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Altering values in PIM

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That is normal (depending on what you've tried to change).  There are a few values that can be changed in the Lot Exemplar by double clicking on a particular property.  There are also a few values in the Building Exemplar that can also be changed (the majority of stats cannot be changed).  For any property that doesn't open an edit window when you double-click it, you will need to use Reader.

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  • Yes, but Reader speaks hexadecimal ! Or at least strings of letters+numbers that I know nothing about. I'm scared !!! *:)

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    Just another new thing to learn!  You've been a fairly quick study so far!  Believe it or not, Microsoft actually provides a tool that helps with this:  the Calculator.

    Open the Calculator; click view; click Programmer.

    If you want to change a decimal number to Hex, make sure the radio button is on "Dec", enter the value you want to convert, click the "Hex" radio button, and there you have it.  If you want to convert the other way, reverse the process.  For Hex - Decimal conversion, strip the 0x and any leading zeroes when entering your Hex value.

    Note:  When entering a hex value into Reader, add 0x to front of whatever the calculator gives you so reader understands you are entering HEX values.

    If you would rather use something other than Microsoft Calculator, just Google "Hex converter" and you get some other options, mostly online converters.

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  • @twalsh, your trust in me is humbling. @Edvarz, your knowledge of me is disquieting.

    I'll try both advices, actually. I'm a bit schizoid, I suppose.

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    I mentioned recently to another user that Hex in Reader isn't so terrible, mainly because you can enter values in decimal and it will convert them to Hex for you.


    The good news, just because you see Hex, doesn't mean you need to use it, we can type a normal decimal number into Reader, it will convert it to Hex for us, phew.

    Tip 1: Use Reader 1.54. When you open a property to edit it, click on Int on the side, or "Integer", a fancy way of saying normal numbers. Now you can see the property's value without converting the Hex. Note: 0.93 will not do this.

    Of course this doesn't solve every problem and I think knowing you a little, I'd recommend using SC4 Tools for such edits, since it's much simpler as a tool. Bear in mind when saving modified files with this application, it automatically makes a backup of the previous file and gives it a .SAV extension.

    So if you have a file mylot.SC4Lot and save changes, you'll now have both:

    • mylot.SC4LOT
      The new file with your modifications
    • mylot.SAV
      A backup of the last save-state of your lot

    Just remember not to keep these .SAV files in your plugins folder, SC4 will load them and if loaded after the originals, make it look like your changes have gone missing. However, they are useful to keep whilst you test the changes. If you need to go back to the old file, just rename the file extension to it's original one.

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