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Colossus farming is great but have one issue.

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This is the most glorious farming mod I've ever come across, credits to all who helped make it work. I play it with CAM 2.1.0

And it does work. However I was thoroughly reading the Colossus farming manual .pdf regarding the installation procedure and there's one line of information I tumble over.

There's the Sunflower dependency by HunD88 where according to the writer of the manual I have to edit the lot file if I want to use the sunflowers with CAM otherwise it supposedly overwrites CAM data. Not sure what the writer of that manual meant with this regarding consequences if undone but it sounds pretty bad if I don't.

The colossus farming manual says this about the sunflower dependency >


Important 2: The included field lot (file extension 'lot') doesn't work with CAM. It is an override lot that changes CAM data. It must be removed.  In case you use alredy both, this farm field and CAM in your own mods I recommend to replace it with my version of the sunflowers field (see table of farmfield IDs). 

I use both, and I want to.

Further down the manual is the list containing many ID's, including the one for Sunflowers. I need to change the ID to 0xA5F3E522 but I don't know where.
I opened the Sunflower farm fields .lot file with Ilives reader and I'm clueless about what number to change to 0xA5F3E522.  


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In the left-hand column of iLive's Reader, you should see a list of files that are inside the .sc4lot file. Typically, you'll have the following files there:

  • LD file
  • Exemplar file
  • PNG file
  • DIR file

The exemplar file is what we're after.
[The LD file was used for the Maxis Exchange while it was still online, the PNG file is just a preview image, and the DIR file lists the files and their IIDs for the game to read and index on startup]

  1. Once you have located it, select the exemplar file and then click "File Info" in the top toolbar.
  2. A window should pop up.
  3. Inside that window, click on the Edit button.
  4. A new window pops up. On top of it, you'll see a few boxes with the individual byte values, on the bottom a list of the type/group/instance IDs in hexadecimal format. The box at the very bottom is the instance ID (IID) of the lot exemplar. This is what you need to change.
  5. Enter the required IID into that box and confirm with OK.
  6. Close the windows.
  7. In the left-hand column of the Reader, right-click and select "Re-index" from the context menu.
  8. If you want to double check, you can click on the DIR file and check the entries: One of them now should have the IID 0xA5F3E522 in the last column.
  9. Save and exit.

This should do the trick.

If you notice any inaccuracies or your Reader seems to look different, that's absolutely possible. As the old fossil that I am, I still use Reader 0.9.3. You may use a more recent version, but I do hope the interface hasn't changed that much. In any case, don't hesitate to come back and ask if something is unclear. *:)

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  • Original Poster
  • @T Wrecks That was all very clear.

    It is done, verified afterwards if the ID's changed accordingly and it did. Thanks for explaining it to me.

    I to have version 0.9.3. I have come across multiple arguments while browsing across the web that this version is recommended to use as most that is written based of off it is while using this seemingly older version. I'm not even sure what the newest version is.

    Congrats on this wonderful mod by the way *:)

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    You're welcome - glad to hear it worked. *:)

    2 hours ago, Thorx21 said:

    Congrats on this wonderful mod by the way *:)

    Gee, thank you very much. *:blush:

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        Mod content:
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        Mod's purpose:
        Collecting some of the best farming stuff, adding own stuff where needed and creating something with an overall concept from it. This means building up complete themes like winery, lumber industries, lifestock farming, grain production, including different elements of the productions chains (grain -> brewery, life stock -> slaughtery) - so for each city of your region there can be different main focus of agricultural production.
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        It's essential to read chapter 1,2 and 3 of the included documentation.
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        For easier management the dependencies are broken down into five sections. For performance reasons it's recommended to datpack some of the sections containing smaller files into a single bigger one after you are done and everything works.
        Section 1 (Megapacks)
        BSC Textures Vol 01.dat
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        Section 3 (French stuff)
        Nams BAT PROPS PACK Vol 02.dat
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        Section 4 (Working Man Production)
        Section 5 (the assorted section)
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        RFR Maize Set
        Sunflower (Shadows) by HunD88
        SFBT Weinberge
        Cycledoggs Organ Works
        Cycledoggs Hankie Mill
        Optional Stuff
        Colossus Addon Mod 2.1.0 (the CAM - strongly recommended)
        A maxis farm blocker or a maxis farms replacement mod compatible with CAM or SPAM (recommended)
        Simmer2 Stone walls
        VIP Les Murets d'Aubrac
        CP Seasonal woods
        Special thanks to rsc204 and T Wrecks for the technical assistence. Many thanks to T Wrecks, OcramsRzr, rivit, matias93 and nos.17 for the creative and fruitfull ideas.
        Thanks to nos.17 and markussaage for reviewing the documentation.
        This mod is dedicated to the developers of the Colossus Addon Mod, RippleJet and IvisiChem.
        Feel free to post screenshots, discoveries, your personal favorites, critics and questions (not covered by the documentation) in the development thread.
        Happy farming.
        EDIT - on 12.20.2017:
        The link on the dependency wmp_spam_freight_props2.dat was wrong and corrected today. For all player that used the dependency links before 12.20.2017 please replace wmp_spam_freight_props.dat (wrong) with wmp_spam-freight_props2 (right) or add it. Thanks to @buckbeach47 for reporting.
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        I noticed on most of the farmprops I created by default the property 'light' is set to true.
        But obviously f.e. my tomato plants or my cabbage has no nightlights. I didn't notice any issue with leaving this property on default.
        Wiki says:
        0x4a9f188b Bool Light Set if prop has a light mask and should light up at night with the lot building.  
        How important is it to set this to false on all my props?
      • By tariely
        Old player here but total newbie as far as the Reader is concerned. Duly dezipped, RTFM, and opened the beast. Paranoïa strikes at first sight : what is this ?

        here's the folder ; is something missing ?

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