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  • Thank you everybody for the likes! *:)


    Today, just a small update, with some modifications made to the transitions (mainly OWR-2 on OWR-1), the addition of the end of networks (cul-de-sac), and a slightly bigger modification for The network of roundabouts.


    You may have noticed the presence of new networks, there is the OWR-2 / code M03 (one-way road of Maxis, two lines) with the markings M03a and without the markings M03b. It is now on this new network that I work.

    There is also the new OWS-2 network (with and without marking, code P23a / b), this is the continuation of the OWS-1. This network is still at a hypothetical stage, I do not know if I will, but I think it may be as useful to have one-way roads two lines as one-way streets two lines.  I will think about it. *:???:

    That's all for now, if you have any criticism or suggestions do not hesitate! *:thumb:

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  • Tonight just an image that presents all the networks created so far. I finished the network M03, and the network P23 arrives at the end, soon I propose the images. :)
    The pedestrian crossings have changed color, in order to make them less fluorescent yellow. Now they have a tint rather close to yellow-orange, inspired directly by the color of the Swiss pedestrian crossings.


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    Lovely work *:) Like _Michael mentioned - all the little details you've incorporated into this set are fantastic.

    I also really like the new color on the zebra crossings too. The old one was too saturated IMO - I think you've found the right balance now.

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  • Thank you both for your comments, tonight the sequel! *:thumb:

    I finished the networks M03 (OWR-2) and P23 (OWS-2). Before tackling a new network, I am going to make changes to all networks to make them more realistic about certain details such as the way cars (the tire marks on the tar). Here are the images of the two networks:




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  • Hello everybody!

    Today, just a small presentation of the network N13 (OWR-1) that is completed. I redid the textures more accurately, the marks of passage of vehicles are cleaner and right, and I redid road marking.

    I have to make the same changes for the network N07 (AVE-2) and then I will create a new texture set (Avenue Maxis).

    See you soon! *:)



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  • Hello everybody!

    First of all, I wish you all happy holidays! *:thumb:
    I'm doing a little update to show you some textures parts of the network I'm currently working on (M04 - Avenue Maxis / AVE-4). It takes a little longer to do than the other networks I've created so far, because it's two tiles wide. I will finish this network soon, then I will do the NAM TLA-3 network.

    Good evening to all and see you soon! *:)


    These are examples, this does not represent all the possibilities that there are with respect to markings

    T - Type 1



    T - Type 2







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    On 9/2/2018 at 6:48 PM, Akallan said:

    Hello, thank you all for your likes and comments!

     @juguesal : Here is the link of the small buildings W2W: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2569

    Another picture mixing several networks. The first image is very large (3815x2090). I hope you will like it!


    Two images that shows the network before (NAM & Maxis) and after (SNT):



    See you soon!

    Is that...sunken metro?


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  • Thank you for your feedback!

    @RedDunoVn The SNT is not yet downloadable, but in a few weeks it will be on exchanges! :)

    It's been a while since I posted anything new about my textures. For several weeks I worked on the textures of SAM streets (2, 7 and 8). Here is my work:

    *Click for full size*


    The good news: I still have a network to create and a few small modifications to all existing networks before the SNT is completed. The last network is SAM 11 (IndustrieSAM Textures). :D

    See you soon!

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