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Is this the latest version of iLive Reader?

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0.93 is considered the most stable version, but 1.54 is the latest and includes features that may make it easier to use, find that here. (Note: don't accidentally download the "Source Code" if you are looking for a working application).

0x00000099 is hexadecimal, the 0x at the beginning is a dead giveaway for this. Each of the characters can range from 0 - F which represents 1-16 in decimal. For reference, binary numbers can only contain either a 0 or 1 for each digit.

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4 hours ago, rsc204 said:

Each of the characters can range from 0 - F which represents 1-16 in decimal.

If we want to get technical (and in this case I do) the 0 - F of hexadecimal represents 0 - 15 in decimal. *;) 


1 hour ago, markussaage said:

I highly recommend it, even if it doesn't support all features newer versions of the Reader do...

Keep in mind that there are some exemplars for which 0.93 cannot show all of the variables. If you need to tweak some of them you simply won't be able to find them with the older version.  Additionally, I believe it was @twalsh102 who said the only time a problem happens with the 1.5.x versions is if you make a change, save, make another change, save, and continue this way. In that case the saved file can become corrupted. However, if you just make all the changes and save once then exit the program the file will be fine.

I personally only use the 1.5.4 now. (I believe there is a 1.5.5 available.) I like being able see all the components of an exemplar when I go a tweaking. *;)

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As another alternative, there's also the SC4Reader Tool:

(Check the first link to access the versions on Dropbox.)

This is based on the source code of iLive's original program, and from which @Tropod has taken further including a 64-bit edition. I'm not sure whether it's intentional or not to follow the same version numbering, but the current release is 1.5.6 (Sep 05, 2017).

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13 minutes ago, mayorgreener said:

Thank you to everybody.

So which one should I use? Ilive Reader or SC4 Tool?

That's a question only you can answer... Try them both and pick the one you prefer. Easy, isn't it?! *:D You probably need them both later anyway...

Kind regards!

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Maybe a better way of understanding your needs is to ask you what you are planning to use it for?

Although you should also think of such apps like tools in a tool box. Sure I could get everything done with a single adjustable spanner, but having dedicated spanners and a ratchet set means I can pick the best tool for a given job. In the same way, I have both .093 and 1.5.4 versions of iLives Reader, in addition to SC4Reader Tool installed. For editing exemplars and most modding tasks, I tend to stick with iLives Reader. But for pathing, checking S3D models and RUL coding, I find SC4Reader is vastly superior. Either way, it never hurts to have more than one tool available.

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8 hours ago, mayorgreener said:

SC4 Tool

Just in case anyone wonders, the SC4Tool is a completely different program to the aforementioned "SC4Reader Tool".

This one is more of a visual property editor:

(Also available here at its home site SimCityKurier.)

A preview from the startup page:

SC4Tool Startup.png

With so many SC4 tools out there, one word can make a big difference. *;)

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