way, thanks in advance!
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