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49 minutes ago, catty-cb said:

its listed as being the SimCity 3000 Science Center

Hehe - I remember that one.

17 minutes ago, korver said:

Gold Tower


5 minutes ago, korver said:

Kong Tower

I got really good at growing tons of these on my SC3000 CBDs *:D


Edit: Back on topic, I completely agree with @korver 's picks.   I'd like to see either (or both) of those in SC4  :D

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I don't have the game right now, so I'll try to find the best images on the web. Simcity 3000 has tons of awesome buildings and we definitely need more of them into Simcity 4. But only 3 suggestions?:( Oh well...

Here is my first, the Fusion Power Plant. I never liked the hydrogen power plant on Simcity 4.


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  • Original Poster
  • 9 hours ago, korver said:

    @andisart Unfortunately I couldn't find any higher res pics online, so I had to dig out my disc and get them straight from the source :P

    Ok and how did you get the images? Did you use a tool to view them from the game file?

    @9gruntsand1hammer can you seperate your suggestions into individual posts please? So people can vote on the suggestions one by one. thx :)

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    The Wilkinson Tower is usually one of the very first skyscrapers appearing after laying large density commercial zones, mostly on land with medium land value. May I propose bringing the Wilkinson Tower into Simcity 4 as a low wealth commercial-services building? Poor Sims lives in huge apartment buildings and works in huge factories. So, how about making them shopping in huge skyscrapers as well? *:D

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    Aeh, @Photovoltaic Array, I think both of those buildings were already nominated by Korver and KOSC, so there is no need to repeat them, only to upvote the current entries.

    That would free you two nomination slots, and I remember you requested an SC4 BAT of the SC3000 big fountain. Maybe you would want to get the opportunity and nominate it here?

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    @matias93  I misread slightly and botched the nominating process. D'oh! (Hid posts and added likes to the other entries to be safe! <3) 

    That said, what you proposed was a good idea, so I'll nominate some of those lots instead: my first nomination shall be the Community Garden... which despite the name, is not a garden but is actually a fountain amongst a brick walk. Still, it looks pretty cool and I always thought they added a small splash of color whenever they showed up in SC3000 cities. I think they would look good in SC4 as well.

    (Despite what the land value says, it usually grows in high wealth/what would be R$$$ areas in SimCity 4 terms, if it matters any.)


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    Second nomination: the standard buyable/ploppable Fountain. Hey, fountains are cool. 

    Oh yeah, I can take screenshots of both from all four cardinal directions if needed. Also if anyone remembers a SC3000 building but needs someone to take screenshots for them, just ask, I can do it. 


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    Can I make suggestion three something that I would really have loved to have seen in SC3000 as it was in SC2000 but for some reason was never added and that's the Arcologies which were futuristic self-contained cities where a huge population is all contained in one building ... obviously you couldn't have that many people in a single building as it would really cause issues in SC4 but it would still be nice to have them back

    • Plymouth Arco: available at around the year 2000. Holds 55,000 residents. Price $100,000. The only arcology to emit mild pollution into atmosphere.
    • Forest Arco: available at around the year 2050. Holds 30,000 residents. Price $120,000.
    • Darco: available at around the year 2100. Holds 45,000 residents. Price $150,000.
    • Launch Arco: available at around the year 2150. Holds 65,000 residents. Price $200,000.




      Edited by catty-cb  

    added another picture

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