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Hello Mitchell's

Whenever I apply a water mod

Stock (A term used in KSP that means "unmodded parts") water texture used to illustrate borders of the map makes me lose my mind

Its the same reason why beach texture used in beach lots that makes me lose my mind

Is it possible to change that texture or make it fully transparent ?

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  • Original Poster
  • 3 hours ago, matias93 said:

    I'm not 100% sure about what your problem is. Could you show us some images to understand better?

    Dont have SC4D installed so let me make a illustraion

    The stock (One came with the game) water is dark blue

    The coastal modd comes with option of installing aqua water

    When I try to install coastal modd this happens (Look to the attachments



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    I understand the question now. Let me grab a couple of sample pics from Cori's Water Shoppe.


    Showing the side of the water being the default Maxis color:



    Showing the side of the water appropriately colored:



    I'm curious too how the others could be fixed in a similar way.

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    This is just a guess, but maybe there's an exemplar that changes the base colour of the water, regardless of the water texture colour. Maybe some water mods haven't changed that exemplar?

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    9 hours ago, matias93 said:

    Maybe some water mods haven't changed that exemplar?

    I've looked into this a wee bit and I'm fairly certain there is something FiSHy going on.

    Here's the BluGrn from SHK Brigantine 2.0 which has the Maxis colored side water:


    And each of the other FSH files are variations of the surface water. (Presumably for different zoom levels.)


    Now, here's Grey1 from Drunken Water Mods, The Blues and Greys. In HD!:



    And from the same file the bottom two FSH look like this:



    Here's that FSH zoomed up 400%:



    So, I suspect those are the ones that color the side of the water. For the how and why of which image gets called and used I confess to being completely clueless. Hopefully one of our experts can take it from here.


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    OK, so the OP got a water recolor mod that neglected to override the cross-section that becomes visible at an underwater edge of a "city". So what can we do about it? Do we know which mods do it right? Do we know which FSH provides the deep water cross-section?

    All I can offer is that if the OP has tried multiple water mods, then he should use DataNode to see if one is partially overriding another so that the surface is not in sync with the cross-section.

    I also have a question: Do any of these textures require a city restart to see the texture change? We could really confuse ourselves if we change a mod on an existing city and then see an old feature baked into the saved city file and think it's part of the new mod.

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    Based on my own method when creating the pics for my Water Shoppe I'm certain everything needed is contained in the single .dat file. I completely exited the game between each one. So, a quick look at the pics in my shoppe would show only a very few added the FSH needed to color the side water.

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  • Original Poster
  • 4 hours ago, jeffryfisher said:

    I also have a question: Do any of these textures require a city restart to see the texture change? We could really confuse ourselves if we change a mod on an existing city and then see an old feature baked into the saved city file and think it's part of the new mod.


    In order to change the texture on the region map

    You have to load the city

    Thats how my trick works

    Lets say you have two cities

    1A Industrial zone

    2B Clean beach zone

    And you want to give them water colors according to their types by

    Giving 1A a dirty colour

    Giving 2B a clean colour

    All you have to do is

    Modding game with dirty colour water

    Opening 1A

    This will give it dirty water colour on the region map

    Exit the game

    Mod game with an colourful water

    Open 2B

    It will change colour of the water on the city and the region map

    Simply put

    Whenever you use an water mod, The water texture for that city lot changes on the city itself on the city on the region map

    But whenever you want to change cities, you have to exit and remod the game

    In my estimations

    It works with terrain/slope textures too !!!

    So, you can simply remake "Vacation Island" from The Sims (I Played complete collection)



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    Cori "Sherlock" has certainly put us on the right track here

    It turns out that SC4 uses a number of textures and gradients in addition to parameters in the Terrain Exemplar to control how the water looks.

    Here are the textures:


    We know the Beach (Foreshore), Inshore (merged at the shallow waters) and Water textures. Less well known is perhaps the Bottom texture (merged at deep water). The next ones, and I certainly didn't understand this when I made the Coastal Modd, are the textures 69EFB6F8 and C9EFB727 which are 1x128 pixel gradient textures that control merging of colours in the sea and at the edges of the map. In the image above I've expanded these to 128x128 and separated the component color from the gradient - essentially the texture = color x gradient and then clipped to 1x128. Finally a Sun Overlay is put over the ocean - this manifests as shading changes as you rotate the map.


    In this second picture we can see top/left the default SC4 look, the changes at the edges when each of those textures are made white and an experiment I did after I worked this out. Most notably the texture 69EFB6F8 not only changes the edge of the map but also the body of the sea as it varies with water depth.

    What this means is that making the edges match the water can have more side effects than expected, and if these are made solid  (no gradient) then the body of the sea will look fairly solid too.

    Attached finally is a little zip with enough content to try your own experiments. You will need GoFSH to make it into a basic Water Mod. I'll leave it to you to figure out how to make it yourself. Run the script when you've finished making the textures.


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    Excellent work, @rivit *:thumb:


    8 hours ago, rivit said:

    textures 69EFB6F8 and C9EFB727

    This led me to find a Post by Gobias which has some information about the gradients. Unfortunately the images have gone missing. Gobias also says, " Lowkee explored the effects of both gradients in his threads. ". I haven't found the Lowkee threads, but maybe a member of Devotion would have better luck searching for them.

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