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Missing mods on ST Exchange (or the search is borked)

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There was a mod on the ST Exchange here in 2013 that is not showing up when I search it. It was called "Shut Up advisors" that removes unnecessary advisor popups during the game. I searched "advisors" and "shut up" but only irrelevant results showed up. When I tell it to include title only, it says "0 results"


So obviously some mods came up missing or the search on this website is not working properly

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  • Original Poster
  • 3 minutes ago, Jolteon said:

    I don't think that mod is very useful anyway; You can disable the advisor popups in the game settings.

    But if you'd rather use the mod, here you go: 

    How can I get into the settings to turn off the advisors?

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    Anyway there is at least one missing thing on STEX. 

    The original dependency file for this NDEX ITS NAM Terminus modified by Gitbi is missing, no longer available on STEX. And it's lost since 2012 or so, I sent a message to @ILL Tonkso about this little problem back in january, but he hasn't been here since autum of 2016, so I don't know. I ran into the original one on a japanese page, which collected a few links, and pointed to the STEX, but nothing is here.

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