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(yes, I'm hailing you @rsc204 *;) ) I suddenly realized that ML Station Square that I finished relotting (less big deps) is for LeftHandDrive -- of course. So do I go about converting from LHD to RHD ?

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You'd need to make a custom path and the user will need to select the correct version to install thereafter. The functionality that auto-switches paths is limited to code/paths inside the NAM. Therefore unless the referenced path is part of the NAM, there is no other solution but to offer both.

Try the attached. You'll need to double check the paths are all correct, since it's tricky and easy to miss something. They are untested at present.

ML Station Square Path File_RHD.dat

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  • Original Poster
  • Thank you very much ! I intended to offer both as soon as I realized it was LHD.  

    But, Robin, you know what they say : “Give a woman a fish, she will eat for a day ; teach her how to fish and she will eat fishes whenever she wishes”.*;) Is it really so hard I cannot learn to do it ? I cannot run to you each time I relot a Japanese train or freight station ? Spare yourself ! *:ohyes:


    Incidental questions : As I put bus props RHD on the lot, I suppose there should be two versions of the lot, one with the props on the right side one with the props on the left side ? 

    And what do I say in the readme if I ever want to publish this ? Should the RHD user just take your file and the LHD version of the lot ?

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    If you decide to alter the lot to make separate LHD/RHD variants, as with the path files, users will need to install only the appropriate files for their setup. If they didn't, the worst that happens is that traffic goes the wrong way or the shelters are on the wrong side. But it makes no sense to mess with overrides, when you could just install only what you needed. As I'm sure you've gathered, much Japanese content is only LHD, because if you are using Japanese content, that reflects the side of the road they use there. Given the style/markings, rarely were such files considered with RHD in mind, which is kind of understandable.

    Give a person a fish, yes I've heard that one used often, as usual I've a witty retort for it too... If it takes so long to teach that person to fish, that they starve to death in the process, perhaps it would have been better to give them a fish.

    Long and short, yes you probably could do it, the steps are:

    1. Make a copy of the paths in another DAT file, name it LHD/RHD, depending on which way you are going.
    2. Using SC4 Path Creator (other pathing tools are available), copy/paste the contents of the first path file into the application.
    3. Select each individual path in the file one at a time, then click "reverse" to switch it's direction.
    4. Copy the modified data and overwrite the original in iLives Reader.
    5. Repeat for all paths from Step 2.

    However, there are many nuances and even some bugs that will seriously impede you from making that process swift. One tiny error and you'll mess up the path so it won't work and good luck tracking the source of the fault without a decent understanding of how they work. But, most relevantly here, the fact is that it's highly unlikely you would come across many such custom pathed files...

    You see all the TEing options in SC4 Tools will automatically assign the correct paths from the game. Those paths will be automatically flipped as necessary, there is no need for separate LHD/RHD paths. Well behind the scenes there might be, but as a lotter, you don't need to worry about it. This covers straight, diagonal, curve, t and + intersections, which for almost all purposes is sufficient. In practise this means that for a typical lot, such as a train station or parking lot, you should never need to work with paths.

    Outside of those default transit paths, you need to make custom paths, but applying those to your lot is really very complicated stuff in an undocumented area. The whole process requires some serious dedication and time to learn, it took me a long while to figure it out my own self and I'm still learning.

    Then let's look at the last factor, such custom paths and TE lotting rarely achieve the affect a creator thinks they will. For example, this bus station, what people really want is to have buses looking like they are picking up/setting down. What you get is cars simply driving round and round inside the lot. The buses would be much better added using props, especially timed ones which simulate things coming and going. There is no way to only allow buses to use a lot, because the paths they use are for car traffic, this is a game limitation.

    Are you actually going to find a lot of LHD paths you need to convert? If the situation was reversed, would you supply previously missing LHD paths having converted them from RHD? I.e. is there any real benefit to spending a lot of time learning this skill?, I'd argue probably not, unless you've very specific reasons that will make use of it. If you do, tutorials no doubt exist, although they are all pretty technical. I don't really feel like writing a new one at this moment.

    Given all these factors, I think throwing you the odd fish probably makes more sense. Since you probably won't need that many anyhow.


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  • Original Poster
  • And now I stand corrected, and enlightened, thanks, Robin. I just needed that : to understand why I will run to you the next time I have a path problem, if ever *:) ) ; and I'm putting down my rod and reel (I know how to fish the non metaphoric fishies, by the way *:party:Hm. Maybe not through ice, which could be a set back 4 or 5 months of th eyear where I live...)

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