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Dragonmouth Metro Area

Dragon Mouth region is a 9x11 (36x44km) large tile map of an old, ancient long dead volcanic caldera (whence the name Dragonmouth came from) which hosts five cities, Brimstone Bay, Cauldron Hills, Hell's Gate, Paradise Heights and Thunder Valley.  It's a temperate region, weather is generally great for most of the year and the colony is growing at an exceptiona rate.  In the 25 years since the colony was founded on another Earth-like planet on the other side of the galaxy, the colony has amassed a population of over 500k.  

The colony was founded and funded by the Blade Inter-Galactic Colonization Co, one of the most successful Corps in the human expanse across the galaxy.  All materials, food stuffs and such are all supplied by the company until the colonies are able to stand on their own feet and support themselves.

Ok, enough of the backstory, now onto the good stuff.  First is the map of the region Dragonmouth.  (make sure to view the enlarged images as these are giant-sized photos.)


Now here's the plans for the freeway system.  Note that this is not set  in stone, changes will most likely be made.


Here is the region with it's city limits for the 5 citie


Well, that's it for now, more to come in a few days.


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  • Now for some city images of five of the 14 districts of Thunder Valley, Easton, Dragon Pond, Dragon Wash, North Valley and Rolling Hills.  All districts are simmed for 25 years before moving on to the next one.  Once every district of the 99 in Dragon Mouth has been developed and simmed for 25 years, then I'll go back into each one and add a bit more to each one.

    Easton District:

    Pop. 7,140

    Com. Pop: 42,914

    Ind. Pop: 0

    Funds: $7,423,038

    Annual Income after expenditures: $129, 144


    Rolling Hills district:


    Com. Pop: 97,217

    Ind. Pop: 0

    Funds: $$10,581,459

    Annual Income after expenditures: $315,384


    Dragon Wash district:

    Pop: 10,706

    Com. Pop: 135,099

    Ind. Pop: 0

    Funds: $10,273,717

    Annual Income after expenditures: 263,508


    Dragon Pond district:

    Pop: 11,249

    Com. Pop: 78,007

    Ind. Pop: 7,534

    Funds: $10,251,501

    Annual Income after expenditures: $314,052


    North Valley district:

    Pop: 15,406

    Com. Pop: 149,299

    Ind. Pop: 0

    Funds: $12,146,986

    Annual Income after expenditures: $$431,976



    That's all for now.  More to come in a few days.  Thanks for dropping by.

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  • Original Poster
  • It's been a couple of weeks, but here's the latest update, albeit a smaller one than the last.  First on the docket for the already simmed 14 districts of Thunder Valley is the district Riverdale.

    Pop: 14,167

    Com. Pop: 71,213

    Ind. Pop: 0

    Funds: $11,256,932

    Annual Income after expenditures: $348,948

    Now for the images...

    Riverdale at 25 years...



    The business center...



    A night shot of the two of the districts commercial towers along the I822...



    Another image at night of the Eduardqi Explorer, a museum I downloaded many, many years ago from another now closed SimCity sight....


    That's it for this update. more to come in a several days.

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  • I've never been good with natural terrain aspects of the game, even though I have quite a few tree/terrain/rock/ect mods/MTPs.  Just don't know how to use them properly.  So, I decided to share an image of the current tile I'm working on, four of the five gifted mansions I get for every tile so far for this region, so I thought it was time I start learning.  I have plopable rocks, foliage, trees of various types (I suppose I should plop what I have on a test tile, take images and post them here).  I would normally cover the area with trees, but this time want to do something different around the small lake.  I just need some suggestions with visuals 

    Thanks in advance.


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