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Good Morning!
I do not know if this post is in the right place, I apologize I'm still learning ...

I would like to ask you if there is any application, program, that you can do to make a city plan (SC4) before you start playing, that would help a lot! thank you everyone for the attention!

I'm waiting for the answer.;)

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Hiya, Gilberto.

This (New Members Information) forum is a good fall back place to post whenever you are unsure where something should go. I check in at least twice a day and I can then move the thread to wherever I believe it fits best. In this case, it'll go to the SimCity 4 General Discussion forum.


9 hours ago, Gilberto Rodrigues said:

... is any application, program, that you can do to make a city plan (SC4) before you start playing ...

I'm not aware of anything specifically for this purpose, but what I've done is to copy the Data View mini map with either All Off or Zones selected before I've built anything in the city tile. (Click the little bar to get the bigger popup version.) It's always exactly 256 x 256 pixels. Be sure you've set your screen capture to it's highest quality level and save a copy of each of these. Then in your favorite image editing program put them all together in a collage. (Matching them up precisely is a good idea.) *;)

Here's one I made:


^ This lets me see my whole region at once so I can plan out my main towns and major inter-tile transportation. It's a bit tedious to do, but I love the final result.

I've been working on a program that does a similar thing automatically along with adding contour lines. Here's a sample output from it:


I've created the color scheme to be similar to the in game topographical map even including the sandy areas in the water which you don't see from the normal in game region view.

There's also lots of good info in @matias93's  Infraestructure Planning pt. 1 CJ entry.

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  • Original Poster
  • 3 hours ago, CorinaMarie said:

    Hiya, Gilberto.

    Este (Novo Informações de Membros) do fórum é um bom lugar de retorno para postar sempre que você não tem certeza de onde algo deve acontecer. Eu checo pelo menos duas vezes por dia e então posso mover o fio para onde eu acreditar que ele se encaixa melhor. Neste caso, vai ao fórum de Discussão Geral do SimCity 4.


    Não estou ciente de nada especificamente para este propósito, mas o que fiz foi copiar o mini mapa de Exibição de Dados com All Off ou Zones selecionados antes de eu criar qualquer coisa no tile da cidade. (Clique na pequena barra para obter a maior versão pop-up.) É sempre exatamente 256 x 256 pixels. Certifique-se de que configurou sua captura de tela para o nível de qualidade mais alto e salve uma cópia de cada uma dessas. Então, em seu programa de edição de imagem favorito, coloque todos juntos em uma colagem. (Combinando-os com precisão é uma boa idéia.)*;)

    Aqui eu fiz:


    ^ Isso me permite ver toda a minha região ao mesmo tempo, para que eu possa planejar as minhas cidades principais e os principais transportes entre telhas. É um pouco tedioso para fazer, mas adoro o resultado final.

    Eu tenho trabalhado em um programa que faz uma coisa semelhante automaticamente, juntamente com a adição de linhas de contorno. Aqui está um exemplo de saída dele:

    1127088129- (4x4Lg) -02-SC4TopoGH-av (0.45) -dv (0.035) -vs (0) -hs (0) -d6-r15-n0.jpg.d9371f59a53623ab9b03ca70bec79092.jpg

    Eu criei o esquema de cores para ser semelhante ao mapa topográfico no jogo, inclusive incluindo as áreas arenosas na água que você não vê do normal na visão da região do jogo.

    Há também lotes de boa informação em @ matias93 de   Infra-estrutura Planejamento pt. 1 entrada CJ .

    Thank friend!

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        Source code available at https://github.com/kotcity/kotcity
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        Notes and stuff: One day, I was looking at the forums (before I registered.) I say a section marked 'City Journals'. I thought 'Hey, that section looks nice, maybe I'll find a nice city timeline in there.' 
        Immediately, I saw a thread marked 'Skylines of Cathnoquey.' I thought 'That looks interesting, I should read it.'
        I spent the next 3 hours reading it.
        (Good job Linoa, your journal is one of the best I've seen)
        After I was done, I wanted more. Much more. I waited for updates.
        *One week passes*
        *One month passes* 
        *One year passes*
        Still nope.
        There finally was an update in November 2017. I was excited! I thought the series would be revived.
        That was the last update before now.
        (If the author has real-life problems, I understand.) There seemed to be a big hole where the 'Organic City Timeline Journals' category was.
        At this point, my interest in C:S began to rise again. I thought 'Why not make a city journal?' So I did. I tried to make one and lost the save file. 
        (I just remade it.)
        The town that I remade I wanted to be the first town to have the city journal focused on. I hope to update this one until I lose interest within a month for at least a few years until my SSD has no more room for my save files. That town's name was Lynnfield (Named for a reason that you maybe will see once I stop being lazy and make a state map for Lynnfield.)
        So here it is! (Notes are done.) 
               In northeastern Kabylake province (named for the giant lake in the middle of the province and another hint to where the name Lynnfield came from), at the intersection of Freeway I-670 and A-87 (The major highways in the province) lies a sleepy village by the name of Lynnfield.
        It's an unassuming little town, situated at the tributary of two rivers. This quiet little town of 2.950 hasn't seen much development since its founding a mere 35 years ago.

        The city lies just off Freeway A-87. The city is linked to a freeway, connected by a roundabout named Maxwell Circle, aptly named for the giant statue of a GTX 980 in the center. On the other side of the freeway lies the city's farming industry, which has largely driven the local economy and provided the majority of employment in the city.

        Freeway A-87, which provides highway access to Lynnfield.

        Cosine Co., a major engineering company in Kabylake, recently opened another of its many headquarters, providing Lynnfield citizens an alternative to farm work and a break from the sun and the heat.

        Atlantic Salmon Apartments, named for how the colors of the complex resemble the skin and meat of a salmon, is the latest addition to a downtown that otherwise hasn't changed in the past 15 years.

        Bob the motorcyclist takes a right turn to the farm he's employed at. He's contemplating leaving the city or applying for a job at Cosine Co., as the city has provided little jobs for college graduates like him.

        Lynnfield high school. Built 20 years ago, the school is starting to have an overflow problem and the city, governed by Mayor McFatbags, seems to spend all its budget at improving the Mayor's mansion, so the problem remains. However, elections are coming up, and there's a disruptive candidate that gives the previously uncontesed (for reasons that the city absolutely does not want to disclose) mayor McFatbags a run for his money.

        The intersection of Blemont and 7th street, the main East-West and North-South axes of the town. Plans to upgrade the roads and potentially accommodate more new citizens have been stalled by the mayor's monopolistic council, but as mentioned before, there a a wave of young Lynnfielders who are tired of stagnation and corruption in the city and running for a spot in city council and even mayor.

        The city hall.
        The 2 main highways near the city provide the city a huge opportunity as a transportation hub, which many of the young Lynnfielders running for city council or Mayor are hoping to take advantage of. Being the largest town within a few tens of miles with low tax rates and easy accessibility, maybe the city will grow some day...
        That's it for today! There probably will be more tomorrow, considering how excited I am at continuing this. This is my first CJ, so feedback is strongly appreciated.
        Edit: Ideas for future updates and mods/assets are also appreciated. The map is Copper Creek, if anyone's curious.
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        Hello guys and welcome to my 2nd episode of Small Castle Town on this channel, i hope you will like it...
      • By denzo
        could mods causing "anomaly" like too much same buildings built in a zone? I have just started to mod my game (NAM, and just a few other ones like BSC MegaProp, Install_BSCBATPropsMattb325_Vol02, Install Ghetto Pack Vol1-2) and it seems, I did not experience (I do not remember) this behaviour earlier in my other cities, when those mods were not installed, that lots of the same buildings built in a block.
        See pic.


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