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Hi everyone, just as the title says, I've been playing cities skylines for a while now and SimCity 4 for a long time, but should I consider buying this version now after all this time?

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There were boys that did spent money for a very simple toy like a football and they were totally happy playing with this football and one became even a football star and earned a lot of money and he bought a big yacht and when the boy - now a grown up man - was on his yacht, he played with his football, because basically just staying on the yacht was quite anoying but playing the old football on a yacht - that was fun.

Basically games are like toys - the fun they give to you is the most important thing about them. You don't need everything to have fun. It's very different on people, what is fun to them and I'm afraid, you'll have to find out yourself. Some like jokes about genital organs, some like maths. Some like both. It's too much difference in people to give a general advice 'what is fun'.

In my opinion a set of badminton rackets is much more fun for summer than SC2013.

And most people would say - if you have played c:s and sc4 already, most probably SC2013 won't give you any new experience and add any new fun.

So how's about a chipmunk? They can be terrible funny. You can make videos and post them on YouTube and become famous. I doubt anyone want's to see SC2013 videos on YouTube anymore and to become famous with sc2013 videos. So a chipmunk is definitely the better choice.

But still - this is only my individual point of view.



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SimCity (2013) is a limited city sim. First, the city size is much smaller than C:S and SC4. Second, the game doesn't give you lots of flexibility (including editing prebuilt highway) unlike SC4 and especially C:S. Third, the community only made few mods available for the game and it's limited by the game limitation (for instance, you can't destroy anything outside the city border without tools). However, SC2013 is lighter than C:S. Still, C:S is worther than this game if you've high-spec'd computer (with dedicated GPU) and SC4 if you can't afford high-spec'd computer.


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On 6/2/2018 at 1:18 PM, leonjames87 said:

Should I buy SimCity 2013 or not?

I've never played SC2013 so take what I say with a grain of salt.

I believe the way it worked out during the programming of the game is the marketing peeps pulled their heads out of a particular body orifice long enough to say: We want a city simulator that is simple enough for anyone to use and we want it to be an online game only. When released they botched the roll out so badly that hardly anyone could get connected to their servers to play. Eventually that got straightened out as well as an offline option was added. The dedicated SC4 players didn't care for the game since it was scaled down and less realistic.

Here on ST, of the three major games (those with their own forums and sub forums) SC2013 ranks last for the number of topics and posts and current activity. This indicates to me most peeps don't care for it. Ofc, it's a matter of personal preference and ultimately you are the only one who can make a decision for yourself. Me? I'm never going to try it even if it was free.

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