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I replaced some low density zones for medium density and only one building has developed. I have high demand for residential but not enough space to zone more. They all have water, and pipes under them. What I'm doing wrong?



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Is this the first city of your region? If so, at only 6k population, you won't have sufficient sims to support much in the way of mid-high rise residential buildings. That's because the growth stages used to build bigger/taller domiciles conform to a set ratio. I.e., to have demand for higher stages, there are minimum requirements for the number of lower stage buildings that must exist first. As such you may find you need a few thousand more sims before Med Wealth grows. Similarly, it's hard to get High-wealth before a 12-15k region population is present.

So if space is such an issue that you can't accommodate more low-wealth buildings, you might want to consider expanding to a neighbouring tile. Otherwise with patience, the growth stages will increase, provided the demands are there, which will slowly expand your residential population by upgrading to higher occupancy housing. But the later option could take a very long time waiting, it would be much better to add new zones instead.

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  • Thanks man, its been working well for me so far, but I have seen videos of people who start a new city in an empty region with medium density zones and it builds them almost right away. How do they do that? I assume it works better when there is already low density zones in the city, but I'm not sure.


    Here's a video where I saw this happen. You can see them developing around 6:25 with only 1,000 population. Is he using mods or is there something I am missing.


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    Absolutely there is something going on that allows what you see to happen. Note how just before the game unpaused, the user creates neighbour connections and the demand bars immediately change? That's because all the demand needed to sustain this city is in a neighbouring one already built. This is simply not a realistic way of getting the game started from scratch, not to mention following such a strategy is beset with the potential for problems.

    At it's core SC4 likes to be played slowly, with small changes at a time, which you can then react to and evolve your city. When huge changes take place in one go, it can place strain on all sorts of parts of the simulator and lead to a non-functioning city. You can speed things up if you really understand what you are doing, but I don't really get where the fun is in that personally. My advice, start with the official tutorial which is part of the game. A couple hours with those will really get you going and is well worth your time. Thereafter, take a look here for a great tutorial on region play that expands on the in-game ones. Follow those and not only should you be able to get a successful region going, but you'll understand a lot more about how the game works in the process.

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    Medium density also requires proximity to parks (even R$), so after you've followed rsc204's advice you should also place some parks around the areas where you want midrise apartments. I can see you don't have any in the neighborhood you've shown in this thread.

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