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My-sh Moo-no (Sims language)

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Al I need to know is what server you have a lot of friends on and which region you like to play, then I'll either join you or make my own so you can join


My username is : Mewthan

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Ok i know im off topic but... I decided to recreate SC2013 in Unity... In Singleplayer mode for now tho. The project just began so if you wanna join in and help me or support me and the team, you're welcome.

Here's the Discord invite link : https://discord.gg/9kmGctp

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    • By prtsc5
      New Spain is a region. In this region is the city La Bahía. This city has almost 600,000 inhabitants. I hope you like it. It is advisable to have the following files installed:
      Network Addon Mod
      Iberiada Set re-lotted
      JENXPARIS Row 3 and 4
      JENXPARIS row 4l
      GDV Yacht Club
      BLaM Anvil Lighthouse
      Prague tram station
      Amsterdam Central Station
      Southampton Stadium
      Small Football Ground 2
      Small Football Ground 3
      Small Football Ground 4
      Small Athletics and Football Ground
      All Weather Hockey and Football Pitch
      Small Rugby Pitch
      NDEX Windspear Arena
      Copacabana Addon 1 sports
      PAMU Bikes Inc.
      Paeng's General City Hospital 1.0
      Lanterna di Genova
      Angel of the independence
      Palacio Nacional Mexico
      Dom Svateho Martina
      Palais Garnier
      Berlin Palace Schloss
      London Harrods
      TSC Cluny III
      Torre Picasso
      1Shenton Way
      Security Checkpoint
      Police Kiosk
    • By The Edge
      Using a brand new Windows 10 PC (previously I had XP) with SimCity 4. I have finally figured out how to move my data from the old machine to the new one, including my regions. However, I've found that some cities in my region aren't copied across, as when I try to run them on the new machine, they show as undeveloped, yet if I load them on the XP machine they're there.
      Of note - the old Region specific folder had 63 items, but the new one only has 58. I have also found a "Downloads" folder, which appears to contain the cities that aren't there.
      Is there a way to load these cities individually? I've tried deleting the folder for the region, readding it - but these same 5 cities won't load. If I move them to the region's folder, next time I run the game they just get moved back to the Downloads folder.
      Any ideas? Must confess I've never seen this before.
      Thanks in advance
    • By Talla 2XLC
      I wanted to ask if there is a Way to "Mass" Render a Region. RIght now, i have to go into every single City Tile,save and repeat, over and over again. How can i make this quicker?
    • By Need4Camaro
      I'm aware of the agent limitations and building limits.
      I'm also aware that most of this is hard coded into the game itself
      The main thing that irritates me so much about this game. 81 tiles is decent but I would love to have a city building game where building multiple cities throughout a large region is possible. Preferably I would really like to have a map the size of a world much like space engineers.
      I personally don't think the agent based system is good enough of an excuse as to why we can't have that. Several games also use agents but offer much larger maps sizes than C:S although these are not city builder games. I personally feel that the agents only within your immediate vicinity should be rendered / loaded but still allow players to travel freely through the region.
      What would it take to get truly larger maps? The current map size even at 81 tiles (somewhere around 150 square miles) is about the size of Spartanburg SC.
    • By That Retro Guy
      So I figured out exactly what I want to do with my first Region.
      First, the Region:

      City A will supply cities B, C, and D with Power, Water, and Garbage services.
      Likewise, City E will supply cities F, G, and H with Power, Water, and Garbage services.
      I'll do a 'You Don't Deserve It', and place a Hydrogen Power Plant in cities A and E.
      I know that I'll want a Highway Loop that goes through all cities except A and E.
      I have a question:  Do schools only have to cover Residential, or the entire map?
      More questions later.
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