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I repeated the topic here, too.

1. I don't have the road guidelines icon under roads. 

2. I don't have elevation step icon

3. When I choose road upgrade and click on road to change the arrow indicating the cars movement nothing happens.

Why is that?

I hope someone can help me with it.


Thank you

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Are you using the Steam version of the game?

The elevantion step is a mod, so that makes sense you don't have it, but the guidelines and other options should be there in the little arrow icon.

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      2) In one of the tutorials there were some  icons under road , but It seems that I don't have some for example "elevation steps ",and "Road Guidelines " . How so?
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      So, can anyone really describe to me what 'flat junctions' mean? Disabling it did not bring the desired results, so I'm completely at sea now.

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