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    • By blade2k5
      Seems that after I start working on a city tile, save and exit from the game, then go back to it later on, when loading said tile, this pops up on the screen.....

      What the heck is going on and do I fix it?  Never seen this before.
    • By AvgUsr
      Hello all,
      I think i have reached a new level of crazy. I am trying to create a set of flags to use for my cities and so i got this mod from BloodyPenguin
      Anyway, the mod description says there is an API to create custom flag packs, but I dont see it under options. Can someone show me how?
    • By Mike the Hun
      I recently installed Gizmo's Day/Night mod only to discover it was conflicting with custom terrain mod I've pieced together, changing my snowline, etc.
      Investigating the problem with ILive's reader, found a 'generic' terrain exemplar inside Gizmo's mod causing the conflict.
      Deciding to experiment, I deleted the terrain exemplar in Gizmo's mod that was causing my snowline to descend , saved the altered mod, and gave the change a brief test with a plugin folder holding nothing but my terrain mod texture bash (it uses textures from 3 different terrain mods) and my favorite tree controller (with it's dependencies, of course.)
      So, I ask other other users, looking for experienced hands who understand day night mods. Am I missing something? Was the terrain exemplar in Gizmo's mod actually unnecessary?
      Everything seems to be working right, nights look the appropriate/expected shade for the mod, and the transition between day and night looks the same as when I tested Gizmo's Day/Night mod with an empty plug-in folder. 
      I'm curious if anyone else has gone down such a path? It would seem better to simply delete extraneous exemplars rather than mess around with loading order, as it would prevent unnecessary files that are only going to be overridden from needing to be loaded. Or, as I asked before, am I missing something?
    • By OcramsRzr
      I have become more familiar in 3Ds Max and even gained enough expertise in it over the past few months that I think my skill level is approaching a point where I think I am good enough to start making mods for Cities: Skylines. I started practicing in 3DsMax to make brick rowhouses for the game Banished but since I am more interested in Cities: Skylines now and my buildings were practice so I can mod C:S, I decided to start a new project of making buildings just for Cities: Skylines.
      I whipped this building up over the course of 4-7 hours today. It would have taken only 1 or 2 hours had I not made a ton of mistakes that required me to start from the beginning.

      It will normally grow on a 4 tile wide x 3 tile deep lot with the ability to grow on a 4x4 lot with a backyard.
      FYI, I plan on making a ColorMask for the outer 2 rowhouses so it could have more variety (bright red, pink, tan, and whitewashed).
      Please give me feedback to help me improve the quality of my creations.
      Thank you!
    • By dennodk
      I have a performance issue which I suspect might be due to my own custom made roads for the game, made using Blender and the new in-game road editor.   First, my system specs:     Windows 10 Home i7-8700K 16 GB DDR4 RAM GTX 1080 Ti
      This system should be able to handle basically anything I throw at it. Yet, the game slows down dramatically when I approach 20 000 inhabitants in the game. I tried removing all mods. I tried reinstalling the game. I tried start a new map without any mods, but still using my custom roads. And the problem persisted. But, as soon I replaced all my custom roads with the standard built-in roads the problem disappeared.   I am new to making custom assets, but I would argue that the roads are designed within reasonable specifications. Most of them are with <100 tri with 1024x1024 images for close-ups and 128x128 images for lod.   So my question is: Are there any performance hits related to custom roads I should be aware of, and what are the steps I can take to mitigate them?   Another question: Many of my roads have an emphasis on bikes, and I can see I have A LOT of bikes around the city. Could the sheer number of bikes affect the performance, even though the city is still relatively small?
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