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Always on illumination for metro trains

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    • By mikeseith
      Hello everyone,
      Long time since I've been very active.  Jumped back into making game content, this time for Cities Skylines.  Been working on a new modular airport for way too long and finally starting to put the finishing touches on it.  This is my 1st unveiling and I'll probably be working on it for another month before releasing.
      When I started out to make this monstrosity, I had small goals to just make some simple modular airport pieces.  I was always unhappy with how the nightlights in a modular building looked, always coming on at different times.  When the nightlights were on all the time, I didn't like the look of it either.  So I learned how to make Clear glass props.  Nice.  So then I had to model the insides of the buildings, then figure out the pathing, the roads I use to simplify laying things out broke the paths.  So I learned how to make new roads and offset the pedestrian paths.  Then I thought that I wanted to be able to have a working skytrain system going to different parts of the airport.  So I had to learn how to make a proper elevated train station and a new rail line that could be bent at 90 degree angles to fit in the buildings.  On and on it went until now I feel confident enough to unveil this to the community, warts and all.
      There are about 30 buildings in the set, a boatload of glass props, 4 roads and about 30 props (not glass).  This will not be for the faint of heart.  I made this airport shone in about 3 hours.  This is not a "plop and go" building.  Remember that some airports are like little cities themselves.  So all these resources for an airport aren't all that bad...right?
      Almost forgot to mention the parking garage with the skywalks and integrated metro station will be released with this too.  As a side note, I spent a lot of time making a station for the skytrain in the garage and making it go into the terminal building.  Not happening at this stage.  For now I have given up on that folly.
      The modular 8 level parking garages will have 11 buildings and I made 2 new parking lot light props for them.
      Don't be shy and tell me what you think.  Just be gentle please.

    • By chfzdn
      The 2018 Asian Games is a big sport event. Beside from traditional sports, eSports are available. The games including Arena of Valor, the latest version of PES, League of Legends etc. But, why there's no city sim (C:S and SC4) have been picked on any eSport events? It's cool to compete with other real-life nations, for instance, to create a beautiful yet functional imaginary cities or replicate real-world cities. I know that this question somewhat childish, but I'm still curious answering that.
    • By chfzdn
      Yesterday, I've tried an internet cafe near me. Every PC has Steam client and the USB can be plugged. In my knowledge, Steam games can be made offline and their offline data is available. I'll leave that later. Which game should I buy up to around $20, Cities: Skylines or SimCity 4? I've missed the promo few days ago. Are there any another giveaways/promos on them? Also, if I made the game offline, can I copy the files to my USB drive? So, I don't have to download the game again, only the validation. No, I'm not supporting any kind of gray/black distribution of the game. It's only for personal use and for 1 PC (though is moving).
    • By R3V0
    • By chfzdn
      I want to buy Cities: Skylines. So, I want to ask, which EP should I buy up to $16? Is the New Player bundle plus Mass Transit worther than that bundle plus Green Cities? Or, should I buy sc4?
      @Avanya @Terring, can you help me?
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