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Hello ladies and guys! I am Trylk255 and today I want to tell you one thing that is still in my heart today.

Yeats after Maxis left SimCity on its own, this game still runs. Time have passed. I am here today to start modding again and make this game great!


Serious level : 80%

Here is what you have to take note of :

1. I won't compile a new .exe file for SimCity, there's already one.

2. I am looking for people and modders that still want to mod the game. Actually, joinning my modding crew would be a grest first step for all of us.

3. We have a Discord server ! KEEP YOUR EYES HERE EVERY DAYS! I will send an invitation link when the server will be up and ready for normal use. Expect the invite to be posted in 48hrs (2 days). 


About mods on the STEX

Have a favorite mod on the STEX? Share me the link, I will rework the mod in question in order to fix issues, bugs and adapt it to the new structure*.


Ummm... You said "new structure", what's that exactly?

By remaking a game with mods, we have been used to create them with our own pattern. Patterns are 2 or 3 years old on SimCity 2013. As time goes, new things are discovered.

Alright, enough arguing ; time to explain.


The old structure :



SC2013 Old mod structure :

Filename : MyModNameHere.pak

  • Template
  • Config file (Category name, order (position))
  • Models
  • Prop parameters (RCI, budget related parameters, ect.)



The new structure :



SC2017 New mod structure :

Filename : ModName.udata/.data*.pak

  • Templates
  • Config files

Here are where things changes! (below)

  • Primary prop
    • Parameters for primary prop
  • Secondary prop (aka "Modules")
    • Parameters for secondary prop



Our planned features in a long term :

Modifying ControlNet system (Production, Usage, Bandwith, info mods)

Planned content : 

  • New levels
  • New megatowers designs
  • New crowns

: : MODULES : :
New working modules without overriding the original ones and integrating them to a building.
Custom buildings with custom modules.
Please take note I am currently working on a huge ControlNet project wich will allow me to make even better mods. This could allow me to make CUSTOM GREATWORKS, CUSTOM OMEGACO SYSTEM and CUSTOM Crowns which will use ControlNet.

Here is a list of things I can't do : Custom maps (regions)
Hey! We are in 2017! WELCOME BACK!

So... whats with that idea to restart that huge-monstrueous project? What happened last year with you?!


O_o Ok ok... I was more focusing on other games and trying new mixtures of SimCity 2013 mechanics.


Talk us about that project now...

I won't rewrite down the first post, altho what have been changed on the original list is :

Every original ideas are going to be there.

: : New stuff : :

//!!// Patches and fixes will be created for many exisiting mods already there on Simtropolis. The reason why is because I try a lot of mods. Sadly, many mods haven't been tested deeply. They've been released with a few twsts or none almost, assumig they will work like it's supposed to.

//!!// Mod restructuration. Mods will still be created, but they will now be organized differ3ntly from the inside. Such as : this mod modifies water layer. Instead of just throwing the modifications, I'll implement the layer and modify it as well so it's goig to be adapted for the mod in question.

//!!// Performances are going to be a number 2 on our list//!!//

Our current criterias for releasing a mod are : tests, detailed description, support offered for the mod, updates for the mod. So far, many mods, a game who is limited in terms of modding but... Someone once a day said There is, and will always be a place for improvement. 

THE REASON WHY : more mods means a bigger load for the game. And this can results in a slowdown. So what's gonna be changed mostly are the LOD (Level of detail), draw distance and a little bit of genius tweaks into the game.

: : DLC Mods : :

Okay, we all know the very classy mod itself. But what about an optional addon for it? Yes you heard me! A pack in a pack! Which isn't required! Why? I feel like many people wants something else than THAT and having to dig for something more in their tastes.

WAIT!!! Building styles are a new feature that will be added to the project. So ya better keep an eye here!


Asiatic style will be part of that. ;) 


: : Placement rethink-ed : :

So far, playing SimCity can be too difficult or too easy for some players. Most of the time, you spend half of your time planning the city. But... Who the heck thought of a COAST ONLY PLACEMENT for water things (eg electric power plants?! I actually plan on making the seas a lot better... let expand the topic here just a bit... so what's planned is to add water depth and implement the wind into many water plops. EG: Wave power plant will now use wind alongside with water depth in order to produce electricity. Water depth will be used as a factor of it's placement. So the game will tell us if it overlaps a tunnel etc.

: : Whole CONTROLNET usage REVIEWED + OmegaCo : :

ControlNet, huh? Sweet name! Too  hard to produce, not spreading enough. Too much for current needs. Well, once you get the trick to make it, you have a great excess.

OmegaCo... what's that used for again?(Still sounds "chinese") Oh yeah... helping commercial facilities. That will be reworked as well.

Through the last months, I have seen many users saying/complaining that the resources layers are buggy. Well, I'm going to be honest with you, the layers are very minimalistic.

Eg  : slow update rate, colors grading are used most of the time... When you look at a layer, you need to be able to quickly notice a hiccup. With colors grading it can be a bit slow. And some of us are visual!

•What will be changed for layers : 

- Colors

- Faster update rate.

- Integrated detailed UI mods from Maxis user here. (Detailed worker in rollover and purple line for industries).

Aaaaaaaand now...  the most UNEXPECTED CHANGES HERE ARE :

  • Battery packs for power generators
  • Mods for DLCs!
  • A whole New user interface!
  • Native implementation of Multiplopper

Pheww... that's a lot to do!!!

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  • Original Poster
  • Post deleted : Discord server has been deleted.

      Edited by Trylk255  

    Updated status for invite link.

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  • Original Poster
  • Anyone can join! As I'm preparing the Discord with the finales, I am proud to announce that I will teach modding to people who wants to. We also have a dedicated zone for online games (SC Online).


    Attention to Old modders (Oxie, CapTon, HinataHuyara, Xoxide, Yayie, etc.)...

    Welcome back! Y'all welcome and I'd be happy and glad to see you coming back! :)

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    Hi there, Just wanted to know if youre still active ?? I love this game more than skylines because I find it much more fun, cant mod but I cant wait for some cool mods hehe :)

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  • Original Poster
  • I am not active on the game but I sometimes come here on Simtropolis. That's about it.

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  • Hello everyone, I want to say that I am stopping mod support for all my submissions here on Simtropolis. I will still develop some mods but as of right now, I won't offer any support because the new submissions will be here for test-developpement purposes only. I will be more active in the Spore modding community tho. Cya!

    My Discord : DawnShadow#2481

    Please mention that you're from Simtropolis if you message me on Discord.

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