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  • Bummer. Would be super cool if we could draw ped paths and have working elevated gather points. Certain monuments with designated vista areas just aren't the same w/o people up there.

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  • Come on Simtropolians! We can make sims walk up and down stairs to get to elevated train platforms... there's got to be a way to get them to go up and "hang out" on a roof! This Reichstag dome won't be the same without people up there. Halp! Who has an idea?


    I just went to extra lengths to add roof access doors for them!



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    Make a park or some sort of entertainment building on the top that has elevated paths, and then connect them with the paths in your actual building maybe?

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  • I tried making the structure of the dome a monument, but then it cried about road access. Can I connect it (as a sub-building) to my main building somehow so that it doesn't require it's own road access? I think a park would cause the same issue. I'll try anything tho.


    I tried this:


    Total fail. They hang out at the base by the columns (which is elevated -- interestingly -- but just a bit). But they never even think of going up to the roof.


    The main building with the stats is MonumentAI. It's getting lots of visitors. Should it be something else? There are so many AI's in the list and I have no idea what most of them do. Looked on the wiki, no info. Is there a list somewhere that describes the aspects of each AI category?

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    Man I really wish there was a way to have people hang out on a roof, I've been having trouble with this too especially with apartment buildings where there's a rooftop patio :( hope there's a fix for it!

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  • Tried with a ped path


    they start to follow it for a little bit, but then just go to the origin 0,0 and disappear 




    I'm out of ideas.


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    One option could be just to pull the meshes of people from the game (assuming that is doable) and place them in groups and then make that a prop?  No one moves, but it would at least make it look busy from a distance.

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        So I figured I might as well make a topic here, as this is most likely not gonna be the last time I ask for you guys' oppinion.  If I remember, I'll post WIP and releases of my buildings here.
        My current project is a bus depot that fits the european theme and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out - but I've ended up with two sizes of it and I just can't decide which I like the best and could see myself using both. So I'd love some feedback - which you prefer or if it makes sense to upload both of them.
        The small one is about the same size as the default one and has the same stats. The large one has slightly higher stats, but as depots can spawn infinite busses there's no benefit to the bigger one. I purely made it this large as the ones I took inspiration from were this size or bigger.
        Picture time!  

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        I've just released my first assets and I decided to create a post not because there is much to see, but rather because as an inexperienced modeler it will be a good place to collect feedback and ask for advice. (I would like to keep the forum clean from my numerous questions!)
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        The wall parts are based on the great "stone wall" template of Sparks, so they can be placed freely and conform to terrain. I tried to make their stats balanced in terms of entertainment value. I wanted the towers to avoid flattening the terrain and as I'm not good with playing with building's properties, I went with a water tower template without stats. It's not the most convenient but it works. It's also worth noting that the assets only really work well with an anarchy mod (especially the gates that I made without roads for more freedom).
        Here is the link to the collection: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=718095394
        New short pieces and the tall set are on the way, but probably not before the end of July. You can leave suggestions or feedback so that I can improve my future assets!
      • By xcalbier
          Well My Colony is 2 years old in may 
         The new game Bast is making is called Antiquitas based on Rome around 160 - 180 AD 
        and now has a second group called the gual he plans on adding Egyptians soon .
            Anyway the art is just amazing the agme play is balance you guys may want to check into my colony and antiquitas ( both can be played on darn near any device android - pc linux mac most all . PS games are under Development so expect a bug now and again .
         Both are well above SimCity 3000 in game play .
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        Hi, i have a problem, every time I built a mod building, this appears to me, what is it? How do I fix it?

      • By AmiPolizeiFunk
        Hello Simtropolians,
        Please help us debug some clipping issues that are occurring with MartinausBerlin's new Federal Ribbon buildings project. Martin (author of the Berlin Hauptbahnhof) has been working on this epic project for many months and I'm helping him debug it so that he can publish it on the workshop. The project consists right now of 3 objects:

        1. Paul-Löbe-Haus (or PLH) which is the one next to the Reichstag (on the right in this pic)
        2. a prop bridge (which connects the two buildings over the river)
        3. Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus (MELH) across the river (on the left in this pic)
        "Paul" and "Marie" (as we like to call them, for short) consists of over a dozen sub-buildings, many of which are using the "BuildingAI," and a few of which are using the semi-transparent rotor shader, and a few of which are using the no-base shader.
        A big annoying issue that is happening now involves the buildings clipping at various angles. Do you guys know what is causing this and how it might be resolved?

        thx in advance for any and all help!! 
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