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    • By Pegasus
      This  MTP  3x3 lot is similiar to the 3x3 Pond lot... with one very important difference. Its a spring... not a pond. That means it is continually fed with pure spring water. Which means its a viable fresh water source. And that's what we've done with it.
      The MTP 3x3 Spring is a water utility that has the same costs, properties and production of the game default water tower. It works like the water tower... connects like the water tower... In fact, its identical to the water tower... except less vertical. No towering. Tower-less.
      The Dedication This reminds me of the spring-fed reservoir on my Uncle Billy's ranch when I was growing up. At least,  it would have reminded me of it if Uncle Billy actually had a spring-fed reservoir.  Or a ranch.  Or if I had an Uncle Billy.   Or if I ever grew up.
      But somewhere... someone has an Uncle Billy with a ranch or farm and a spring-fed reservoir just like this one. And this lot is for them.
      * Like all well behaved water utiliities, this water utility is located in the Water Utility menu.
      * The lot also has park values slightly less than that of a small park.
      ** This lot requires installation of the  PEG MTP SUPER PACK

      All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
      -Cori Edit: Made dep a clickable linky.
    • By Thalassicus
      This mod increases the depth to which pipes and subways can be built, allowing much easier placement up cliffs and steep terrain.
      The x2 version is good for almost all situations, if you zigzag networks up cliffs steeper than 200ft/tile; x3 and Radical versions are also included.
      See the Readme for more details.
    • By alejolopez13
      Hola chicos!
      Aquí publicaré el progreso de mis modificaciones de Playas, Oceanos, Carreteras, Terrenos, Lotes, etc...
    • By Ronyx69
      So I was recently looking at some Japan driving videos and got inspired to make some highway pillars.
      I'm planning to make an entire set of various types of pillars in this style, even a 6cell over-canal pillar. (if it goes okay)
      Tell me what you think about my first attempt, I need to nail the style and the details before I start making other variations.
      Constructive criticism welcome, also any ideas.
      By the way, do pillars have LODs like regular buildings? I should just make it just the pillar, without the small details - pipe, wires, supports.
      Not sure when they're going to be done and available.


    • By alejolopez13

      About this file:
      This is a Beach Mod in HD resolution (1024x1024) to be used with Sudden Terrain Valley.
      In order to utilize hd textures you must be rendering in hardware mode, otherwise you may experience a crash to desktop.
      Unzip to your zzz_terrain_sudden_valley folder. To avoid conflicts ensure you have no other beach mods installed.
      Sudden Valley Terrain Mod (Recomended)
      Gobias, Rivit, me.
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