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I don´t think there are any differents in how the different versions of Windows handle the game other than you can´t play the disc version on Win 10,and also the "Region Wiew glitch" on large maps.

Just for the fun,I´ve visit LEX today just to see my download history,and I have exatly 110 downloads from that site only.I have no idea of how many from here because I lost my first account for some reasons.Also in old days I used a lot of files from SimCity.com

I think that will answer your question of if I know how to handle the Plugin Folder.

I just never see exatly what type of files they are,just how to download and install.Because it don´t interest me,-and sorry to say,-it still don´t.

I´ve never been interested in programming and in this case modding,and I don´t think i´ll ever will.

But using a tool like Reader,Sc4 mapper,LotEditor and so on is ok,-as long as it´s simple.

And using the Reader is absolute not simple for me,and I find it better we stop this thread now,-though I´m still interested in how to navigate to those two building(hospital,school).

Anyway.Thank you very much for taking your time to try and teach an old man,but sorry mate "I was´nt game".

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No problems.  Nobody can be taught anything they are unwilling to learn.

A few parting explanations:

You are correct in that there is no difference in how the game runs under various versions of Windows.  However, the some places very relevant to the game have changed both locations and names over various versions of Windows, Primarily the My Documents folder.  In order to tell you where to look for your custom content, I had to establish what version of Windows you were using.

In order to teach you how to use Reader, I had to establish what your level of experience (not in playing the game, but in how the game works).  Hence my start with the basics on common game files that Reader interacts with.  I decided to go full speed ahead with my explanation as well.

When you came back with the screen shot showing the Plugins folder in your game installation folder, I determined that at the very least you had no idea of some of the basics in game mechanics (i.e. where your custom content was located), and there was at least an implication of a possibility you didn't have any custom content.  That's when I launched into the explanation of the two Plugins folders.

No, Reader overall is not a simple program with all it can do.  However, doing what I was trying to teach you is a simple process; if you had been able to open up some custom content in Reader, my directions would have made much more sense.

I can't tell you how to navigate to specific buildings as I have no idea what you have for custom content or where is currently exists.  If you happened to have downloaded a custom hospital or school, they are located with wherever the rest of your custom content is located.  If all you have is the default Maxis buildings, then the exemplars are located in the SimCity_1.dat file (along with 60,000 other sub-files), and you don't even want to go there in Reader as a beginner.

If you really have no idea where your custom content is, try running a search on your C: drive for .SC4Lot (just like you did for SimCityLocale.dat)

Sorry this didn't work out.

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2 hours ago, twalsh102 said:

When you came back with the screen shot showing the Plugins folder in your game installation folder, I determined that at the very least you had no idea of some of the basics in game mechanics (i.e. where your custom content was located), and there was at least an implication of a possibility you didn't have any custom content.  That's when I launched into the explanation of the two Plugins folders.

But that´s the screen I get when I push "open file".It´s just incidentally that the plugin folder are highligthed.Nothing are highligthed when it open.

And why would I want to costumize any downloaded file.From beginning I´ve asked for a (maxis) school and hospital,and when you told  you could teach me using the Reader,I thought it was those two buildings we should mod and nothing ells.

My installation is total clean.Nothing downloaded anywhere,because I deleted anything Origin related because of that error,and now run the game trough Steam.I just hav´nt sayed that clear enough.


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I 'm not trying to get in an argument with you, but:

On ‎3‎/‎20‎/‎2017 at 3:33 PM, neslein said:

And mods is what this thread is about.If I had the knowlegde to customize a Hospital,or any other buildings for my use, by using the Lot Editor and iLive Reader I wouldn´t make this post,but I simply can´t figure out how to use these great tools.(58 yeays old,and never had an I pad,-or what ever the name are....;))

So here is my little pray for you Modders.

I would really like a Hospital and an Elementary School with a capacity of 9-10.000,and  with 3 times the cost for both the ambulance and daily running.

Nothing ells must be changed.Just a lot that act as 3 Hospitals or Schools

There is no mention of you wanting modded Maxis lots.  If you had mentioned that, I would not have even attempted to take you down the path I did.   That is because one cannot directly modify any of the Maxis lots without suffering corruption of the SimCity_1.dat file.  One can copy out the exemplars to a new DAT file, and modify them there, but I wouldn't have taken you down that path as a introductory lesson for Reader.

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18 hours ago, twalsh102 said:

There is no mention of you wanting modded Maxis lots.  If you had mentioned that, I would not have even attempted to take you down the path I did.   That is because one cannot directly modify any of the Maxis lots without suffering corruption of the SimCity_1.dat file.  One can copy out the exemplars to a new DAT file, and modify them there, but I wouldn't have taken you down that path as a introductory lesson for Reader.

Again I can only apologize for wasting your time.I really thought it was (easy) possible to modifie maxis buildings,and also thought that is what the modders are doing,-either modifye existing buildings or create some new ones using G-max.-because I have seen many modifyed maxis buildings as download.

Then when you sayed you could teach me,I thought it was these two buildings we was talking about.Again my bad,sorry.

I don´t know why you are so afraid showing me to mod those DAT files.I have open and watched them many times,without doing anything,then closed them again,because I did´nt know what to do.No big deal,ther´s just many.

You and me,-we hav´nt been speaking the same language,-that can happend when foreign people try to translate and understand each other.

Sorry for the confusing.


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Language can get in the way even when two people speak the same language (there is no problem with your English by the way).  The problem is that many subjects also have their own language.  If two people don't speak that language, then misunderstandings take place.

SC4 could be said to have it's own language (or at least it's own vocabulary).  It's this vocabulary that provides a frame of reference for discussing anything having to do with how SC4 works (which is a different subject than how one plays SC4).  We haven't had a problem with the English language (I don't think), we've had a problem with the language of SC4.

Therein lies the issue.  In order to teach you how to mod anything, whether it is someone else's custom content, or some Maxis content, we have to have the same frame of reference.  When I try to pass on information that provides the basis for that frame of reference, and you tell me that you have no interest in knowing that information, then I figure my chances of successfully teaching you something are pretty small.

Trying to teach you how to successfully modify Maxis items is more complicated than trying to teach you how to modify custom content.  If the instructions I already gave you went over your head because of a lack of that common frame of reference, I'm not going to be successful teaching you steps you need to use to modify Maxis content.

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Farmhouses & SPAM

Hi, @SimCoug. I'm trying your farmhouses but they don't seem to be compatible with SPAM (or it's me just fracking up as usual *:)). When I try them by themselves they grow OK (I suppose we have to plop fields and pastures around them -- that's fine with me the MMP fiend) ; they apparently also grow as just-houses right in the middle of a town -- hmm.... But when I try to arrange for one of the them, say the 5x5, to grow in an adequately cleared 5x5 space in a SPAM field, no cigar. Can you enlighten me ?

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@tariely, They are residential lots, I really wouldn't think a Farm Mod would have anything to do with them not growing. Now I do also believe that may also be why your getting them to grow on typical residential lots. (I use BarbyW's 5x# residential lots hence why I wouldn't use these.)

I am surprised though you are struggling to have them grow though. There such little content that's divisible by five tiles, I'm actually surprised you haven' t had more luck. .

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Perhaps I didn't understand what those farmhouses are. I was under the impression that they could be added to already existing fields -- SPAM fields, for instance-- as an alternative or an addition to SPAM farms ; or alternately being zoned to be the farmhouse attached to a MMP field. I was wrong ? Darn...

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The ones I tried next to a farm were abandoned because of "commute time". They're supposed to be FARMhouses, so the peeps should work on the nearest farm, at least, right ? (even if there is already a SPAM farm in the field...) Seems to me there might be a problem. I'm afraid the only way to use them is as a sort of glorified MMP, when finishing a country tile, have them grow, MMP fields and stuff around them and freeze the game to take pictures. (they're so damned PRETTY !!! snif :-) )

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They are just growable R$ lots, so they will work on farms as long as you have enough jobs for them.  It sounds like all your SPAM jobs are already being filled by other R$, so you will either need to make more farms, or give them other jobs that they can reach.  Sometimes this pesky game gets in the way of what we want to happen, so we have to abide by the simulation to some extent *:)

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I wanted to make sure everything worked, so here's a little demo...

1) Zone some I-agriculture...

2) SPAM farm to the rescue :)

3) Zone a 3x5 or 5x5 residential lot (I did a 3x5 here) and be sure your 'Chicago' tileset is selected...

4)  Yay, a farmhouse pops up almost instantly.  Now lets give the simulation a second to catch up and then query the commute route for this residence.  Looks like 4 sims are working in the SPAM field... since all the farmhouses are R$ they should be happy with this setup for quite some time.  

Hope that helps... my guess is you are in need of more jobs and that is why you are getting 'commute time' abandonment.  

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AH. I see how to proceed, now. One field at a time -- I don't play like that, I zone at least two or three to begin a tile, then I zone res and services and utilities and I go from there ; but I can, if only to get these lovely farmhouses !!! Thank you, simcoug.


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Maxis Farm Field Lots - Where are the FSH?

I've been poking around in Reader and I've come to the conclusion that the Maxis farm fields that can grow are randomly selected from a list in the FieldLots variable:


I'm confuzzled by how to find where the actual FSH images are. What I want to know is which IDs correspond to which type of field. From Googling I'm pretty sure 0x00024100 is the plain green grassy pasture and 0xEA6E4721 is the light green lettuce field. Using the Index Search option I was able to find 3 exemplars that reference that first instance and from that learned it's called 0002_FarmField, but I'm not sure how to find the actual pictures. (All I want to know is which is which. I'm not planning to change any of the images.)

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HSR, ELR, Monorail in Lot Editor

Has anyone successfully built an eye-candy (non-fuctional) monorail, ELR, or HSR network using Lot Editor? Are many track pieces, trains, etc actually available as props in LE?

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I'm not really sure what the benefit of making such models eye-candy over using the real networks would be? Have a look in the lot editor, you should find models for the straight sections are part of the NAM files, since those are often used for stations, perhaps diagonals too. But to get a more complete set, you'd need to do some work, but actually you can use transit models as props, you simply need to create prop exemplars to reference them. To get the ID's you'll need to dig around the game's files and find them. For Monorail and El-Rail, most reside in the SimCity dat files, but some additional pieces were only brought about in the NAM. Similarly, to find the HSR models, those are all in the NetworkAddonMod/HSR folder. You'll need to have some experience with iLives reader or similar to work out the IDs for it. Not to mention a familiarity with making prop exemplars, all of which need to be referenced via RTK0 values, for true 3D models.

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How to create one large lot from 5 separate lots?

Hello to all you Modding Gurus...

Below are two pictures of the Charles Village Rowhouses.  They are all separate lots (1x3, R$$, Stage6)

A few questions about this.

How can I combine these 5 lots into one larger lot, without disturbing the props (that may be more complicated but I like what marcszar has done here).

My idea is to create a series of townhouses similar to what I see in the Greater Vancouver Area. 

I would also like to know how to do this for other creator's models (such as apartments and so on where I could add my own props)

- 1 - how to change the Stage from 6 to 2 or 3 (including the current lots).

- 2 - occupancy rates - how does that work?  Does each individual lot keep its own occupancy rate when combined into a larger lot, or do I have to adjust them?  And how much is too little or too many?

- 3 - In Lot Editor these lots indicate the following:   What does this mean exactly and I presume keep them as is.

Foundation threshold = 90.0

Elevation change = Max 5.00  -  Min 0.00

I presume iLive Reader will come into this.  I currently have the oldest version which I have used to organise my ingame menus and that's all I know how to do so far.  I expect a steep learning curve here.  Does a tutorial exist for this?

Any help would be appreciated.

Charles Village Front.jpg

Charles Village.jpg

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Placing Seasonal Tress in LE

I was hoping someone could tell me how to place seasonal trees in the Lot Editor so that they will work, and whether I should be adding them as props or flora. A big thank-you to anyone who responds.

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Seasonal trees are usually a set of individual props that have a certain timing property to determine when they show up. To get them to show up properly you will need to place all of the corresponding seasons of the prop on your lot, preferably in the same spot and with the same orientation.

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Ah I see. So in the Lot Editor I will see them all at once, but once the lot's in my city, I'll only see each prop during the corresponding season? That's far simpler than I thought it would be.

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In effect, when the season is not active for a prop, it's invisible, so it's just a case of stacking the props in the same spot for each season as KOSC said.

Flora works differently, it combines the various seasons into a single item that can be placed. But Flora works quite different from Props and isn't ideal for lots, the main drawback is the way the seasons work. With the props, it works on explicit dates, so if you plop the lot in mid-may, the items won't appear until the next season starts. This ensures the seasons remain correctly synchronised with the game date. But Flora starts it's sequence as soon as it's placed, it then waits X days until the next season is triggered. So if you placed a lot with such Flora outside of a very specific date range (much like with Seasonal tree controllers/MMPs which are Flora-based), this synchronisation will be off. For ploppables that's not the end of the world, you just need to place them on the 1st Sep / 1st Mar, as appropriate, like with MMPs. But for growables, which obviously can't be controlled by date, this is a major problem. Hence Props work much better for this type of usage.

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Creating An Airport From Scratch

Yo, guys --

I find myself in an unenviable position --- *:party:

It seems I have made an excellent job of building a JENX Airport.  All the terminals appear, all the lights light up, airplanes taxi around, they take off and land, and they mill about in the skies overhead.  It is a joy to behold in action -- and a thing of beauty.  (Only took about 2 week's work.)

UNFORTUNATELY -- after building -- I discovered that the airport query function showed some discrepancies.  After casting about and getting a bit of feedback from the forum, I found the original thread where the creators were working on it.  To make a sad story much shorter, it was probably never actually finished and released as a "fully functioning" airport.  It may, or may not, "handle" traffic and probably will NOT bestow the sought after "cap-buster" for my business community.  Basically, I've got a GYNORMOUS bit of eye-candy !!

Rather than bulldoze the whole thing, I would like to create a small terminal lot from scratch that will function as the airport, handle the traffic, and bestow the "cap-buster".  At least that way, I will have a really nice looking airport with a small lot that delivers the goods.

I can make the lot, and use Maxis PIM to create a model / descriptor file for an airport.  No problem.  And most of the descriptor is self-explanatory -- but I do have a couple questions --

In the descriptor, "Demand Created" has a series of numbers that need to be filled in with a quantity -- 8208 -- 8224 -- 8240 -- 6160 -- 6176 -- 6192

(1) For an airport -- what does "demand Created" actually represent ??

(2) What are those numbers associated with, or represent ??

(3) Will this give me a "FUNCTIONAL" Maxis Query box ??

(4) And will this provide the "cap-buster" ??


ANY help will be mightily welcomed !!

Thanx --

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      I'm totally confused!
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      But now it seems it may not be useless at all, I see that file in many uploads here and today I actually saw a comment from a lotter that the sc4desc was a required file!
      Can someone straighten me out is the sc4desc file useless after the lot is saved is is it a required file to include with the lot when you upload it and install it in the game?
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      I have been using the R$ lots 1a, 1b, 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b. However I have noticed that something weird is happening. 1b and 5b grow as normal, but 5a is growing using 1a's .desc info, and 4b with 4a's .desc info. If that is confusing, then an example is a 4x4 lot will grow, which is supposed to be Tower 5a. But the name and capacity, etc. will be Tower 1a, and the Tower 1a 2x3 lot will not grow. Same with 4b and 4a.
      I used the buildingplop cheat to test, and noticed that there are only 4 ploppables despite there being 6 lots. I used reader to change exemplar name for lot 4b, but that didn't work and trying to plop 4b would still plop a 4a tower with 4b stats.
      I removed the lot files and tested one by one, and they work fine. If I only use 1a, 1b, 4a then the lots are all there. If I use 1a, 1b, 4a, 4b, then 1a and 1b work properly, but there is only the 4b with 4a stats as the 3rd lot available.
      I am inexperienced using PIM, but I used it to examine the lots by going to the lots and right click them and check dependency, using the 4a/4b combo as the test problem pair. If only 4a is there it says 4a dependency is 4a.desc, and it appears in the RCI descriptor list. If both 4a and 4b are there then 4a.desc disappears from the RCI descriptor list, and 4a.lot now says the dependency is 4b.desc.
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      KOSC presents: King's Community & Regional Park Pack, Volume 2
      King's Community & Regional Park Pack continues with volume 2 of 2 and much like the first set, covers a myriad of park types. Volume 2 has a heavier focus towards sports courts and complexes and as such, you'll see plenty of new (and renewed) tennis courts, baseball, softball and soccer/football fields for your Sims.
      Package Overview

      Included in the following package is a set of custom textures and 36 park lots. Additionally there are a set of dugouts by @Glenni and a grouping of parked cars by @MushyMushy, both of whom were kind enough to provide these props for the set.
      The parks in this set are broken down into the following categories.
      Community Parks - 5 lots: These are the standard community parks similar to the ones in the previous volume.
      Royal Trails - 6 lots: This is a set of semi-modular aimed at filling the in-between areas of your wealthier neighborhoods.
      Tennis Parks - 4 lots: Tennis-centric lots ranging from small community courts to a large center. Contains a redux (will not override) of the original Green Green Tennis Greens.
      Sports Fields - 16 lots: Contains different rotations of soccer fields as well as multi-wealth variants of diagonal and orthogonal softball fields.
      Abandoned Parks - 2 lots: These parks are already partially reclaimed by nature and would look great in a post-apocalyptic setting.
      Sports Complexes - 3 lots: Large-scale multi-field complexes. Very powerful parks that can massively stimulate city growth. 
      General Stats
      Park stats are generally designed around their respective wealth. In general:
      Low Wealth: No R§§§ relief, 50% R§§ relief, full R§ relief. Massively reduced landmark effect (value), park effect (value and radius) and monthly costs. Medium Wealth: 50% R§§§ relief, full R§ and R§§ relief. Moderately reduced park effect (value) High Wealth: Full residential cap relief. Full landmark effect, park effect with increased water consumption and monthly costs. In addition, all parks share the following property:
      Air pollution reduction, light water pollution (both grow with respect to park size) Tennis Parks follow a different formula (inverted values, with full R§§§ relief and weaker relief for R§§ and R§). 
      Sports Fields have generally fixed cap and park values determined only by wealth and type (softball/baseball/soccer). These fields do not provide a landmark effect. In particular, lower wealth baseball and softball fields will generate minor amounts of garbage as well.
      Abandoned Parks are extremely weak as parks, providing little to no park effect and cap relief and even generating a bit of garbage! They're offset by being especially cheap to plop and free of maintenance costs.
      Sports Complexes boast massive amounts of cap relief (progressively weaker by higher wealth) and a massive park effect radius but a much weaker effect value. They are also expensive to plop and have relatively high maintenance costs. 
      The Royal Trails set of parks appear near the top of the parks menu while the rest should slot in-between and after the Maxis parks.
      Detailed stats and information can be found in the enclosed README.
      Install Instructions
      Drop the files in your My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder. If you want to use DAMN (optional), seen the additional instructions below.
      DAMN Users Only
      There is a second zip file included that contains DAMN menus for these parks.
      You will need DAMN for these menus to show up/work.
      Merge the DAMN folder in the zip with the one inside the SimCity 4 install directory Plugins folder (not documents).
      For CD/DVD users, the default is - C:/Program Files (x86)/Maxis/SimCity 4/Plugins/DAMN/
      For Steam users, the default is - C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/SimCity 4 Deluxe/Plugins/DAMN/
      Drop the zzzzzz_DAMN_Hidden folder into your standard My Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins folder if you want to hide the lots from the normal menus in-game. If you still want access to the original menu icons, feel free to delete this folder entirely.
      Texture Replacement
      This pack uses another set of textures not included as part of any of my previous dependency packs. Those looking to generate a custom set can find the repository for it here.
      Due to the sheer size of this set relative to the first and the need for more variety, the dependency list grows just a bit. These are limited to some more of girafe's HD flora and the Light Replacement Mod. As before, If you've downloaded any of my previous works then you should have a good majority of the required dependencies already.
      SHK Parking Pack BSC MEGA Props SG Vol. 1 Maxis Prop Names and Query Fix BSC MEGA Props CP Vol. 1 BSC MEGA Props CP Vol. 2 AnyOne for Tennis VIP girafe elms VIP girafe beeches VIP girafe lindens VIP girafe maples v2 VIP girafe birches VIP girafe Walnut trees VIP girafe Canary date palms VIP girafe villa Libeskind (for the hedges) VIP girafe feather grass VIP girafe cattails Light Replacement Mod v4.0 Mega Pack (light props only) Dugout & Car Park Props (Included) Textures
      BSC Textures Vol. 1 BSC Textures Vol. 2 BSC Texture Pack Cycledogg V01 SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures Superpaths Pathway Textures Community & Regional Park Pack, Vol. 1 (for the first set of Community Park Textures) Community Park Textures 2 (Included) Acknowledgements
      Thank you to all the content creators behind the props/textures packs that made this set possible!
      Huge thanks to MushyMushy for providing the custom vehicle props for the tennis parks and Glenni for providing the baseball/softball dugout models!
      Additional thanks goes out to rivit for his Bender tool and rsc204 & rivit for their work GoFSH work that made my texture creation a rather painless process.
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