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Is there a version of Girafe oaks that works ? I am trying to lot something with just ONE oak ; the evergreen version (in the L.E. Flora) doesn't show up, even after more than a year. The seasonal does not show up either. The others (ABCD etc.) are the big threesomes that I don't want...

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There is only one oak that can be used individually. The others were rendered with multiple trees, i.e. more than one tree still = one model.

To add to this, they are Flora and do not come with Prop Exemplars. You shouldn't use Flora on lots, you should use Props (prop exemplars attached: note I've distributed this before, so you may not need it if you've used any of my content that includes this file).

To use seasonal props like this, you need to stack each of the Summer, Autumn and Winter trees in the same spot together. I didn't make exemplars for evergreen versions, since I use exclusively seasonal trees.


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  • Original Poster
  • Thanks for the standalone, Robin ! I know about Flora stuff not being reliable, but I was hoping, as the lot readme said "for lotters, bla-bla-bla,... in Flora... bla-blabla"  *:). I suppose it's only valid for the multiples, which I have no intention to use as of now. I couldn't not make the one oak work, as I said, it didn't show up. Hence my desperate , and somewhat exasperated, post.*:)

    I've done 1x1 (personal use) with all other Girafe trees (and then some others, CP especially...) , stacking them, of course -- and adding one Summer so that they don't disappear on me, since Girafe didn't do a Spring version for many of them ; they work perfectly. And now I can have the whole collection ! *:) One just cannot do without those trees (and all the other girafe greenery) !!!

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    6 hours ago, tariely said:

    I suppose it's only valid for the multiples, which I have no intention to use as of now.

    It works for all the props in that pack, of which one tree is a stand-alone Oak. But yes the others are only multiples and this can not be altered.

    4 hours ago, tariely said:

    Soooo... Aesculus and Fagus don't work either ? Aaargh. What should I do ?

    Again, perhaps you need Prop Exemplars rather than Flora. Bear in mind Flora in this case is designed to work for MMPs. Lots should use Props, but not all the creators intended for their MMPs to be used this way. However, making the exemplars isn't overly hard, the issue with this type of prop is that each one needs the correct timing to synch with the seasons. I'll try to get some for those trees made up for you too.

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  • Original Poster
  • I confess my first (unsuccessful) move was to open PIM  and check if I could make some props out of Aesculus & Fagus. But I had no idea how (dragging them to Props gave no result) . So, making them for me : oooh, thanks, Robin ! I would indeed be grateful. 

     I suppose it would not be bad for me to learn how to do this myself at some point. Or is it still beyond my pay grade ? Willing to mentor some more ? *:)

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    For normal props, I'd say it's pretty easy to walk you through it. But for these RTK4 / Seasonal / Timed props, it gets complex pretty fast. As such, it's just easier for me to do it for you in this instance. Since I had been working my way through such things anyhow, I would have needed such props myself eventually.

    Included is one file for the Aesculus + Fagus trees, plus a bonus for the VIP Cherry Tree and Seasonal Trees, which I'm sure you have the MMPs of also.

    VIP Flora Props.zip

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  • Original Poster
  • You deluge me with kindness, Sir *:). Thank you !


    EDIT : But, Cherry trees ? Where ? In the VIP Rural Pack ? I reDLed it and see no cherry trees... Although one of the comments says "cherry trees" ... Argh ?

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  • Original Poster
  • Yes I had it. I thought it was in the VIP Rural Pack fixed, didn't look at the other one. It works --of course. Majestuous Aesculus and Fagus,, pretty cherry trees, prettyyyy *:) 

    Still, I'd like to know how to make an UNTIMED (eveergreen) tree (or whatever) prop... *:ohyes:


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    Making a regular prop isn't particularly hard, but due to technical complications, it's much easier done in PIM-X/X-Tool. Open the application ensuring the model you wish to use will be loaded. Then find the model under models, once you have it drag it over to the list on the left and find the most appropriate "Prop" category. For regular props, "Ordinary Prop" / "No Wealth" is pretty much the default, although for Trees "Tree Prop" / "No Wealth" is probably best. In either instance you can give your prop a wealth, but it doesn't really do anything useful. There is a system that allows the prop wealth to match the lot wealth, although I can't say i've ever looked into it myself.

    You will be asked to name the exemplar, you can also change the Occupant Size at this point too. When you Save the file, it will create a new SC4Desc file containing your prop exemplar.

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