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As part of the ongoing renovation of Simtropolis we are working to reduce the clutter of pinned topics. When there are too many of them they often times get overlooked. We have decided to improve this with a dual purpose pinned thread. Not only does this make it an All In One reference it also links to the original topics.

Here's how it works: The first post of each of those previously pinned topics will be included in this one under the name of the original authors. This allows reputation points to go to the appropriate person while keeping all the relevant posts together in one place. The topics themselves will be unpinned, but you can still reply to them and that will bump them to the top of the forum list.

There are two clickable links below for each entry. The first takes you to the full topic and the second is a Local Link to the first post of the full topic which is in this thread. We feel this will be advantageous because you can scroll thru all of them in one place here (and it tidies up the forum list).

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Topics For Getting Started

Topics About Adding Content

Music: (This one will remain pinned, but is included here for reference.)

You will notice this thread is locked. We have found when replies are enabled for this type of thread they tend to go off topic quickly so it works better if you reply in the linked threads or create a separate new thread where ideas and questions can be explored in the proper context.

Note: When this post was created the local links go to the posts in the order you find them in this thread. However, as additional noteworthy topics are added they will be placed in the appropriate place in the above list by category, but the copy of the first post of said noteworthy topic will be appended to this list. (The board software does not allow us to sort the post order.)

Disclaimer: One difference you will notice in these copies of the posts is that all link previews have been converted to normal, clickable links. This was done because having a couple dozen preview style links were really borking page load time. I do hope the original authors will understand the need for this editing.

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Original Thread: INFO:Getting Up and Running


Greyveil's Help Thread

Because my signature would be too long if I included all this info in it, I have decided to post this topic and then link it to my sig for newbie help. Feel free after this initial post to add you own newbie tidbits as well.

These instructions will assume you have the basic SC4 game installed with no patches and will take you through the process of upgrading to either Deluxe or Rush Hour. I don't recommend the vanilla SC4 because of the game play issues.

I will provide descriptions of files and detailed install instructions where I can.

These links are provided in a step by step fashion (i.e. whenever possible the files should be installed in the order given)

Part 1: Game Required File install

Aside from the game itself, there are several files that need to be downloaded and installed from various places in order to successfully play the game. This will be broken down into 2 sections.

Section A files are REQUIRED to play the game. Section B will include mods and files that either add features to the default game or fix certain issues with the game.

Section A.

1. First, depending on the version of SC4 you are installing;

a. Rush-hour: do a normal CD install to upgrade from SC4 to Rush-hour.
b. Deluxe: do a full install to install SC4 and Rush-hour at the same time.

2. Once you have Rush Hour or Deluxe installed, use this or this link to download the EP1 update (select the correct version for your game's region).

3. The next 2 updates are required for using custom content and certain mods in the game.

a. BAT Nightlights fix  [Other Link]

This will fix the bat nightlights not appearing problem. You want the one under "Recommended Downloads".

b. Buildings as props updates: bldgprop_vol1  [Other Link] & bldgprop_vol2  [Other Link] , these fixes allow original game content to be used on custom lots. (I also recommend while you are here to download the lot editor).

This covers the required installs. In the next section I will detail files that are required for the game to run as intended. I will also be including a list of helper apps programs that help you do certain things for the game and helper websites. You do not need to install these files, but it is recommended.

Section B.

a. Dataviews: Increased Detail Mod v1.0

by Thalassicus

Description: This mod increases the detail visible for the data views on the high end of the color spectrum for the Desirability, Mayor Rating, and Land Value data views, giving useful data where areas of a city used to be just solid green. It also increases the max value on the Mayor Rating Graph from 100 to the game max of 128.

b.'Stupid News Ticker' Mod V1.1

by redlotus

Description: This mod eliminates nearly all of the useless 'news items' that keep popping up in the news panel so you can concentrate on playing the game and not have to read useless info.


c.Opera House Fix

by toroca

Description: This mod fixes the Opera House, which has a capacity MUCH too low for large cities in SimCity 4. Currently, the Opera House can go over capacity and inhibit city growth, and you'd never even know it because the Opera House doesn't report its usage statistics. This mod changes that. Please see the readme for full details, including installation instructions.

Part 2: The Network Addon Mod.

Rush Hour/Deluxe - even with all the patches and fixes installed - has a few bugs that are related to commute time and the way it handles traffic. This issue has been discussed in too many forums to mention here. If you would like to get details of these issues I would recommend doing a search in the forums for commute time or traffic. Now that we've got that out of the way, a mod exists that fixes many of the problems you may have with transit networks. That mod is...

The NAM.

The Network Addon Mod (NAM) includes full traffic and pathfinding fixes, along with new custom intersections and interchanges. It also includes pedestrian malls and ground light rail (stations not included).

Network Addon Mod for Windows INSTALLER

Network Addon Mod (NAM) - Mac Installer

(Simtropolis Community Effort)

Description: This is a community effort to combine all previous transit and pathfinding fixes and to improve the overall game play when it comes to transit networks.

Part 3: Frequently used mods.

This next set of apps and mods are used regularly by most players, to either help in game or to create content (like maps, regions and lots):

1. Lot Editor  [Other Link]

Description: This program allows you to create custom lots for your city.

2. SC4 Terraformer by Wouanagaine

Description: This program allows you to load or create regions. The hand terraforming tools used in SC4 itself are available here. Plus, it's in actual 3-D.

3. Hole Digging Lots by smoncrie

or Shadow Assassin

Description: This package contains special lots that have been modded to dig holes, and one that does the reverse by lifting the ground level up. The hole digging lots have been designed to dig entrances for tunnels, but they can be used in many ways (digging a ditch for a sunken highway, or for an underpass are examples). New hole digging lots include an avenue digging lot and a lot for sunken highways.

4: RCI Query Upgrade Mod

by equinox

Description: (by: equinox)
This is a mod I wrote after becoming frustrated with the demand cap situation in one of my cities. I realized I had no idea what the cap status was until the desirability began to fall and buildings began to dilapidate and abandon. As a result, I took the game's three primary developer queries (residential, commercial, and industrial) and added some details and statistics to them, and that's what you have here.

The most important information this mod features relates to the demand caps. These caps limit growth in your cities, and the percentage you have filled is shown in all 3 'upgraded' queries. For complete information on how demand caps work, and how to read the data in the queries, consult the enclosed HTML readme file. It explains them all in depth, based on information from the Prima Strategy Guide. Also found in the queries are somewhat simpler stats like the number of each density zoned in the active city, and the demand for the developer type, but reflective of your cap status.

5. Region Census by sawtooth

Description: Region Census is a program that allow you to get pictures of full regions without pasting pics together. It also has region stats.

Part 4: Your Ideas, Please. *:)

Anyone wishing to recommend additions or changes, please post here and I will update this. Please do not post radical mods, or files that are not for everyone. I am trying to keep this limited to files and mods that you feel everyone should have and use. Also links to step by step helper threads are encouraged.

Appendix: Update Log.

  • This is the first draft (Dated 12-26-04)
  • Updated (6-13-05) with new NAM links.
  • Updated (6-17-05) with new NAM links.
  • Updated (6-20-05) with new Landscape Designer link (Thanx BarbulaM1 & BigJoe)
  • Updated (9-20-05) edited NAM links.
  • Updated (04-26-06) edited all links to meet ST 5.0 standards
  • Updated (August 4th, 2010) to fix broken links and a few other minor matters. Editor: Astronelson.
  • Updated (September 1st, 2014) to correct links & add minor formatting changes. -Cyclone Boom


Original Thread: INFO:Getting Up and Running

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Original Thread: For the Eager, Yet Overwhelmed Newcomer


For the Eager, Yet Overwhelmed Newcomer

New to SimCity, Simtropolis, or been out of touch for a few years? Wondering what the heck a NAM or a BAT is? And just what the heck is up with those brown boxes?! This article will take you through the basics of registering your game, whether from a hard copy of the disc or from Steam, the essentials of Simtropolis, and a jumpstart into the world of Custom Content, to bring your game to a level beyond what you could imagine is possible.

I would like to thank A Nonny Moose for his contributions and influences on the creation of this article.

Rush Hours, Deluxe Editions, SimCity Boxes, Oh my!

Before starting on registration information, we should make a clarification on just what the differences in these versions are. The short answer is nothing. When Maxis released Rush Hour, the expansion pack to the original SimCity 4 game, they released two versions: one simply the expansion (SimCity 4: Rush Hour); the other, a version that included both the original game and the expansion pack (SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition). It makes absolutely no difference to the game whether you own the Deluxe Edition, or Rush Hour.

Now, just what is the SimCity Box? After the release of SimCity Societies in 2008, EA released this version which contains SimCity 4, SimCity 4: Rush Hour, SimCity Societies, SimCity Societies: Destinations, and The Sims Carnival: SnapCity. The story here is the same with Rush Hour and the Deluxe Edition: it makes absolutely no difference.

In the event that you happen to be a long time player who does not own Rush Hour or the Deluxe Edition, it should be noted that the expansion pack is required to make use of 99% of the custom content available on this site. I will explain that further later on.

Registering and Updating the Game

Before playing, you need to pick up the two (2) necessary EA-released patches to your game for it to work correctly. In recent months, it has been noted that the official EA SimCity 4 Deluxe site has been taken down. So as not to leave these players hanging, some mirrors have been set up containing the assorted official updates.

Important note: If you purchased your game from an authorized download source, you may not need any further updates. Check the properties of the game's .exe file. If it indicates you have version 1.1.641.0 or if you already have version 1.1.640.0, you will not need further updates.

For the standard, PC version updates, check out here:


Own the Mac edition and can't open .exe's? Check out this thread:

Bought your copy off Steam?

Steam comes pre-patched! Yay!

You should apply the two updates to the game in this order: EP1 to fix bugs, and the BATupdate to allow nightlights.

When you are finished, you should check to see that the version number of the .exe file for the game in Program files/Maxis/Apps has been updated to 1,1,640,0. This is proof that your updates worked.

Optional Upgrades and Tools

You may notice on the mirror sites, a number of other downloads available. Among these are new landmarks, new rewards, the Lot Editor, and Building Architect Tool (BAT). These are all optional, and are not necessary for the games function or the addition of but do add content, and functionality.

So, just what do these BAT and Lot Editor things do?

The Lot Editor allows you to construct new lots, using the buildings, textures, and assorted prop pieces included within the game. The Building Architect Tool (BAT) allows you to construct new 3D models, and is what is used to create new buildings, trees, seawalls, spaceships, and everything inbetween. Using the Lot Editor and the BAT in tandem, the world is yours to create.

It should be noted that both these tools have a sizeable learning curve. We do have a number of tutorials here to get you started, the most notable of these being the BAT Essentials Tutorial in the Omnibus.

Unleashing the Game

At this point, your game is ready to go! The appropriate patches are in place, and the game is as optimized as Maxis and EA could make it.

So where to now?

Many players are happy to play the game without any custom content, relying simply on what Maxis has provided. It is indeed very possible to create beautiful cities using only what content Maxis provided. But, many would also point out that the game can be so much more. In the 8 years since the release of the game, the amount of custom content available brings the game to an entirely new level. Players can recreate their hometowns with stunning accuracy, watching roads twist and curve, with even the correct corner market in place. Players can build in the desert, in futuristic settings, or on Mars. The custom content community has taken a finite game and given it infinite possibilities. And the question I'm sure you're asking by this point is, where do I begin?

There are a number of exchanges available for you to browse. Here on Simtropolis, the STEX is perhaps the largest, and one of the oldest exchanges devoted to SimCity 4. The other primary English exchanges are SC4Devotion LEX and the PLEX (now on the STEX). You could say that SC4Devotiion is the high-tech site, and that Pegasus is the theme site, and you wouldn't be far wrong. Most community exchanges both require free registration in order to download, as Simtropolis does. The SimCity community expands far beyond English speakers, however - other communities include German and Japanese sites.

Growable? Ploppable? What?

As you browse the exchanges, you'll notice these phrases on assorted files throughout. The answer to this could not be simpler. A growable lot means that it will grow on its own with the appropriate zoning, as if it were any building created by Maxis. Ploppable lots allow you to plop the building as if it were a landmark. Some ploppables retain their commercial/industrial nature and provide jobs as though they were grown.

It should be noted that at early points in the exchange, you may run across residential ploppables.
do not work, and will abandon some time after plopping.

So, I've Downloaded Some Stuff. Now what?

Installation of downloads really is simple. This article by our fearless Dirktator outlines the process of installation. Some downloads now come with .exe installers, which simplifies the process even more - the installer does all the work for you.

The next question you may have is where the heck do I find my ploppable items in the game? Some items will be pretty intuitive as to where they are located - Educational facilities are located in the Schools menu, policing facilities in the Police menu, etc. But what about that great skyscraper advertised as a ploppable? Those will generally be located in the Landmarks menu. Nearly everything else (parks, churches, etc.) will be located in either Parks or Rewards. And if you just can't find it anywhere, consult the ReadMe that should have been included with the download. It should state where it is located in the menu system in game.

Brown Boxes, Everywhere!


Uh oh! This may look tragic, but it doesn't mean your game is wrecked. You just missed downloading some dependencies. Wait, what? Dependewho?

Dependencies are separate files that a lot uses to complete itself. If Download A cannot find the appropriate dependency, it reverts to the lovely boxes you can see in the picture above. It may not look like it, but each lot is actually filled with bits and pieces of other files to make the bigger picture. The trees, the benches, the garbage cans, the swimming pools you see on assorted lots are all individual pieces, that come together to create a house, a park, or a shopping complex.

All downloads on the SimTropolis EXchange are required to list all dependencies needed to work properly. If you've looked everywhere and just can't find that dependency, or if the dependency package is locked, please make a post here, and one of our friendly members will help you out.

You may have further questions in regards to dependencies. As with installation, I would like to refer you to another article that goes into much further detail. The Dependency Debate by north_country_dude goes into great detail about the pros and cons of dependencies, and answers a few of the common questions you may have about them.

So what should I download?

Building tastes vary from person to person. Personally, I prefer the drab, 1970's concrete buildings, while many prefer the sleek, glass modern skyscrapers. Because of this, I'm not going to recommend any particular buildings - but I can recommend some mods that are considered the best and the greatest.

  • Network Addon Mod, or the NAM. This mod was first conceived with the discovery of an unfinished road network Maxis left in the game. The talented modding community has taken this and turned it into entirely new road networks, gave us roundabouts, and allows us to create true metropolitan cities with roads to match. This can be found here on the STEX, or at SC4Devotion.

    If you're interested, here is the "official" NAM FAQ Thread with links to the different parts used with NAM & answers to common queries. If any issues come up while using NAM, there's also a support thread here. Various NAM Team members including Tarkus frequent the thread and gladly help out.
  • A terrain and water mod. When you first launch the game, the grass and water seems realistic enough. A bit off perhaps, but hey nothing can be perfect. Not true - modders have been able to create new textures for the terrain and the water, which makes the Maxis textures look like off-coloured drawings. Cycledogg has made a number of varying terrain mods, and there are assorted water textures on the STEX, each varying for the kind of water your city needs.
  • SimMars. Certainly this mod is not for everyone, but this article would be deficient if it weren't mentioned. SimMars transforms SimCity to Mars, complete with textures, buildings, road networks and music to match. The work done on this is exceptional, and it sits with the NAM as the greatest projects to improve the game that SimCity has seen.
  • Everything else listed here. Livin in Sim has created this top ten list of great mod's that should be essential. A few other members have listed their contributions as well, and I would highly recommend them all!

From there you could look through the CJ section to get ideas or run through the STEX and other exchanges to see if anything "jumps" out at you. As I mentioned before, if you can't seem to find something, make a post here and someone is bound to help you out.

How do I win?

SimCity is different from most games, as there is no set end point. Your success is based on goals you set. For many, a balanced budget and proper governance of a successful city without "godly" intervention (ie. cheats) makes a successful game. For many, the accurate recreation of a real life city is the goal, generally with the assistance of assorted budget cheats. For others still, it's simply to create the best city they can. Set your own goals and adjust as you achieve them.

For all flavours of player, however, we do have an assortment of tutorials here on Simtropolis to help you on the Omnibus. The sections that will interest you most are SimCity 4 Reference and SimCity 4 Tutorials. Check back from time to time, as we do continue to add articles!

Hopefully, this article has helped you get started. If you have any further questions that this article didn't answer, the folk in the forums and the chatroom are always eager to help, and any member of the Simtropolis Help Squad would be more than happy to give you some tips to the right direction. 1.gif


Original Thread: For the Eager, Yet Overwhelmed Newcomer

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Original Thread: Get your Maxis files here!


A note for those looking for the Maxis files.

With the closing of the MobileMe site, the Maxis files have become a little more difficult to find. Fortunately, a couple of the members here have made them available at their own sites. See the links below for the Maxis files (including the two bldgprop files and the additional Landmarks):



This is a thread that originally appeared in the Mac forum, but it seems that many Windows users have the same problem of obtaining simcity.com downloads.

Awhile back, I had a long chat with the folks at EA. The entire conversation isn't relevant, but here is the relevant part:


I just want to confirm something that you said. You stated "If you are looking for that particular download you may be able to find it on other Sim City community websites." So, may I assume from this statement that this would be 100% legal? Is the same true for other downloads such as bldgprops_vol1.dat and bldgprops_vol2.dat as well?

Thank you for your time.


Response from Landon F.:

Hello again,

It is legal to host the downloads on other websites, yes. It is when you begin making money off of our copywrited content that it raises concerns. Feel free to use other sites at your leisure. Thank you for your patience.

In other words, it is perfectly legal to download all the stuff on simcity.com from other sites as long as you do not make a profit off of it.

That said, I have obtained permission from Dirk to host the files on my website and then link from here.

Edit: Not on mine anymore. See the top of the post

Aug. 2, 2006: The first downloads are up! For now, I have the bldgprops_vol1.dat and bldgprops_vol2.dat files.

Aug. 7, 2006: Lot Editor and BAT are now up!

Aug. 8, 2006: MAC ONLY!!! Graphics rules.sgr now up!


This file is NOT for use by just anyone! If you are having gameplay smoothness troubles with your Mac, download this file.

After downloading, go to your SimCity4 Data folder and move the current graphics rules.sgr file to a safe place. Then place the new graphics rules.sgr file directly into your SimCity4 Data folder. DO NOT place it in any Plugins folders.

If it works, yay! If not, throw out the new file and replace it with the old one that you carefully saved.

Aug. 13, 2006: With the help of Dirk and kbooms1w, the EA landmarks are now up!

Aug. 16, 2006: Landmarks which were previously available at the Aspyr site are now up! The Aspyr links were dead...

September 10, 2006: NDEX Global Essentials.dat now up with permission from SC4meister!

September 27, 2006: MAC ONLY!!! Highway interchanges are now up!

Be ABSOLUTELY SURE you read the instructions in this thread:


It is best if you read the entire thread. If not, at the very minimum, read the post on the second page by jjakucyk that was posted on 07/12/05.

If you do not read this, you are guaranteed to mess up the installation!

File is entitled: SC4_RH&Deluxe_Pre2PostUpdate...blahblahblah...zip You get the idea.

Special thanks to Tropod for making this and kbooms1w for making it available to me.


Original Thread: Get your Maxis files here!

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Original Thread: SC4 Extra Cheats DLL


First look:

<img src="http://www.epicedit.com/drawpaths1.jpg" alt="" />

Do I have your attention?

Okay the first round of getting "more" from the game than you thought possible is here. The Extra Cheats DLL file is now primed and ready! Put in your regular plugins dir

Open up a city, hit "Ctrl+X" and right click the box. You should now see a list of "cheats". 

DrawPaths does the above, HidePaths... duh...

"Moolah #" add funds into your city. :-)

I'll post a complete list of cause/effect cheats when I have it all compiled.

EDIT: The Extra Cheats DLL on the STEX


Original Thread: SC4 Extra Cheats DLL

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Original Thread: Boggy1's Quick Guide to All Things Custom Content!


Boggy1's Quick Guide to All Things Custom Content!

This is a very simple quickstart guide to custom content downloading.

Don't think of it as an ultimate resource; just as something that can answer your basic questions. Make sure to read the whole thing to get the most out of it!

Brown Boxes? Nightlights? Dependencies? BATs?

Read below to find out how to solve some of the most common problems and question for the game!

Before we start; here is a checklist to follow to make custom content work.

1) Make sureyou have Sim City 4 Rush Hour or Sim City 4 Deluxe installed.

This is IMPORTANT. For 99% of any downloads to work, you need one of these installed. They will not work on only the original Sim City 4 game.

2) Make sure you have downloaded the EP1 Update (the correct one for your region) and the SC4UpdateBAT, and installed them.

Scroll down to the section 'Nightlights and Updates' for links.

Note: If you use the Steam version of the game, you will not need the updates. They are already included.

3) Make sure you have downloaded the bldgprop_vol1.dat and bldgprop_vol2.dat files, and that they are placed into "My Documents/Sim City 4/Plugins".

Scroll down to the section 'Brown Boxes and Dependencies' for links.

4) Make sure to turn off the game before downloading.

When applying new content to the game, it has to be turned off; otherwise things may get corrupted or not work.

5) Make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled or has www.simtropolis.com whitelisted.

This is so that when you click the link to download a file it wont be blocked.

6) Make sure to read the online description of the file and the comments so that you know exactly what you are downloading.

Both the online description and the comments can give vital information; including stats, dependencies, or problems with the file.

7) Make sure to extract your downloads to the folder My Documents/Sim City 4/Plugins or any folder within that one.

DO NOT extract to any other folder, unless it specifically tells you too!

10.gif Make sure to read the README (if any) and download the dependencies (if any) listed there, and in the online description.

Probably one of the most important parts. The README will give you important information, and you need the dependencies for the file to work. Scroll down for some more info.

Table of Contents


How To Install Buildings

How To Install Maps


Nightlights and Updates

Brown Boxes and Depedencies

Terminology and Abbveations

Creating Your Own Custom Content

Questions Still Not Answered?

How To Install Buildings

To install custom downloads, except maps, from the Simtropolis Exchange, follow the below instructions.

Firstly, you simply download what you want by clicking on the download button. You will most likely be presented with a pop-up, which asks you if you want to save the file, or open/run it. Select save, but remember the directory where you saved it to. Wait for it to download; remember, it may take several minutes to download depending on your connection and the size of the file.

Once it has downloaded, browse to where ever you saved the file. I recommend creating a folder in your My Documents, specifically for downloads from simtropolis.com, so that they are all in one place.

You will most likely be presented with a .zip file, which looks like a folder with a zipper running across it. We need to extract the file, which is commonly called unzipping or extracting it.

To unzip the contents of this file, right click it, select "Extract All", and then unzip the files to the directory: "My Documents/SimCity4/Plugins".

If what you downloaded isn't a .zip file, then it could be one of two things:

An installer. This is a .exe, which you install by simply double clicking on it and following the instructions. These are more likely for modds and dependency packs.

A .rar file. This is another type of compression method, like a .zip file. To extract these, I recommend downloading the free utility 7zip, which can be found here: http://www.7-zip.org/

Remember, that you should always read the README file, and the Online Description on simtropolis.com to check for information and dependancies. Dependancies are extra little downloads, like textures or props, that are required to make the file work properly, that don't come with the main file. They are linked to in the README or Online Description.

Make sure you have Sim City 4 Rush Hour or Sim City 4 Deluxe, and make sure you restart the game once you have installed everything; or the file will not work.

Where will your new download be located once it has been installed? That entirely depends upon the file itself. If its a police station, it will probably be in the police menu. A new water pump? The water menu. However; the two most common places where generic files will end up is in the Parks or Landmarks menus.

How To Install Maps

Downloading and installing maps from the Simtropolis Exchange is quite a bit different to downloading and installing a building.

Follow this tutorial: http://www.simtropol...ost__p__1135725

Downloading maps can be relatively difficult and time consuming, depending on your technical skills and computer specifications. Make sure to follow the tutorial very closely.


It's generally best to organize your Plugins folder so that you can find each thing you download easily, such as sorting files in a directory like this: "My Documents/Sim City 4/Plugins/Name Of Author/Name Of Building/[FILES]".

This is so that if anything you download doesn't work or causes a problem, you can simply delete the folder without searching for hours for the correct files.

Putting downloades into sub-folders within your Plugins folder will not effect their appearance in the game.

Nightlights and Updates

Remember: If you use he Steam version, you will not need any of the update patches explained here.

Often, you might find that the nightlights on the buildings you downloaded do not show up when you switch to Night Mode in the game. To solve this issue, you need to download the two game updates, so follow the instructions below.

If you haven't already, you need to download the EP1 Update for the game.

Go here: http://sc4devotion.c...dex.php?page=16

For whatever region you live in, download the specific SKU file. For instance, if you live in North America, only download the file marked "sku 1".

Then, you need to download the SC4Update4BAT, which is here: http://www.sc4devoti...4Update4BAT.zip

Install the EP1 Update first by double clicking it and following the instructions. Then do the same for the SC4UpdateBAT file. A box will pop-up with "This program will apply changes needed to support the Building Architect Tool. Before you install this update (build 640) please make sure that you have applied SimCity 4 EP1 Update 1 successfully.". You can safely ignore it; just press OK.

Then you're done!

Remember you need Sim City 4 Rush Hour or Sim City 4 Deluxe for these updates and most downloads to work.

To check whether the patches have been correctly applied invloves checking the Properties of the game's executable file usually located in the C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps folder of your computer. This file is named SimCity 4 and should be approximately 8MB in size. If the file Version is 1.1.638.0, then the EP1 patch only has been applied. If the version is 1.1.640.0, then both the EP1 and SC4Update4BAT patches have been applied and the game is fully updated.

Note: For the Steam version of the game, the version should read 1.1.641.0.


Brown Boxes and Dependencies

If brown boxes marked with "simcity.com" appear in your city in place of your download, then you know you are missing certain dependencies. Dependancies are extra little downloads, like textures or props, that are required to make the file work properly, that don't come with the main file. Make sure to always download them, or the custom content you downloaded may not work.

Dependencies are usually linked to in the README or Online Description of the thing you downloaded.

Install them as you would anything else, by unzipping to My Documents/Sim City 4/Plugins.

You will also need to download the Official Maxis Props, bldgprop_vol1.dat and bldgprop_vol2.dat.

These can be found here: CityBuilders (registration required) or Screwpile Developments. Look for the two bldgprop files.

Save them both to "My Documents/Sim City 4/Plugins"

Remember you need Sim City 4 Rush Hour or Sim City 4 Deluxe for most of the downloads to work.

Terminology and Abbreviations

If you successfully downloaded buildings, but they do not show up in any of the menus, then check to see if the building you downloaded is a GROW or PLOP.

A GROW building will grow on it's own; it will not appear in any menus. You need to place down residential/commercial/industrial zoning, and then it will grow itself.

A PLOP building is the opposite. It will appear in the menus, and you can plop it down anywhere you like, without waiting for it to grow in a zone.

You may also encounter these:

A PROP file is just a tiny little element, like a flagpole or pedestrian, which goes onto the lot of a custom building. You only really need to download these if they are linked as a dependency, or if you are a custom content creator.

A TEXTURE is a pattern or image, like brick or glass, that is used in custom content creation You only really need to download these if they are linked as a dependency, or if you are a custom content creator.

A MESH or a MODEL file is the barebones of a custom creation; before it has been properly imported into the game. You generally don't need to download these unless you are a custom content creator.

These are the types of file names you'll probably see when you download custom content.

A .zip is a compressed folder, containing your download. You'll need to extract (unzip) it to gain access to the files inside.

A .rar is another type of compressed folder. See above.

A .exe is a self-installing executable file, containing your download. Double click it to let it install the files by itself.

A .txt is a text document, which contains the README or other information. Recommend to keep; but you can delete it safely.

A .rtf is another type of text document. See above.

A .html is a downloaded webpage, which contains the README or other information. Recommend to keep; but you can delete it safely.

A .jpg file is a picture file. Creators generally put it in to show you what you are downloading. You can delete it safely.

A .png is another type of picture file. See above.

A .dat file is part of the download data. Don't delete it.

A .SC4LOT file is part of the download data. Don't delete it.

A .SC4MODEL file is part of the download data. Don't delete it.

A .SC4DESC file is part of the download data. Don't delete it.

The STEX is an abbreviation for the SimTropolis EXchange.

The NAM stands for the Network Addon Modification, which is one of the most well known modds in the game. You can get it here:

Network Addon Mod for Windows INSTALLER

or Mac

A BAT file is a custom content, like a building, that is created using the special 3D modelling software gmax or 3ds Max and the Building Architect Tool. They are generally created entirely from scratch by the creator.

A LOT file is a custom content that only uses existing elements that are in the game. It uses Maxis' LOT Editor to shuffle around props, textures, and stuff to create new things.

A MODD is a programme which changes the game in some way. They are different from other custom content, in that it affects the entire game. Use these carefully; often modds can conflict, and can cause your game to crash.

Sometimes you will encounter abbreviations which arn't listed here. Likely these are BAT Groups; a bunch of fans who get together and collaborate to make buildings or modifications. There are literally hundreds of these; some defunct, and others not.

Some of commonly seen BAT Team abbreviations are these: NDEX, BSC, BLaM, LBT, BSP, NYBT, HK, SFBT, ATR, SMP, NUTs, NHP, RTMT, SCAG, TD,and TSC.

Creating Your Own Custom Content

There are two options when it comes to creating custom content.

Firstly, you could go the hard route, and use actual 3D modelling software.

GMAX and 3ds Max are both 3D modelling software, that allow custom content creators to create buildings and other content from scratch, by individually creating the wireframe body, and applying textures.

GMAX is free, and can be found here: http://www.turbosquid.com/gmax

3ds Max on the other hand, costs a lot of money, and can be bought here: http://usa.autodesk....3112&id=5659302

If you do go down this route, you will need to download the Building Architect Tool (BAT for short), which is the Maxis-created tool which allows you to import your models into the game. It can be found here: http://www.sc4devoti..._files_BAT.html

Or you could go the easier route, and create custom content using the Lot Editor, which can be found here: http://www.sc4devoti...s_files_LE.html

Remember, even if you use GMAX or 3ds Max, you will still need the Lot Editor, as this enables you to place props and other elements on your model.

This section only covers the very basics of custom content creation. You can find out more in the Omnibus here: https://www.simtropolis.com/omnibus

Questions Still Not Answered?

Then you'll want to either...

Visit the Chat Room, which will probably have members there ready to help you with an issue (just be nice): (Link)

Take a read through the Extensive Forums for a solution: (Link )

Browse the fabled Omnibus Of Knowledge: (Link )

If, after all that, there is still no luck; make a New Topic which clearly defines your issue.

Updated links and stuff - 15/07/2012


Original Thread: Boggy1's Quick Guide to All Things Custom Content!

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Original Thread: SimCity 4 Frequently Asked Questions


This thread contains useful links and information regarding adding plugins to your SimCity 4.

First things first: In order to use mods/plugins, you must have SimCity 4 Deluxe or Rush Hour.

New to the whole plugin/modding scene? The following thread will explain the whole idea of custom content, how to install it, and more:

Boggy1's Quick Guide to All Things Custom Content!

Looking for some mods to install?

Top Ten Modd Suggestions

This thread describes ten essential mods.


1. How do I install mods?


Download them and unzip them into (My)Documents/SimCity 4/Plugins.

However, some mods like the NAM have an installer. Unzip the folder and run the .exe file inside the file.

You need either SimCity 4 Rush Hour or Deluxe for mods, they won't work with plain SimCity 4. Also, make sure you're download all dependencies the file needs. These are links in the description that it tells you to download (See the Brown Box issue below to find out what can happen if you don't...)


2. Can you recommend any mods to install?


The Top Ten Modd Suggestions thread contains some essentials:

Top Ten Modd Suggestions

A personal favourite of mine is the Network Addon Mod, which is detailed in FAQ #14 below.

I'd also highly recommend checking out these threads by @CorinaMarie, which include previews of every single terrain, rock and water mod, which can improve your cities' looks:

Cori's Terrain Shoppe

Cori's Rock Shoppe

Cori's Beach Shoppe

Cori's Water Shoppe

as well as @Jolteon's tree mod thread:

Cori's Tree Shoppe



3. I'm getting brown boxes in my cities!


You are missing dependencies for the lot.

Firstly, use the query tool (the ? icon) on the building to get its name. Then, search for the download page of that mod. On the download page there should be a link in the description pointing you to file(s) you need to download. These extra files are called dependencies. Once you have downloaded and installed them, the brown boxes should disappear.

*If the link to the dependency is broken, try using this link to find it.
If you still can't find it, Google's your best bet*


4. The building I downloaded doesn't have nightlights/How do I update (patch) my game?


You need to update your game.
The SimCity updates are free to download from SC4Devotion.

NOTE: This does not apply to the Steam version/any digital download (eg Amazon) of this game, that already comes patched, so nightlights will work. 1) Download the SKU Update for the area where you purchased your game.
2) Extract the downloaded folder and double click the installer, doing everything it tells you to do.
3) Download the SimCity4 BAT Update.
4) Extract the downloaded folder and double click the installer, doing everything it tells you to do.
Your nightlights should now work. If not, make sure you are providing your buildings with power.


5. SimCity 4 keeps crashing/closing randomly!


This cannot be totally avoided.

However, it can be helped if you have a multi core processor. This is what you must do:

1) Right click the desktop shortcut to SimCity 4.
2) In the Shortcut tab, add the following to the end of the Target:


So the Target line will look similar to this:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe" -CPUCount:1

This will not totally prevent the game from crashing, but it certainly helps!

NOTE: If you are having issues with this shortcut, you can use this SC4 Launcher:

SC4 Launcher

I'd also highly recommend that you install the SC4Fix plugin created by @simmaster07, which implements a fix for crashes when hovering certain Network Addon Mod puzzle pieces over transit enabled lots. You can find it here:

SC4Fix: third-party patches for SC4



6. SimCity 4 won't load, it keeps crashing on startup!


You may have installed a dodgy plugin.

If you download plugins slowly instead of constantly downloading tens of plugins at once, this can be easy to sort. Delete the plugin you just downloaded/installed and test if the game is working. If not, rename your plugins folder to something different so the game won't load them, and bit by bit reinstall your plugins into a new, empty Plugins folder. Then, open the game and see if it crashes.

Keep doing this until you find the plugin which is causing your game to crash and delete it.


7. SimCity 4 keeps crashing when I load a certain city!


The city might be corrupt.
If this happens, the chances are your city is corrupt. There is no way to 'uncorrupt' your tile, so you will have to delete that tile and start again.

However, if you keep backups then you should be able to revert to a previous save. Also, it might be a bad plugin. Terrain plugins with missing dependencies are likely causes, however it could have been any mod you installed recently.

Delete any plugins you installed recently, and see if the game is working without them. If not, rename your Plugins folder to something different so the game won't load it, and bit by bit reinstall your plugins into a new, empty Plugins folder. Then, open the game and see if it crashes.

Keep doing this until you find the plugin that is causing your game to crash and remove it.


8. SimCity 4 lags a lot for me!


From experience, I'd recommend you turn your Fog and Waves graphics options off, and turn your visual settings to Medium. Also, running SimCity 4 in Windowed mode (see the spoiler below for instructions) seems to speed the game up a bit.


9. How do I install/create maps (GREYSCALE IMAGE FORMAT)


This guide by @CorinaMarie explains the creation and import process:

C.O.R.I.M.A.P.S. - A Tutorial for SimCity 4



10. How do I install maps (.SC4M FORMAT)


Use SC4Mapper.
You can download it from here, however in order to see the download link you must be signed into the LEX.
Once you have downloaded SC4Mapper, use this guide.


11. SC4Terraformer won't work for me on Windows Vista/7/8!


You will need to download a few more files.
Use this guide I made to download/install these files Hopefully SC4Terraformer will now work for you, however if you only need to install maps, not create them, I'd recommend you use SC4Mapper (see the above spoiler).


12. I want moar cheats ingame!


Use Buggi's Extra Cheats DLL mod.

SimCity 4 Extra Cheats Plugin

There's also an extension to the extra cheats DLL developed by @simmaster07, available here:

Simmaster's Extra Cheats DLL

Type Ctrl-Alt-X ingame to bring up the cheat box, and right click it to bring up a list of available cheats.


13. How can I change the driving side of my SimCity 4 (eg, from Left Hand Drive to Right Hand Drive, and vice versa)?


You will need to move the SimCityLocale.dat file to a different folder.


1) Navigate to Local Disk/Program Files/Maxis/SimCity 4.
2) Create a new folder in there called UKEnglsh. Notice how I wrote UKEnglsh, missing out the 'i'. Make sure you do the same!
3) Find the SimCityLocale.dat file inside the Maxis/SimCity 4 directory. CUT it from its current location into the UKEnglsh file we just created. Make sure it is not in two places at once!
4) Run the game, enjoy!

NOTE: This will change the date and spelling into the UK standard (eg, 1/7/2012 is the 1st July 2012)


1) Navigate to Local Disk/Program Files/Maxis/SimCity 4.
2) Create a new folder in there called English.
3) Find the SimCityLocale.dat file inside the Maxis/SimCity 4 directory. CUT it from its current location into the English file we just created. Make sure it is not in two places at once!
4) Run the game, enjoy!

NOTE: This will change the date and spelling into the US standard (eg, 7/1/2012 is the 1st July 2012)



14. Where can I download the Network Addon Mod (NAM), and what is the latest version?

Note: There is a separate Mac installer, available to download from:


Network Addon Mod (NAM) - Mac Installer

When installing the NAM, read each page of the installer correctly; it can cause issues if you don't.
The NAM now includes mods such as the Real Highway Mod, Network Widening Mod, and road retexture mods, and much more.

The latest version of the Network Addon Mod is v35, released November 7th, 2016.


15. I downloaded the NAM but it has broken my avenue junctions and my rail!


This usually happens when you have a LHD game but you install the NAM with RHD settings, and vice versa.

Uninstall the NAM and reinstall it, make sure you read each page of the installer carefully and tick any boxes that apply to you.


16. How do I make my roads look European/with white dashed lines?


You will need European Road Texture Mods.

In order to get your roads looking European, you should tick the Euro Textures box in the Network Addon Mod installer (see the above spoiler for the NAM download links).


17. How do I create my own buildings?


Use the SimCity4 BAT Program.

To use this program, you need Gmax, available from here.

Once you have Gmax, you can then download the SimCity 4 BAT tool.

Unfortunately, I have no idea as to how to use this, so I will have to give you another link for a tutorial on using the BAT.

In order to complete your building, you will also need the Lot Editor (LE) and the Plugin Manager which comes with it.

There is a tutorial for the Lot Editor here.


18. Where can I find the Maxis Files, such as bldgprop?


Since the SimCity 4 official page has been taken down, they are hard to find.

If you're missing files like bldgprop or Day of Peace, then this site has them all. Here is a complete list of the files available for free from there:

SC4 RH Deluxe Manual

SC4 Lot Editor
SC4 BAT Installer
SC4 BAT Update
Texture Problem Fix
Plugin Manager with Unicode Fix
Transportation Update

Building Prop Vol 1
Building Prop Vol 2
Day of Peace – Flag Prop
American Flag
Canadian Flag

Castle Set
Grutze House
Grutze Industries
63 Building
Brandenburg Gate
Schloss Schoenbrun
Temple Expiatiori
Arc Triomphe
Seoul City Hall
Seoul Soccer Stadium
Globe Arena
Airforce Base
Nam Dae Moon (Sungre Mun)
Grand Central Station
Capitol Records
San Fransisco City Hall
Taipei Art Museum
Adler Planetarium
May Flower Port
Rockefeller Center
Sobchak Lanes
Shorty Burger
Lucky’s Hang Ten
Stone House
Temple of Gruntz
Living Mall

Maxis Region
U-Drive It City


19. How do I change the resolution and/or run SimCity 4 in Windowed Mode?


You can edit the command line parameters.

1) Right click the desktop shortcut to SimCity 4.
2) In the Shortcut tab, add the following to the end of the Target:



So the Target line will look similar to this:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe" -w



Replace XXXxYYY with either 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 or 1600x1200.

Replace BB with 16 or 32, you should always use 32.

You can use these together if you wish. For example:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe" -w -r1024x768x32

However it is also possible to add custom resolutions, if you do not want the ones listed above.

Do this by adding:


You can then use different resolutions, such as -r1280x800x32.

This is my configuration:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe" -CustomResolution:enabled -r1280x800x32 -w

If you need more information, click here.

Or, you can use the SC4 Launcher:

SC4 Launcher


20. I'm getting really weird graphical bugs on Windows 8/8.1!



21. My SimCity 4 discs won't work on Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10!


On September 8th 2015, Microsoft released a system update for Windows (KB3086255) which drops support for "SafeDisk" protection. As a result, running SimCity 4 from the game disc is no longer possible. It's recommended that you pick up a copy from Steam or Origin which does not require using a disc.

You can use the following guide by Cyclone Boom to uninstall the update (not recommended), or try one of the listed workarounds:

Windows Update KB3086255 blocks SC4 from starting


More Useful Links
If there are any issues you're having that aren't covered by this guide, please feel free to send me a PM and I'll try my best to update this guide.
Last updated: 22/11/2016 - Move recommended mods section to #2


Original Thread: SimCity 4 Frequently Asked Questions

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Original Thread: Top Ten Modd Suggestions


It seems there are a lot of very good questions about preferred Modds. If you go to the STEX, on the left hand menu, under Categories, there is a category for Modd Files. Clicking it, then clicking Most Popular, at the top of the STEX page, will bring up the most popular modds. Nifty, eh?

The Network Addon Mod for Windows INSTALLER

NWM, SAM, HSRP, and RHW are widely accepted, IMO, no argument there. Road Wizards, please accept our humble thanks.

At any rate, aside from that, I thought I would list my top ten favorites and their designers. It was a difficult task, but fun, nevertheless, since I've gotten a bit silly. I would invite everyone interested to list theirs. To specify, I am not talking about BAT's or lots, or even tools, really, but simply Modds. OK, here we go...

10. The Yellow Pause Thingy Remover By: The Legendary Quilted Llama So nice for shutter bugs who live to share their pics, and without that ugly border--who needs it!

9. BridgeHeightLow&Suspen By: The Epic Joerg The Bridge Height Modd, spelled here as it is in my Plugin Folder, (again, fussy spelling is not a must) is something I know I will never be able to play without. There will never be another ridiculously steep bridge approach in my cities. Ever. Again.

8. Day-Night Mod v2.0 By: The Famed Gizmo It makes those wishy washy, pale Maxis nights dark and lovely. I am flirting with the idea of trying The Esteemed Sim Fox's Night-Day Mod, but you will always be my first. I wonder if I would long for The Distinguished RippleJet's Longer Nights Lights 1.0 and Brighter $ Street Lights 1.0, that are made for Gizmo's modd, Oh, dear.

7. Extra Terrain Tools By: The Fabled Teirusu I AM the Rainmaker, the Land Bridge Builder, the Master of all I survey. Also, more Additional Terrain Tools by Tropod.

6. GodModeInMayorMode By: The Celebrated Warrior The God Mode Tools are right there beside the Mayor Mode Tools, 24/7, no flailing about with the Ctrl Alt Click on the... whatevar. It's a miracle!

5. Radius Doubler and Industry Doubler, in a Dead Heat! By: The Respected slightyslack, and The Equally Respected bones1, respectively. No more driving through endless miles of industrial complexes and unending bureaucracy of multiple civic facilities. Hurray! (There is also an Industry Quadrupler lurking about somewhere, by The Acclaimed Toroca, but a highly respected source claims it is unbalanced. I doubt it, tho.)

4. SlopeMod By: The Renowned Ennedi I have three interchangeable versions, Mountain, Medium, and Smooth. Jealous much?

3. Hole Digger Lots By: The Great Smoncrie Ditch digging was never this fun. The similar modd by The Revered Shadow Assassin is right up there, tho. I said Revered, not Reverend.

2. SFBT Street Side Mod and JRJ Street Side Mod, neck in neck! By: The Prominent Andreas and The Eminent Jeronij I can't decide which is better. I take turns using them. They changed the look of my cities so much that my eyes literally bugged out of my head the first go 'round.

And...last but not least...the customary drum roll please...thank you.







According to me...

1. The EXTRA CHEATS DLL!!!!! By: The Immortal Buggi (Or maybe Maxis...we're not sure...it is rumored that Buggi may have worked for Maxis...but...he is missing...I think...not to gossip, or anything.

It's all in here, folks, the magic snake oil of SC4, every cheat you could imagine and some you can't, even some that aren't really cheating, honest! It is guar-an-teed to make it snow, change your name, show your paths, crash your game, rock your llama and raise your life expectancy. Erm, well, maybe not that last one, but ya never know.

Honorable Mention:

culdesacmod, by The Notable quirlix;

Immortal Lot Killer, by The Distinguished RippleJet;

Persistent Automata Modd by The Well-known shadowman131, tweaked and uploaded by The Even Better-known jeiman2008, and all the lovely terrain, rock, and water modds created by Many Talented Individuals.

Other Game Fixes and Modifications: All you can Modify in SimCity 4 (Poll inside)

by Cougar2004

If you have any questions about a modd I've listed--where to find it, what it does, how to use it, please PM me. I'm sure I've forgotten or not mentioned many, please list your faves, and discuss.


Original Thread: Top Ten Modd Suggestions

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Original Thread: Where to find some of the best SimCity 4 content


I get asked all the time about what mods I use and where to get them. I have compiled a list of useful links and I wanted to share them here!


Simtropolis Exchange

-Most popular: https://community.simtropolis.com/files/category/1-simcity-4/?dosort=1&sort_key=file_downloads&sort_order=desc

-Highest rated: https://community.simtropolis.com/files/category/1-simcity-4/?dosort=1&sort_key=file_rating&sort_order=desc


SC4 Devotion

-Most popular: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_lotlist.php?orderBY=popular


STEX Hall of fame:

The STEX Hall of Fame



-Most popular: http://www.toutsimcities.com/downloads/index/simcity4/sort:Download.downloaded/direction:desc


Capital SimCity: http://descargas.capitalsim.net/?sitio=csc


Japanese SC4 site links: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=361.0

-SOMY is a great example: http://members3.jcom.home.ne.jp/somy000/index.htm


Simtropolis STEX CD/DVDs (costs $ but its easy and helps support the site): https://www.simtropolis.com/stexcollections


Strictoaster, a popular SimCity 4 and Cities Skyline streamer and Youtube creator, has a easy to follow spreadsheet for the content he uses: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ya_32tupri4av11zGeX92yVh5L6en8KMi1syZgsf55I/edit#gid=0


Others: https://sites.google.com/site/sc4modds/


...That's what I've got for what's popular and easy to access. If you have questions or others to add, please do so!


Original Thread: Where to find some of the best SimCity 4 content

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Original Thread: Useful Information For Newcomers To Simtropolis!


Useful Information For Newcomers to Simtropolis

Having Trouble With Commute Times?
What are good downloads for my cities?
What should I do when I need help?

Have any of those questions? Read below! ...

First and foremost, welcome to Simtropolis! If you're looking at this thread, you are probably new to the community. I bet you're feeling overwhelmed with all the things that Simtropolis has to offer. Are you asking yourself "What do I download first? Where can I download this? What is the STEX? How do I download maps?" Hopefully this little article will direct you to all the essential downloads and great stuff you just can't miss on Simtropolis!

1. Network Addon Mod for Windows INSTALLER

(Latest update June 2013 [NAM 31.2])

NOTE: The Network Addon Mod is available for download at SC4Devotion. You must register at the BSC LEX in order to download any custom content from SC4D!

What is the NAM? The NAM is the most essential download on Simtropolis. Are you having trouble with commute times in SC4? Often times, Sims don't like to travel to work, they may even be too lazy to travel to work across the street. The NAM replaces the paths your Sims take to work, find an alternate route, and basically make all commute times either short or medium.

If you want realistic commute times, when you download the NAM, select some of the better pathfinding tools that have come with the NAM June 2013 release. Some of these pathfinders include Simulator Z for instance. Read the readme to discover some of the pathfinding options in the new NAM.

During installation, you will see other options. Reading the readme that comes with the NAM will summarize it all for you.

Tired of the transportation options in SC4? The NAM will provide you with alternate transportation, including transport types such as the Ground Light Rail and Real Highway. Again, all this stuff is in the readme associated with the NAM.


The STEX is where you get all the juicy downloads for your game. Buildings, mods, lots, you name it. The STEX currently has over 10,000 files to download!

To make browsing files easier, the STEX has a search option. If you want a specific college or university for your city, and you're tired of the Maxis university, type in "university" or "college" in the search and see what comes up! A few BATted universities!

The best of the best on the STEX:

If you're building a supercity with a huge downtown, you may want to variate your buildings. Tired of a downtown filled with Maxis? (That Wren Insurance can be a pain in the neck to stare at)!

NDEX - One of Simtropolis' major BAT groups, NDEX has over 250 files on the STEX! The main production of the BAT group are realistic skyscrapers. All of which are recommended for download!

BSC - The BSC is another large BAT group on Simtropolis, with almost 2,000 files! The BSC is probably the most variated BAT group, with downloads ranging from nice looking farms, to midsized skyscrapers perfect for any downtown. Spruce up your suburban areas with some notable stores such as Rite Aid. The BSC has their own exchange over at SC4 Devotion.

Of course, besides these two BAT groups, there are several others. For more information on other BAT groups, and other uploaders to the STEX, check out The Sim City 4 Custom Content Forum


If you need help navigating around the site, finding something to download, having trouble downloading or playing the game, or you just have a plain question for the site staff, please don't hesitate to PM us! ../../forum/i/expressions/4.gif

- You can find a list of all the active members of the site staff. [ Staff ]

- You can receive some help from The New Member Information Area.

- Check out Simtropolis Related for some information about the site.

- Need help with understanding an Omnibus article? Post here!

Article written by Mikeaut1. Will be updated from time-to-time. [updated October 2013].


Original Thread: Useful Information For Newcomers To Simtropolis!

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Original Thread: Comprehensive SimCity Music Collection, Version 3

Music is powerful. SimCity's music is no exception. That's why I decided to upload it.

Each game's music is individually packaged, so you can pick and choose what you want. Simply unzip - I recommend 7zip for the task - and enjoy.

If you want to view my first attempt at a SimCity music collection, you can see it here. What you're reading right now is the third overhaul of this collection to date.

And yes, I might get around to The Sims' music one day.




All music is sorted by date of release. All archives are ZIP format. More detailed information about the music itself can be found in the .txt files packaged with each game's music.



SimCity for Windows, SimCity Classic for Windows, SimCity Enhanced
3 MIDI files, 1 MP3 file at 128 kbps, 611 kilobytes uncompressed (not including box art)

SimCity (Amiga CDTV)
18 MP3 files at 320 kbps, 57 megabytes uncompressed

SimCity (SNES)
24 MP3 files at 79-159 kbps, 50 megabytes uncompressed (including images)

The music for the two ports, both of which came out in 1991, was never officially released.



MIDIs from 1994 original release and 1995 Special Edition release
19 MIDI files, 112 kilobytes uncompressed

Original sound effects from original release & SE
30 WAV files, 455 kilobytes uncompressed

MAC version, released 1994
15 MP3 files at 256-320 kbps, 54.7 megabytes uncompressed
Assembled by biff; thanks to jjakucyk for originally uploading and researching additional information

IBM PC General MIDI recording (1994)
14 MP3 files at 320 kbps, 63 megabytes uncompressed
General MIDI is a standardized specification for music synthesizers that respond to MIDI input. Likewise, the IBM Personal Computer was the personal computer that put IBM-like personal computers on the map, and its influence is felt to this day. This recording is from an IBM PC using General MIDI.
Originally recorded by VengefulChip

IBM PC Roland MT-32 recording (1994)
14 MP3 files at 320 kbps, 63.2 megabytes uncompressed
The Roland MT-32, originally released in 1987, proved popular enough to set a de facto standard for game music up until the mid-90's. This recording is from an emulation.
Originally recorded by VengefulChip

Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth recording (1995)
19 MP3 files at 192-256 kbps, 56.7 megabytes uncompressed
The Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth is the MIDI synthesizer that was bundled with Windows when SC2K Special Edition came out. It uses a sound set created by Roland in 1991, a superset of the General MIDI standard of the day. The samples were considered high quality when it was released.
Recorded by biff

SNES version, released 1995
10 OGG files at 128 kbps, 9.88 megabytes uncompressed (including images)
Emulator rip by Felamine

Sega Saturn version, released 1995
16 MP3 files at 320 kbps, 80 megabytes uncompressed (including images)
Originally recorded by VengefulChip

PlayStation version, released 1996
Music - 18 MP3 files at 320 kbps, 76 megabytes uncompressed
Sound effects - 34 WAV files at 88 kbps, 496 kilobytes uncompressed
80 megabytes total (including images)
Sound effects ripped by Nero1024 at vg-resource.com, music ripped by wzg45

Sound Blaster AWE64 recording (1996)
14 MP3 files at 256 kbps, 52.4 megabytes uncompressed
The Sound Blaster Advanced Wave Effects 64 ISA sound card from Creative Technology was released in 1996, and was generally considered the best sound card of the '90s.
Recorded by AndrosynthNuclear, assembled by biff

Nintendo 64 version (Japanese exclusive released around 1997/1998)
38 MP3 files at 85-198 kbps, 53 megabytes uncompressed (including images)
Original USF files provided by Josh W. & converted/made up by wzg45

SimCity 2000 Special Edition WillTV
Thanks to the Internet Archive for hosting this all along so I don't have to



27 MP3 files at 128 kbps (320 kbps for menu/hangar music), 132 megabytes uncompressed

Advertisements & DJs
95 WAV files at 88 kbps, ~14 megabytes uncompressed

148 megabytes total (including images)

Note that the music was originally encoded at a low bitrate, hence the quality (and a certain self-aware radio identifier). There is no known commercial release for this music.
Thanks to shoptroll for helping me acquire this



16 MP3 files at 204-232 kbps, 1 WAV file (at 176 kbps, 621 KB) 124 megabytes uncompressed

145 WAV files at 176 kbps, ~41 megabytes uncompressed

Additional radio music
7 WAV files at 352 kbps, 80 megabytes uncompressed

250 megabytes total (including images)

Included are both the high quality soundtrack and the additional radio music, because there are some radio tracks that aren't in the soundtrack.
Thanks to Cool_Z for helping me acquire this



SimCity 3000 Soundtrack
16 MP3 files at 128 kbps (except 2000 Theme which is 160), 1 WAV file (705 kbps), 80 megabytes uncompressed

SimCity 3000 Unlimited Soundtrack
5 MP3 files at 101-128 kbps, 2 WAV files at 705 kbps, 25 megabytes uncompressed

21 MP3 files, 3 WAV files, 238 megabytes total (including images)

Game sounds
798 WAV & MP3 files, 125 megabytes uncompressed

The SimCity 3000/Unlimited music is stored in the game's files in a proprietary file format. Sound effects were converted with the Switch Sound File Converter.



SimCity 4 Soundtrack
24 MP3 files at 128-320 kbps, 178 megabytes uncompressed

Rush Hour Soundtrack
13 MP3 files at 128-320 kbps, 60 megabytes uncompressed

35 MP3 files, 247 megabytes total (including images)

All of the SimCity 4/Rush Hour music is available in the game's directory, in the Radio folder.



SimCity Societies Soundtrack
15 MP3 files at 320 kbps, 100 megabytes uncompressed

14 additional OGG files
43 megabytes uncompressed
Rockstar & Street Performer tracks ripped by wzg45

Destinations music
7 OGG files, 17 megabytes uncompressed

36 files, 166 megabytes total (including images)

The official soundtrack consists of only 15 tracks from the base game, which are in MP3 format. All but one of the rest are in Ogg Vorbis format. The soundtrack was only released in digital format.



SimCity DS
32 MP3 files at 320 kbps, 162 megabytes uncompressed
Ripped by Knurek at http://hcs64.com; uses Legacy of Ys: Book II driver hacked by Caitsith2; converted by wzg45.

SimCity Creator Wii
57 MP3 files at 320 kbps, 60 megabytes
Ripper unknown, music provided by wzg45.

SimCity DS 2 AKA SimCity Creator DS
13 OGG files, 47 megabytes
Ripped by wizzario007, music provided by wzg45.

112 megabytes total (including images)

SimCity Creator was released for the Nintendo Wii in September 2008, and SimCity DS 2 (also known as SimCity Creator in Europe, North America, and Australia) was released in March 2008. The music for either was never officially released.



8 MP3 files at 128 kbps, 16 megabytes uncompressed


And just for kicks

SimMars Soundtrack (direct download link)
22 MP3 files at 128-224 kbps, 103 megabytes uncompressed

This is from a SimCity 4 mod and not part of the collection, but I want to provide a direct link anyway. A bit more convenient than downloading a text file containing the link to the download, no?


If you want to support Jerry Martin and the other composers & musicians, I suggest you purchase any and/or all available albums of this music from Amazon or iTunes. The music from Streets, SC3K, SC4 and SC Societies - as well as the 2013 reboot and its expansion, not included here for copyright reasons - are available from both services. However, the Societies and 4 selections are sadly incomplete, and the music from SC3K Unlimited & Societies Destinations is missing entirely.

To play this music (or any other music for that matter) in SimCity 4, find your SC4 application folder and go to Radio\Stations. There should be two folders, Mayor and Region. Inside each of these folders is another folder named Music. Only MP3 files will play in the game, so place whichever MP3 files you want into the folder you want. For previous SimCity games, muting the in-game music and playing this collection with an external music player will suffice.


Compressed size of version 2.5 (last version before V3 update): 923 megabytes
Uncompressed size of version 2.5: 956 megabytes

Compressed total size of version 3: 1.94 gigabytes
Uncompressed total size of version 3: 2.05 gigabytes


Thanks to:

http://alerante.net & http://simsoundtracks.com/ for SimCity 3000/4 track information, trivia & quotes
shoptroll, Cool_Z, CaptCity, cromabianca (he's remixed some of SC2K's music here if you're interested) & A Nonny Moose
Will Wright, Jeff Braun & Maxis
The Videogame Music Preservation Foundation
VengefulChip (YouTube channel)
Squakenet (YouTube channel)
jjakucyk (YouTube channel)
AndrosynthNuclear (YouTube channel)

Builder4563 (YouTube channel)

TheSims3EAmusic (YouTube channel)

banaan442 (YouTube channel)

Every composer and musician listed elsewhere in the collection
YOU for downloading or even reading any of this


Update history:

SimCity Music Collection V. 1 released August 3rd, 2009
SimCity Music Collection V. 2 released March 20th, 2012
SimCity Music Collection V. 2.1 changes(September 14th, 2012): Updated SimCity SNES music
SimCity Music Collection V. 2.2 changes(May 29th, 2013): Updated readme & SimCity 3000 Unlimited music/sound effects, Readme updated (again) on June 9th, 2013 with references to other parts (SimCopter)
SimCity Music Collection V. 2.3 changes(October 21st, 2013): added SimCity Classic Deluxe music, updated Readme
SimCity Music Collection V. 2.4 changes(January 30th, 2014): added Streets of SimCity music, updated Readme
SimCity Music Collection V. 2.5 changes(April 15th, 2014): transferred all files to Google Drive, reuploaded uncorrupted Part 4, removed 'alternate' music which was just MIDI files run through a faulty converter, updated Readme

SimCity Music Collection V. 3 released 4:15 AM, September 3rd, 2015 - almost completely rewrote Readme, added metadata to and properly organized all tracks possible, added box/disc/album art where available, added text files with more detailed album/track/artist data where available, added SimCity Creator (Wii/DS) music, reconverted SimCity Societies music, added more Streets of SimCity music/radio files, added SimCopter radio files, added SimCity DS/DS 2 music, revamped and added to SimCity 2000 music

February 1st, 2017: Swapped out Streets of SimCity track #14 for a version with proper audio channels thanks to Prisoner416





Beware reading my posts beyond this point, at least up to around page 6 - I was but a neophyte then!


Original Thread: Comprehensive SimCity Music Collection, Version 3

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