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    • By Huston
      Hey, I just thought I'd give this a shot and see if anyone could possibly point me out to a tutorial for creating MMP/Mayor Mode Ploppables? There's virtually nothing on the internet (that's obvious) that I can find regarding the conversion of props for use as MMP or how to even do that? I've been wondering how to do this since I first started BATing sci-fi props and would totally appreciate any help anyone could provide on this
    • By VIP Team
      This pack contains seasonal plopables plant, and various decorative elements for your landscape. The seasonal props has the S logo.
      Note: for fitting with other seasonal items, props need to be planted the 1st September ot the 1st Marsh. We do not recommand you to use seasonal trees on growable LOTs.
      The Pack are included:

      You need to have in your plugins:
      VIP CarPackMMP vol1
      Seasonal Flora Patch for All Terrain Mods
      Auto Installation: Double-click the installer file to start the installation. The program will guide you through the process. You can change the default installation path, but we strongly suggest to keep the standard folder in order to make future updates and additions easier.
      MAC Users: File Juicer should enable you to use this installer package. If it's ZIP archive it is necessary to make the same manipulation that during installation manual (see above).
      Models by Manchou and Vnaoned. Modding by Badsim.
      If you have questions or problems you can leave us a message SC4devotion thread

    • By paeng
      A Painter's Patch
      This will help the landscape painters among us - once installed you will be able to brush any flora MMPs right up to the shore and into the water of lakes, ponds, streams and rivers using ploppable water coming from SimPeg... You can camouflage any fixed shoreline or just create your own shores completely, no more plain straights and empty curves... ;-)
      Aside from tweaking the shore lines you can 'paint' MMPs inside the water without using any extenders or other workarounds.
      This patch will work for:
      PEG Ponds
      PEG Streams
      Note: This is not intended for use with the older 205 version of the streams, which have different IDs.
      PEG PPonds (Tahoe, including PEG Culverts and PEG Fords)
      PPond Canal Kit (inc. Docks, Locks and Bridges)
      SPAM Irrigation Canals (SPIC)
      ~ none ~
      Though the patches only make sense if you use any of the listed packages ;o)
      After unpacking you'll find a folder 'zzz_Free_Waters' - it doesn't really need to be the very last thing to load, but make sure it loads after all ponds, streams and pponds...
      For a bonus the folder contains new larger water tiles as well - for the Ponds an additional 4x4 piece, for the Tahoe additional 2x2 and 4x4 pieces. They are in the 'Parks' menu along with the other water tiles.
      Note: The installed patch will NOT take effect on already plopped landscapes. You need to either re-plop existing ponds and streams or just save it all for your new developments ;o)
      And a word of caution - take it easy, brush by brush... else, before you know it, there is no more water to be seen!
      For questions and support, please see here:
      Happy painting ;o)
    • By Takingyouthere
      There's some big infrastructure projects that I'm just about ready to present, but before that here's an extensive look at the Trueno river as it winds its way through Gravenhurst, a suburban area of the Middle East borough of Pretoria.
      Gravenhurst highlighted in red:


      The opposite angle:

      The idea with having white rocks on one side and not on the other is that the rock wall was constructed higher there for added protection since that's where the city is so not all the rocks get covered in algae or whatnot. Meanwhile the other side is more natural and lightly populated so the rock wall was not constructed as high, if at at. I also think changing the appearance makes it makes it look more interesting.

      South end of the river:

      Now for some, or rather a lot of close ups
      The west bank is somewhat flood prone as seen by how marshy the area is, but thankfully as mentioned the population is quite spares on that side:

      North of Manitoba Island is the mouth of Taylor creek. This creek is is one of the many streams which outflow into the Trueno river. As with many(but not all) creeks in Pretoria it was built as the area was urbanized and turned into an underground river. Which is quite typical of what happens IRL in most major cities in NA.
      The mouth Taylor creek where it emerges before joining the Trueno river:

      Water flow is normally very low except during and after a rainfall. Unsurprisingly much like a nearby abandon rail tunnel in Lindin City, underground creeks like these are very popular with local urban explorers.
      A typical view from inside the underground waterway:

      As for the more populated east side of the river, it's well protected from flooding by the rockwall - more accurately called a riprap or revetment. The popular West Coast Trail is the gravel pathway seen running along the west bank of the river:

      The trail continues down Jessica St. halfway through the town instead of directly along the waterfront. The property line of homes on Jessica st. goes right up to the riverbank here. The city had no interest in starting a prolonged and messy fight with the smug rich people living here in order to continue the path through their backyards. Home values are approx. 30% higher then similar homes on the other side of the street. All just for a having a property fronting the waterfront. The trail once again meets the riverbank at the end of Jessica St. where it then goes underneath the Rustaway bridge which carries GWR's Midland Sub(currently used):

      The Midland sub. was the second railway to cross the Trueno river overall but the first to do so within Pretoria's current city limits. This rail corridor was GWR's primary north-south rail line through the region for almost 100 years - from the time it was constructed in 1858 until the completion of Vandenburg tunnel under Cisco Bay in 1956.
      Bridge info:
      Name - The Rustaway bridge
      Type - Howe Truss
      Built in - 1919-1920 (replaced a bridge built in 1858)
      Design Life - unk
      Railway - Midland Subdivision(GWR)
      Total Length - 855ft (261m)
      Longest Span - 262ft (80m)
      Clearance - 102ft (31m)
      Average daily traffic - 0 (disused)
      Cost - unk
      unnamed trestle on the other side of Manitoba island
      Type - Wooden Trestle
      Built in - 1858
      Design Life - unk
      Railway - Midland Subdivision(GWR)
      Total Length - 427ft (130m)
      Longest Span - n/a
      Clearance - 106ft (32.5m)
      Average daily traffic - 0 (disused)
      Cost - unk

      For the record here's a few shots of how the riverbed about a year ago before I started to have fun with mmp's:

      Quite the transition yes?
      And to close out this entry, a 360 degree view of Manitoba Island:

      RE: Your Comments!
      would of replied sooner but was a little delayed by Easter.
      Thanks, lots more like that to come!
      Hey mymy, thanks for the comment. Btw is New Manshin on hiatus?(because of C:S) No updates in a while...
      Thank you!
      I was wondering if I made the pano's too big, glad to hear that's not the case.
      And the interchanges will only get bigger from here on out.
      Kim Sunwoo
      Awesome! They were my two favorite as well, that's why I had to put them first afterall.
    • By 958517907
      Thanks xannepan!
      This one is a MMP set based on Xannepan's trees for the Quais de Seine waterfront set. It has 24 different trees and 3 different fallen leaves, organized on 4 groups available on the mayor mode flora menu.
      The groups are divided by season (autumn, winter and summer/spring), but the MMPs aren't seasonal, so they don't change according to the game date.
      JENXPARIS Quais de Seine (revisited)

      Enjoy it!
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