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Am I not allowed to add lights to an asset with DummyBuildingAI?

I saved the asset w/o the light just fine. Then I placed one prop light, tried to save again and boom, error. Anybody know what's going on here?



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Clearly the error is coming from Advanced Buildings Editor, do you need this mod for this asset? If so, for what reason?

Also, you can change the AI using Asset AI Changer, you could try using the DecorationBuildingAI for example, that's the one I always use.

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  • Original Poster
  • DecorationBuildingAI made the lights work. So weird... DummyBuildingAI seems to not like prop lights OR an illumination map. Thanks for the tip.

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        Should there be a third window besides the Setup that the notepad window calls "SC4 Dat packer"
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        Apparently I miss a DLL file. Right?
        It would be handy if the log file could inform me what DLL file was missing.
        Anyhow, what do I need to solve this matter?
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        EDIT: This dood seems to have the exact same copy of my problem. He said he got it fixed but wasn't bothered to tell the rest of the world how he did it, what a shame. Anyway, I donwloaded the 3 DLL files. I don't have DAT packer installed because CAM didn't listed it as a dependency. Do I need Datpacker for CAM to install? I just installed it and dropped the DLL files into the Datpacker folder because it to failed to launch for which I had to download those 3 mentioned DLL files in the topic here under. But the CAM installation still gives the same errors. And I don't know how to fix it.
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