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Hello there, i've just started playing this sim game and at the very beginning i've got some wierd trouble with my buildings. Basically, in a first place, a lot of my buildings just don't want to increase the density despite there's enough room to do so as you can see in the image below. The second thing that occurs very often is that new sims just dont wanna to move to the newly Residential designed zone despite the fact there actually a demand for new R zones as you can see in the bottom right corner of the second image. Those two things just make the game unplayable to me... it's a common bug? There're work arounds to solve this kind of problems? Maybe mods? Or i should just give up on this game?

Thanks for you time, have a nice day :) 



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The building density also depends on the capacity of the road.  If you want to increase density make sure you upgrade your road to the highest density.  Also, check your desirability of your zoned area.  If the desirability is too low, Sims will not move in.  Try placing some parks and make sure the area has access to schools (bus stops), to increase the chance of Sims moving in.

Other than that, make sure you are providing enough fire, police and health coverage and you have enough extra power and water to accomodate the increased density.

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    • By adamoteentitans
      today wanted to boost the demand with mods so i could build cities easily 
      but the thing is i tried to the best two mods out there and both didn't work 
      my demand still stays the same normally as it was before 
      any solutions? https://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/22391-super-demand-mod-not-demand-ordinance/
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      This is the Viaduct Rail Station, placed one first but later a second one
      the problem is i can't delete it. i destroy it but it stays
      is this a bug problem?

      are there any options??

    • By RadicalOne
      Many people here will probably remember the "Super Demand Ordinances" Mod. This one is more powerful, more controllable, bug-free, and does not use ordinances.
      This set of .dat files can either maximize - set to 6000, or suppress - set to 0, demand for R$, R$$, R$$$, Cs$, Cs$$, Cs$$$, Co$$, Co$$$, I-Ag, I-D, I-M, and I-HT individually. It's a bit complex to use - a readme is included - but it works wonderfully. It stomps over demand caps, ignores occupancy availability and growth speed - though desirability is still important - and ensures maximal growth of a city, in your preferred direction. With this mod, cities can - even with only R$$$, Cs$$$, Co$$$, and I-HT - exceed the population of an entire country.
      This mod has no dependencies, but is incompatible with:
      -Colossus Addon Mod (Perhaps)
      -Super Demand Ordinance
      -Any other demand-altering mod.
    • By O-when
      Hello fellow mayors! haha
         I'm new to the community but have owned SimCity 4 for a while. 
         I am currently running SimCity 4 on a Oracle VirtualBox 5.2 with Windows XP. DirectX (9.0c) is working along with the 2D and 3D accelerator. The only thing not enabled is the AGP Texture Accelerator but I'm not sure if that needs to be on or not.
         I was able to get the game to run, but, for some reason:
      1. A pop-up displays saying Direct-Draw could not be activated but a second or two later the game runs (I hear that this is actually normal) 
      2. the display, which is the main problem, is all messed up (see attached file).  For some reason its all tiled. I tried running the game in scaled mode and non-scaled mode but that doesn't seem to fix it. 
      Tried looking online for a solution and only found this but it did not work for me: 
      Has anyone encountered this before? I appreciate any tips/advice!
      Thank you

      P.S. I had originally posted this in General Discussions on accident... not sure how to get rid of it now...sorry about that.
    • By adamoteentitans
      I have been started playing SimCity 3000 for a while now and I like it a lot but I am bad at it especially the demand gets me everytime 
      so I am trying to make a super demand mod like the one in the SimCity 4 for SimCity 3000 
      the only problem is I never made a mod in my life so I need so help and guidance and a superdemand mod would help a lot of people too 
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