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    • By LittleMac
      Hello guys. As i am a person who loves documentaries, this is a project that I always wanted to do, hope you enjoy it. In this series we tell the story of the fictional city of Anchieta, using Cities: Skylines! From it's emergence in a small town, until the transformation into a metropolis, we will follow this journey through history, geography, architecture and urbanism! This is the first episode, from the foundation of the village until it's evolution to become a imperial city. Don't forget to subscribe and like the video for more content if you like it!
      Link of the first episode: 
      Some maps that i did:

    • By matvei
      is it possible in the game SimCity 4 to do so I copied the town and put another cell in this region?
    • By Kanne
      This is my first self made map.
      Hope you enjoy
      Have any questions? ask me
    • By Michael J
      Welcome All!
      I created this topic as a place for folks to share their cities and pictures from their cities of fascinating builds within them. 
      Drop us some details about your creations!  You just might inspire others to sit a little closer to the fire!
      I hope you are enjoying this fun game as much as I am!

      This is Red Devil, named after my Goldwing touring motorcycle that takes me all across this great land of ours.  The city is doing well presently, and should remain so for a number of years.  I tend to build the same style of city (dense in the center with some Light Residential surrounding it.)  I know the Sims love their trains, so I give them some (which they, in short order, abuse and congest to my consternation!)  I build no hospitals or schools which keeps the Great Depression in a galaxy far, far away.  The subway system is simple, with many connections to neighbors.  This, along with Zoos, keep the commercial cap at bay for a long time.  I usually stick in a nice Freeway system around the 100 year mark.  Kinda fun to bulldoze those nice estates, filled with folks eating caviar.  :-)  Yes, of course, I use the cheats!  It's about the only thing in life I DO cheat at!  If I wanted to "work" for something good, I'd be working!  :-)  I do keep an eye on things as the time goes on.  Lots of clean up in the Industrial zones.  I have my favorites there and it makes me happy to see them come about.  After some game play, and the RCI bars busting at the top, I get choosy what I want to see in my cities.  Only a few skyscrapers that don't appeal to me, so, when they come up, I bulldoze them down.

      I've babbled for long enough.....Here is Red Devil...Enjoy! 
      Red Devil.sc3
    • By Roflpain
      I am new to cities skylines, I do have the game for quiet a while but now I have a pc that can play it  .
      I am looking for a map download with already builded cities. And I prefer in the green cities theme.
      Can someone help me. Also a few good mods are also welcome. Don't know what to look for or what a "good" mod is.
      Thx in advance. 
      Regards, DVR
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