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I fell like there is a simple solution to this problem but it is eluding me. In a previous post I was asking for help adding RICO settings to sub-buildings and I now have that sorted out. However, I have this problem where all my sub-buildings included in the RICO XML file are appearing in the UI panel as boxes (see image below). In the XML I deleted the ui-category="xxxx" for all the sub-buildings but that didn't do anything. I am out of ideas. In an old guide by AJ3D he mentions:


If your creating a complex mixed use asset, you only want your main building to be drawn to either the main game panels or the RICO panel. Make sure the BulidingInfos that your using as sub-buildings have "Procedural" placement style, so they are not drawn in the interface.

I am not sure how to give procedural placement style to buildings though, or if this is even the right solution lol. Any help appreciated.





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  • Original Poster
  • Nope, not using sub buildings enabler - just the vanilla. I'll try again and see if it leads to the same outcome.

    So if I follow what you did in the video, changing the placement of the sub buildings to on terrain, it should fix the problem?

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  • So I know what causes it Ronyx.

    When I assign RICO to just the main building, everything works "fine" - meaning the main building gets the RICO settings from the XML file and the sub buildings just act as whatever they were when I created them (in this case parks). And only the main building appears in the RICO UI.

    As soon as I add RICO settings to the sub buildings however, they too follow the settings from the XML file but they also pop up in the UI then - which is not what I want.

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    You need to change placement style, not placement mode.

    There are 3 placement styles:





    follow the example in the video but instead of changing placement MODE to OnTerrain, change placement STYLE to Procedural

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  • TBP,

    So I opened up mod tools in the asset editor and changed the placement style to procedural from manual and saved the asset. But as soon as I reload my save game, after restarting CS, I open the building in scene exploring and find that it is right back at manual placement.

    Could it be the RICO settings causing this? And if so, do you know a solution?

    Just for reference I included a picture of the XML file so you see what it is I'm doing. It is the sub building ("Wheat Full/Cut Quarter 8x32.Wheat Full 8x16_Data") that I don't want to pop up in the UI but keeps doing so.

    PloppableRICODefinition.xml - Notepad 5_17_2018 7_57_24 AM.png

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    I may be wrong but I think the sub buildings should not have their own RICO definitions, only the main building. RICO mod changes placement style to Manual for all RICO buildings.

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  • You may be right. I was, in this particular case, trying to create a mixed use farm - with the fields being extractors, barns being processors, and a house being residential (duh lol). And it works, except that they appear in the UI as separate buildings.

    I guess the only way to get it to work is to just plop them separately.

    My whole idea was to create some large working farm extractors so that 1) you could have actual working farms instead of just decoration and 2) you can save on props since they'd not count toward the limit if placed in the building in the asset editor.

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    Does RICO care about UI priority? Because then you could "hide" the subbuildings at the end of the category by giving them the priority 99999999 (I think it's 9 digits that's allowed there). It wouldn't fix your problem, but at least it would make it clear what to plop.

    Mixed use buildings used to work with RICO, but back then that was using the Sub buildings mod since we didn't have real sub building support at that point. I guess maybe that part of RICO was dropped or never adapted to the sub buildings system that comes with the game.

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        Edit: Both are done: 
        The taxiway needs some polishing, but I'm up against a hard stop with the runway currently. I have a functional asset, but it looks like garbage and I suspect it's because of the RoadAI that came over from my template. 
        Can changing network prefab AIs only be done with scripts/the existing workshop mod? I've gone pretty deep into the Scene Explorer in ModTools trying to find a way to overwrite the existing AI, but it all seems to loop back on itself in a giant circle, and the Asset AI Changer mod predates the Road Editor by quite a bit. I've hit the limit of my current knowledge/experience. 
        Anyway, the taxiway (which will get an update once I sort this AI issue out, hopefully) is live. Feel free to mess around with this to your heart's content:
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        I've been told to post here in a comment to my reddit post, I hope that this is the correct section.
        I'm not a modder and I don't have enough experience with Unity3d/time to do this by myself, so I'm posting here to see if someone can help me.
        My mod allows to build parallel roads easily, and judging from the response on the linked reddit post, it's something that a lot of players were waiting for. However, for the reasons stated before, I can't seem to be able to create a good and working UI, meaning that I won't be able to release it in a short timeframe.
        Here's what I need:
        A draggable window with tabs support for future updates (just like in Network Skins) Two buttons on top right corner, one is a checkbox used to enable/disable the mod while the other one is a button to add more rows in the panel below A panel containing a variable number of rows (either using a scrollbar or increasing the panel's height), items are added using the second button above Each row is composed by 2x UITextInput, a UIDropDown, 2x UIButton (one should be hidden on the first row only) The second button must have a "x" icon and it's needed to remove rows An icon showing two parallel roads with all the visual states needed for a checkbox An icon with an arrow pointing down (not just the triangle, I need the entire arrow), with the same requirements as the other icon What I have now? Just the template for the rows, and I'm not even sure if it's fully working.
        I understand that I'm asking a lot, but I can't really work on this UI because, besides the lack of time and knowledge, my dev environment is in a virtual machine and I can't even debug, making the entire experience quite frustrating.
        If someone is willing to help, here's a link to my GitHub repository.
        Thank you for your time!
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        So I figured I might as well make a topic here, as this is most likely not gonna be the last time I ask for you guys' oppinion.  If I remember, I'll post WIP and releases of my buildings here.
        My current project is a bus depot that fits the european theme and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out - but I've ended up with two sizes of it and I just can't decide which I like the best and could see myself using both. So I'd love some feedback - which you prefer or if it makes sense to upload both of them.
        The small one is about the same size as the default one and has the same stats. The large one has slightly higher stats, but as depots can spawn infinite busses there's no benefit to the bigger one. I purely made it this large as the ones I took inspiration from were this size or bigger.
        Picture time!  

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        So I don't do much modding (or asset creation) except parking lots, but I wanted to try to create a larger farm asset. Now, I can make an asset using the park template, then assign RICO settings to it using the xml file. But if I wanted to add another asset as a sub-building, how do I assign RICO settings to that building? After trying a couple different things, it keeps popping up as a park in game instead of a farm extractor (only the main building is a farm extractor). Any help would be appreciated. Tried searching for an answer but couldn't find anything.
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