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    • By DBJisDa1
      I was just about to throw some mods and such into the plugins folders and start playing the game but I got a notice saying I have no space left over in the SimCity game for such plugins. I have the steam version of the game incase you where wondering. Is this issue related to how many regions you have and how many cities are collected in each region? I only have 1 region with 4 cities + Timbuktu. I'm running the game on a Dell Laptop to incase that helps lead to the problem.
    • By tariely
      Tariel-Rivit Essentials
      These are very modest Essentials, but useful nevertheless.
       (1) I play with a night mode. And to light my lots and relots, I always use the special little files Rivit made for me. I have been advised to upload them once and for all so that those who eventually use my lots are not at risk of the Dreaded Doublons (tri- or quadriblons and more, as I put those as a dependency in all my lots and relots.)
       (2) I also make a lot of parks, and for some, Rivit crafted two special paths for me that were not included in BSC Textures Cycledogg Vol.1.( I haven't uploaded those parks yet, but I will.)
       So here they are, four of them little files, with my everlasting gratitude to Rivit, who gave me permission to upload them all.
      NB : Two other dependencies that I used to include in my upload folders are now more easily  available, one on the STEX, NOB Ftexture.dat , in NOB GLR Assortment for NAM and the other, ML Texture.dat. on the net (ML'S One Drive)
      ***Tariel's Content here 
    • By Cyclone Boom

      In a major milestone for Simtropolis, the STEX has now reached a grand total of 100 million downloads!
      (As of 17:35 GMT, 13 Feb 2015)

      Over the past 12 years, members of this community have shared and continue to share content of dazzling and diverse quality. From buildings to mods, the games we play continue to be improved and expanded. 18,848 files later, reaching this figure is really a testament to how strong the member base is, and how influential custom content is for a game’s longevity. Also, special thanks must go to our Dirktator for providing this website -- the foundations which have made this landmark a reality.
      Join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement! There may be a few surprises in store over the next few weeks (all will be revealed)...
      #01: MandelSoft - Transit modder & member of the NAM Team
      #02: Heblem - Content creator & founder of the LBT Team
      #03: Glenni - Tower block & ghetto BATter
      #04: madhatter106 - Commercial building BATter
      #05: paeng - Lotter & founder of NightOwl Productions
      #06: mrbisonm - Content creator & founder of Nexis
      #07: rivit - Transportation & automata modder
      #08: Aaron Graham - New York apartment BATter & member of the NYBT
      #09: Seraf - BATter & member of the NYBT
      #10: Tarkus - Transit modder & member of the NAM Team & NHP
      #11: T Wrecks - Industrial / residential lotter & modder
      #12: Sabretooth78 - Buffalo New York building BATter
      #13: nofunk - Midwest USA BATter & member of mipro (originally the BSP)
      #14: bixel - Hong Kong BATter & original member of the HKABT
      #15: Jasoncw - BATter & member of mipro (originally the BSP)
      Celebration Uploads
      [View List Here]

      Thanks to all interview participants, and SimCoug & NMUSpidey for organising them.
    • By johnfreddy
        Usemos desde ahora en más este hilo para cualquier pregunta sobre encontrar archivos    --matias93
      Hola a todos, soy nuevo en este grupo; no sabia que habia un espacio especial para quienes hablamos español.
      La pregunta que quiero hacer  es ésta : las paredes que se encuentran en ese circulo rojo las puedo conseguir o son una creación de quien subio la foto y no están disponibles?
      Gracias por su atencion 

    • By mrbisonm
      Could someone please tell me how to search with uploader's name in the STEX. Thank you
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