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Crash when digging in sandy desert

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Hi. I started a new city with the sandy desert terrain mod installed. It worked until I dug down to the water. That's when it crashed. So I removed my water mod. It crashed again when I dug down. So I removed the sandy desert terrain mod. It did not crash when I dug down on vanilla. I've used the Olympic terrain mod in the past. It works just fine. I removed all of the associated olympic terrain mod files, and so there shouldn't be a conflict with the sandy terrain mod now. The sandy terrain mod does work and does paint the landscape tan, but it has something to do with the water. I am running on hardware default settings. 

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My first instinct is that you also have a rock/cliff mod that is overlapping with a rock/cliff exemplar in the sandy desert mod. If you would post linkys to each of the terrain related mods (rock/cliff, beach, terrain, & water) I'd be willing to look into this.

I ran into something similar when I was writing my shoppes threads. It confuzzled me at first cause everything would look good, but then I'd run a road up a hill and when the slope changed the terrain, I'd get the crash. I'm guessing a similar thing could be happening with a beach mod interfering with the terrain one. Or the digging you are doing is creating a slope it now needs to make a cliff.

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  • Original Poster
  • i took the rock mod out when i took the water mod out. the only other thing would be the beach extender mod, or i dont know if the NAM has a built in slope mod. Ill try it again in a bit. 

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    5 minutes ago, citycowboy said:

    i dont know if the NAM has a built in slope mod.

    I can say with 99.9% certainty I've seen @rsc204 state that NAM does not have a built-in slope mod. And to clarify, it wouldn't be the slope mod itself causing any trouble. For me it was when the altered sloped caused the game to shift from one set of textures (based on the new angle of the terrain) that it crashed. So in my case the slope mod was the catalyst not the actual cause of the crash.

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    It does indeed sound like you've a conflicting terrain mod still in your plugins folder. The fact that removing one of them...

    12 hours ago, citycowboy said:

    So I removed the sandy desert terrain mod. It did not crash when I dug down on vanilla.

    ... fixed the issue pretty much confirms this. What you need to do if you want to use the Sandy Desert terrain is find the other one and remove it, that should solve the problem. Do a search (in Windows) on your plugins folder for *CPT*, that should easily highlight any of CP's terrain files for you, which would be the main suspect if you previously used a CP terrain.

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  • Original Poster
  • I searched CPT and removed some additional files I hadn't seen. It works to dig now. However, when I try to make a mountain, it crashes. I can make hills. I removed the SHK HDRock mod. It still does it. It has something to do with cliffs. I have no idea what else would do that, since all it is is the terrain mod. I don't have a rock mod in there, and I can't think of what it would be. 

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    The inherent problem with these issues is that we can not know the contents of your plugins folder. However we know removing the terrain mod fixes the issue, so we can be pretty sure there is another file that alters similar terrain properties that's conflicting with it.

    DataNode is a useful tool for finding such overrides/conflicts if you know how to use it. Otherwise the only suggestion we can offer is using the Binary Search method to track down the problem file. In essence this involves removing half your plugins and seeing if the problem is fixed, keep going until the issue goes away and the last files you moved must contain the problem file. From there it's a simply matter of trial and error to trace the exact file.

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    Also look in the logs after each crash. The logs are mostly useless, but they sometimes point at what the game was trying to do when the crash occurred. That doesn't mean that's the bug, just that it's a clue to what the bug touched in a way that broke it.

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