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    • By Dirktator
      Interview with Karoliina Korppoo, lead designer of Cities: Skylines.
      Cities Skylines has sold over 3.5 million copies. Considering the success of Cities Skylines and the intense interest in the launch of SimCity 2013, why do you think the city building genre has so few games?
      Simulation games were until recently seen as slightly outdated and oldfashioned. Simulation, aside from city-builders, has usually been a niche market and not very interesting to the general public. I believe lots of city-builders will emerge is the next couple of years, but the mobile and console trend had previously made them almost obsolete. We have seen in the last few years a sort of “old school revival”, with many developers making games inspired by or based on old classics.
      Both the SimCity series and Cities Skylines have been critiqued by players for flaws in their depth of simulation. Do you think we will have to wait until the advent of human level artificial intelligence before a city building game could have the simulation depth players want?
      When players talk of simulation games, they very often bring realism into the discussion. Realism is important to any simulation game, in allowing the user to have an understanding of the consequences of their actions. Still, realism is usually not a very good direction for a game. Flight Simulators are ultra realistic, but have lost a lot of their game likeness in going for a 1 to 1 simulation of reality. In city-builders, the real building of a city is not very fun and takes a long time. When people pick up a city-builder game, they usually wish to be god-like beings ruling over the whole city, so that they can take actions which have consequences in the game simulation.
      Often when a player asks for more realism or deeper simulation, what they are really talking about is more challenge, or that a certain game feature feels off. This is very valuable feedback, but more often than not is not actual lack of simulation, but rather an usability issue or something to do with balancing. It is very easy to think that if a simulation game feels “off”, it is because of the lack of realism or depth, but from a game developers perspective, we have to be really careful to make sure we understand what the players are really talking about. Making simulation more detailed can have its cost in the game being less fun.
      There are technical limitations to the algorithms we use, and surely they could be improved to make the game world seem even more alive. Currently the level is enough for a very enticing simulation with realistic cities and believable citizens you can relate to.

      Read the full interview at the source.
    • By SS3K
      I just bought cities skyline and loving the mods, however SimCity 4 will always be top notch for me. I apologize if this question have been asked already so here it is... I downloaded big ben and houses of parliament for cities skylines and that has put a massive smile on my face, I was wondering if its possible to move these files into SimCity 4?
    • By charlesnew
      Hey guys. Welcome to my city of Rodenburgh. I've already made quite a lot of the city, mostly just the downtown, but there is still a long way to go, so I'm gonna share it here. 
      This is the map. I'm planing to work on the whole map, not just the city and not leave any areas unfinished and bare with at least some forests. Hopefully I won't end up reaching any limits! The map is called Lönnebay Universal on the Workshop.
      This is the main part of the city with the downtown and the port. Rodenburgh is a big port city, which explains the large plan for a port on the right. Idea is that big ships send in freight to the port which is then transferred to smaller ships and sent up the nearby rivers to other cities.

      For this entry, we are looking at this part of Rodenburgh's old town:

      This half has the historic cathedral in the center. The city museum is in the bottom left corner.

      If you look closely, you can see some guy doing a performance in the plaza:

      Opposite the cathedral is a little restaurant area:

      Some maintenance:

      This is the other half of the area we are covering today. This is the shopping and restaurant district, and you can see the big pedestrian street in the bottom middle of the screen, as well as a plaza to the right of it.

      Some restaurants and a tiny market in the plaza. You can just see some people queuing for the food carts in the bottom right. I might revamp this area to become a huge farmer's market, but we'll see.

      This is the pedestrian shopping street.

      It's hard to see but I put some shop signs and logos on the buildings to give it that shopping feel.

      Anyway that's it for now. I'll be showing off other parts of the city over the next few weeks. Hope you guys like it!
    • By Yellowfin
      At the moment I'm currently working on map theme based on Hokkaido (along with a fictional map to go with it), and I'm hoping I can get some feedback and assistance with finishing this.  I'm also wanting to create a Japan-style network skin (mostly because not only is manually detailing countless roads tedious, but decals count toward the prop limit).
      I have some additional screenshots (from an older, now-broken save) that show off a few other things (like the concrete texture), although I had a different LUT active (rather than with the default temperate LUT seen below): http://imgur.com/a/cb2CK
      Would anyone be interested in kicking me in towards the right direction?  Voice chat and screensharing over Discord is an option for whatever it's worth...

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