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Hi there,

I'm having a problem getting hotels to spawn; I'm building a gambling/culture city that is going pretty well, at the moment the city have 5 casinos (1 luxury hotel full with $$$ gambling addons, 2 sleek and 2 cheap with full $ and $$ gambling addons), all the 3 possible landmarks (Edificio Copan, Empire State Building and Sydney Opera House) and the Pro Stadium; the city have all forms of public transportation except streetcars (3 ferry and boat terminal, one train station and 1 municipal airport with 4 passengers addons and 4 runways); the city have a draw of 65k/85k with more then 1k tourist/h and it's going decently (1kk$/day profit) but I'd like to get some hotels.
The problem is that no matter what I do they somehow refuse to spawn; I tried running the Sydney and Pro Stadium events everyday for quite some time, bulldozing some medium density commercial from all wealth class every day and the city is not at the beginning of year 6 but not a single hotel spawned; I could plop them with the plop mod but before doing that I'd like to get some hotels to spawn naturally.
Is there anything that prevent hotels from spawning while playing offline?
Am I doing something wrong or am I being just incredibly unlucky?

Thanks in advance for helping,

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  • Original Poster
  • At the moment they are the closest I could place them to casinos in order to reduce traffic and due to the fact I read somewhere EA/Maxim reduced with a patch the radius within whom casinos and Landmarks make commercial turn into hotels, to prevent the problem of too many buildings becoming hotels that lots of people were complaining about; I'll tra placing them near the entrance and I'll let you know 


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