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    • By Handyman

      How to use Wine with SimCity4Deluxe, NAM, Modding Tools
      **ATTENTION:  Recently began having problems with Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 and SimCity4. After an update, the game would only run in software mode. I have done a lot of digging to try to find the exact cause, but so far no luck. I have gone back to Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 until this gets fixed.
          About ten years ago I made Ubuntu my only OS, after dual booting with XP for about a year. I had only one regret, I could not get SC4D to run in Wine. I tried a few times over the next few years but still had no luck. Then a couple of years ago I decided to dig in and get it running.
          My first success came with the help of PlayOnLinux, finally! I used this setup until, recently, I decided to try working directly with Wine without the extra layer of PlayOnLinux. So I dug a little more and eventually I gathered most of the info I was looking for on the interweb. Much of this was, things I didn't know I needed to know, until I knew them.
          Now, I had a lot of info, but some bits seemed to contradict other bits, so I began to develop a repeatable, controllable, procedure that would allow me to test a defined set up, document it, rinse and repeat. The process I settled on, exposed the unreliable information, but gave rise to more questions. I dug around, got some more bits, and started again. This time it all came together.
          Eventually, I settled on a kind of combination set-up method using wine / winetricks / wine tools. I'm more of a nuts and bolts kinda guy,so this satisfies me. There are other ways to achieve the same results, and I may tackle them some time, but for now, I am concentrating on using this method to install SimCity4Deluxe and some of the modding tools.
          As a part of the testing process I developed sets of instructions, so I could repeat a particular set-up, exactly the same, multiple times. After using them for awhile, I decided they were solid and they might be helpful to other people. So I edited them into a more readable format and added some, (I hope), helpful information.
          Currently, I have finished these;
      ∘Wine How To - Install Wine 1.8:i386 (32 bit)
      ∘ Wine How To - Install SimCity4Deluxe (plus updates)
      ∘ Wine How To - Install NAM
      ∘ Wine How To - Install GoFSH
      ∘ Wine How To - Install Gmax Extended
      ∘ Wine How To - Install ILive Reader 1.4
      ∘ Wine How To - Install SC4-PIM X ***(Currently this will install and load but does not run as it should.)

      Credits: Most of the information I gathered was from WineHQ, Winetricks, Ubuntu forums, SC4Devotion forums, Simtropolis forums, many sage postings by 'A Nonny Moose' (found these everywhere), along with bits from numerous Linux editorials.
    • By monkeywater
      I have never modded before, but I have a subway station and a GHSR to subway converter that has a trash capacity.
      What program do I need to edit this, just to change capacities, and is there a guide somewhere?
    • By Bad Peanut
      so I've been waiting for sub buildings to become native so I could finally finish off Flinders Street Station (from Melbourne) here's a quick WIP look - probably will release sometime soonish - maybe next week.

      Let me know what you guys think!

    • By skylinoob
      Hi guys can anyone help me with that issue i don't get it...
      using ICities;
      using ColossalFramework.Plugins;
      namespace Whatever
          public class Whatever : IUserMod
              public string Name => "Whatever";
              public string Description => "it does somethin";
          public class Loader : LoadingExtensionBase
              public override void OnLevelLoaded(LoadMode mode)
                  DebugOutputPanel.AddMessage(PluginManager.MessageType.Message, "hopla");
          public class BuildingListener : BuildingExtensionBase
              public override void OnBuildingRelocated(ushort id)
                  DebugOutputPanel.AddMessage(PluginManager.MessageType.Message,"relocated for id " + id.ToString()); // this is the line crashing the game note that without the " + id.ToString()" it works
    • By Michael RT
      For what I’m trying to accomplish, as far as I can tell, I should be using either SC4 Tool or the iLive Reader. I would like to be able to edit certain parameters of buildings in the game. For example, changing the radius for police, fire, education, etc. I would also like to change how much power is generated from power plants, how much water is generated by water pumps and towers, etc. Basically do everything (hopefully) that can be done in SimCity 3000 here.
      I’ve tried both SC4 Tool and iLive Reader but can’t seem to find the buildings I’m searching for. I’m truly starting from scratch and need some assistance on either of these programs. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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