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Cannot download mods from Steam Workshop such as the Advanced Buildings Editor, but can download assets

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1st post here and I am stuck. I am trying to download a number of mods for City Skylines including BloodyPenguin's Advanced buildings editor.

When I subscribe to the mod Steam says its downloading, and when I look in the content manager the game says its there but when I open the Asset editor there are no additional options or menus.

When I look in Cities_Skylines\FilesMods I just have the base ones, like Hardmode and when I look in Local\Colossal Order\Cityckylines\Addons\Mods its empty.

Anyone any idea what's going on? Verifying the game cache does nothing it says all is OK and unsubscribing/subscribing also does nothing.

I can download assets from the workshop, such as joaks excellent 4 track train station and these work fine.

Do I have to enable something in game in order to use mods like the Advanced Buildings editor? I cannot find anything on the net saying this.

Hope someone can help.

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Did you enable the mod in the Content Manager? Unlike assets mods are turned off by default when you subscribe to them. So you need to manually enable them for them to work. There's a little check box in the Content Manager for mods you need to check for the mod to be on. :)

Mods don't install where you looked for them, they install in the workshop folder, which is found here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\255710
The path might be slightly different depending on where your Steam is installed. All the folders are the Steam workshop ID number for the mods and assets. You can find the number in the url for their workshop page - for example the url for BP's Advanced Buildings Editor ends in the number 790347696, which is the name of the folder you'd find the mod in.

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  • Original Poster
  • Hi Avanya,

    Thank you for saving my sanity. No I had not enabled them as I did not realise that you had to (oops). Doing so brought up the extra options. Now all I have to do is work out how to make my 3 metro/7 overground platform station to all link together.

    Two additional questions if I may

    Do you know how you can get the cargo hub into the asset ed? That's the combined cargo harbour and train line. I can't find it under the public transport - or in any other tab.

    When I import the multiplatform train station it only imports the end which connects to the road and the tracks - not the other part of the roof or the metro. I can add both as sub buildings - which is how I built the 3 metro version I just mentioned. However on saving the thumbnails only show the main building, no sub builds so the other part of the roof is missing from the picture. Its there when you place the asset, just not in its pictures. Any idea how I combine the two so they appear in the thumb nails and other pics?

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    I don't know how to get the cargo hub in the editor. I know it's possible in some way with ModTools, but it isn't something I've done myself. The easiest would prob be to subscribe to this asset and edit that. It's lost the animation, but otherwise is the same asset and I think you'd lose the animation anyways as the editor doesn't save them correctly when you save again.

    You can take thumbnail pictures in the editor, but I can't remember if it registers and shows the subbuildings when doing that. If not then you'd have to take a screenshot of it in the city, cut it and replace the icon with it. It's a little more complicated, so perhaps it's a question of can you live with the icon not showing everything.

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  • Original Poster
  • Many thanks, Ill look and see if I can fiddle with the asset you've linked.

    I've been playing with my metro/train super-hub in the Asset editor and have hit 3 problems.

    • Although it works in game the peeps keep changing train (overground) platform by walking to its end and crossing the tracks rather than going down the ped pathways. This is if I just keep the pathways as they come with the assets.
    • If I bulldoze the pedestrian pathways then I find it impossible to rebuild them even close to the way they were originally as the path keeps trying to snap to the train spawn/despawn points. This is even though I have taken all the grid etc snapping off. They also want to snap to path ends and complain they are too short. So I have no idea how the original paths were laid - unless they were baked into the model some way?
    • Having laid out a sort of ped pathway I them get an error

      Object reference not set to an instance of an object [System.NullReferenceException]

      No details

    Not exactly a helpful message, but I guessing by bulldozing the original pathways something has been deleted that I haven't put back. Thing is I have no idea what.

    Could someone explain:

    • How the base asset model pathways are set up - are the baked into the model?
    • How can you make a sloping up/down pathway - like the steps into a basic metro station?
    • How I can debug this unhelpful error message?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    You might have more luck posting those types of questions up in the modding section. I'm not sure all the modders check this forum.

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