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Hey folks,

I'm laying out an El Rail System in a metro city, I was wondering what would be a good spacing between stations?



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I don't think there will be any one correct (or incorrect) answer to your question.

The only real guidance to follow for any transportation network is that your stations (rail, bus, subway) need to be between where your residents live and where they work.  Sims are always looking for the shortest way to a destination.  They will not travel out of there way to get on public transportation.  In other words, to increase the chances of Sims taking public transportation, the distance from the departure station to a Sim's job must always be shorter than the distance from the Sim's residence to the job.

Likewise, Sims will not backtrack (towards home) to get to their jobs from their destination station, even if it's only a matter of a block or two.  In other words, the distance from the departure station to the destination station must be shorter than the distance from the departure station to the Sim's job.

So, the following situations prevail:

Scenario 1)  home >-------> station >-----------> station >----> job will always attract commuters that want to use public transportation;

Scenario 2)  station >--> home >-------------> station >---> job  will not attract commuters; neither will

Scenario 3)  home >--> station >--------------> job >> station

Note that these scenarios apply to each specific household.  So you need to spread your stations throughout your residential areas as well as the areas you want your Sims to commute to for work. 

Hope this makes sense.

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From what I've observed, in urban areas, the optimal distance for light rail (GLR, tram, el-rail, subway) is between 300 and 500 metres, which is close to 20 to 30 tiles (as 1 tile = 16 metres)

This is generally a somewhat short distance for light rail in real life, but all the game lots are much denser than their real counterparts, so you need to make denser networks too.

For heavy rail, double those distances, and for monorail (high speed rail), multiply it by four.

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19 hours ago, twalsh102 said:

your stations (rail, bus, subway) need to be between where your residents live and where they work.

...Unless you install the NAM, which has perfect pathing (fastest, not shortest).

Even without the NAM, some residents (esp low-wealth ones) have no cars. If there's no work within walking distance, then they must find mass-transit, so they will walk away from work if that's what they need to do to catch a bus.

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      1/17/10: Added translations for SAM station main menu items for almost all languages. 3/18/10: Fixed customization bugs with GLR-in-Avenue shelters.  
      RTMT V3.50 (installer version) or RTMT V3.50 (Zip file version) Network Addon Mod (NAM), June 2009 version or later with the Street Addon Mod Daeley's Advanced Menu Navigator (DAMN) (Optional; currently available only for Windows)  
      Mod edit 7th May 2017 - Fixed formatting
    • By MissVanleider
      Hi everyone.
      I have started to play with the ground light rail and before i go crazy building something i end up having to abandon, i have noticed some things in my random attempts and want to clarify what is possible or required, starting from the most important and in descending order of importance.
      1) i have mainly focussed on the 'draggable' version using the elevated rail override. I have the latest NAM (35) but noticed this:
      Is this still needed or one of those things that has been integrated in a more recent NAM update?
      2) At some stage i want to have a section of 'tram in avenue' or 'tram in road'. These are puzzle pieces, i have played around a little with them but am i missing the menu location for some kinda connection piece to hook it up with the 'draggable' part, or is such connecting not possible? (I.e. i would have to use the GLR puzzle pieces everywhere instead of the draggable version if i want to have the tramway enter a road or avenue)
      3) i have seen (i'm sure) a GLR in road bridge. I think i may have even downloaded such a thing, but how to place it / where on earth does it live? It doesnt appear in my road bridge menu when dragging road. Sure this must be either obvious or impossible, but either way it's beaten me for the moment. - I know how to drag the glr bridge when it is not in road but my sims would really prefer not to have a second river crossing if at all possible!
      4) This one is more of an idle wondering than directly required but i have downloaded a few stations, does anyone know of any that are a bit less 'postmodern shiny glass'? I have a couple of older looking ones too but they are quite pretty and somewhat grand. I'm after something a little grittier, for a blue collar quarter so any ideas would be highly appreciated.
      Thank you for reading
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