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Hello, I am wishing to reduce the size of this model https://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/30946-oneamerica-tower-indianapolis/from 6x6 to 4x4. 

I go to model tweaker, open the model file for this building, enter 0.75 in the scale factor, and then hit save. Despite this, nothing changes in the size of the model. Am I missing a step? I read the tutorial and don't think I have missed anything. I have also used this tool successfully before, although not for a few years so perhaps my memory is foggy?

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When you open the model, it will list all the S3D files inside it, there should be 20 for a normal BAT. You have to select all 20 S3Ds before re-scaling it, I wonder if you only re-scaled one of them, since the tool would not likely let you perform this operation with none selected.

So step one, restore the original model file from a backup before following the advice above.

Each of the S3D files, represents a zoom and rotation of the model. N/S/E/W for zooms 1-5. If you have only re-scaled one of these, checking every zoom/rotation would alert you to the problem.

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  • I figured out the issue, I had a second version of this BAT lurking in my plugins. Once I removed it the re-scaling worked fine.

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