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Where can I find my DL history on STEX ?

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1 hour ago, fritzfarlig said:

where can I find my DL history on STEX ?

As far as I know, this is not tracked on a per member basis. Individual files on the STEX have a download log which can be viewed by clicking the Who downloaded this? linky. And even that is purged after 30 days.

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I can empathise with that problem myself, but if you keep a copy of the downloads separate from the installed mods, there is a way of doing this. When you go to download a mod, perform a search in the location of your downloaded mods for the filename that appears. If this matches something you've already downloaded, you can cancel the download and prevent ending up with duplicate copies. Should the file not be found, you can be reasonably sure it's a new file you've never downloaded previously.

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In a previous version of the site there used to be a dedicated user download history page. Although I'm afraid this is no longer an option due to changes with the board software. As @CorinaMarie said, STEX downloads are recorded for 30 days on a rolling cycle as part of the logs, however after that point it doesn't go back any further. We could feasibly raise this for all categories depending on data storage availability. But without being a complete history, this may not be a great deal of use.

As explained by @rsc204, Keeping copies of all downloaded files in a central folder may help with managing what you've downloaded. Also at least here on Windows using Firefox and testing on Chrome, duplicate files will be renamed with a incrementing numerical suffix (#) like so:


file.zip           = Original file
file(1).zip    = 1st duplicate
file(2).zip    = 2nd duplicate

Then perhaps sorting by file name or size would be a means of identifying these, should they slip through.

In terms of download history which @jeffryfisher mentioned, here are articles describing this feature for Firefox and Chrome.

Other browsers may include something similar.


15 hours ago, fritzfarlig said:

ok I was hoping there was a logfile sometimes you forget what did you DL

Given the data is stored for all files over this period, if you'd like I can attempt to lookup and combine the available history associated with your account. Let me know if this would be of help and I can format a list and send it you via PM.

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