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Hi. Does anyone know if there is a residential reducer, meaning a mod that reduces the population of each house or apartment? I searched the search box and typed in several different phrases. 

Thank you in advance. 

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We'll have to wait for the modding gurus on this one, but I suspect the answer will be no because one would have to edit each file individually and then upload them as a combined package.

There is, however, a program called SC4 PIM (v1.0) aka PIM-X that lets you do magical things like reset many of the variables to a more correct, proportional amount. (I'm fuzzy on the details cause I haven't used it yet.) You'll also want to get the SC4PIM User Guide v1 (v1.0). Still, this will be on a one by one basis rather than altering each house and apartment in one fell swoop.

Note: SC4Devotion's LEX requires a separate login.

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I don't know of one off hand.

May I ask what you intended goal of reducing the population of each house is? Because such changes would drastically affect the simulation, there is a good reason why real world values were not used.

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  • Original Poster
  • I have a strategy (design/layout) that I think would work using the NAM to get the desired effect of tons of houses and everyone getting to work. 

    "Chicago" is the desired look. If I just make a map of Chicago and zone residential all over I run out of jobs really really fast. 

    The other goal is to not duplicate stuff too much except chain stores (7-Elevens) and houses. 

    I want to make a screenshot of the region view, showing one coastal waterfront city. 

    One concern is the lack of midtown sized commercial buildings, which I've been working on BATs but haven't finished any yet. I hope to have one up this year. 

    I've been working really hard on this layout idea, and with the advancements in MMPs and concrete tiles, etc. and a focus on distance and how to fill it (about 50' per square) I think it'll work out. Field trips to Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Detroit have helped me understand blight better, and how to use it to my advantage in SC4. Also the parking lots that came out last year were a big breakthrough, as well as getting the new NAM, which works now  so the freeways take up a lot of space. 

    This will be the first city to have a subway system for me. 

    It really seems like a metropolis could really be possible now. 

    I'm really excited and cannot thank everyone enough for all of their hard work. The creations people have made over the years are amazing and obviously none of this would exist without everyone doing a wonderful job. It really amazes me when with the correct placement of a handful of buildings, one can step back and sort of see that the scale, detail, and functionality of everything is correct. The support that's been given time and time again for petty question after petty question is greatly appreciated. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. 


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    2 hours ago, citycowboy said:

    desired effect of tons of houses and everyone getting to work. 

    First off I'd download the Industry Doubler mod, that will double your housing for the same amount of industry (Maxis Ind only).

    There is also an Industry Quadrupler, that was removed from the STEX, I'm pretty sure it has problems, so I wouldn't advise using it.

    After that, if you do decide to build large swathes of low density residential, just try to make sure the growth stages are evenly spread out. Although the game will allow only the lower ones to exist, if you want some skyscrappers, I-HT/CO etc, you'll need higher growth stages to balance demand.

    If you find you still need to alter the capacity of Res buildings, try to do this for all buildings you are using equally. For example, halving or quartering the number for every building. That would be quite a job (modding wise), but it's easy enough in practise. I'd use iLives Reader (new v1.5.4), since it will allow you to see decimal values (.0.9.3 won't), then you can enter the new value in decimal and it will auto-convert it to Hex. Ignore those saying 1.5.4 is buggy, the main problems with earlier versions have all been ironed out with this release.

    The hard part is making a copy of all the Maxis Res Building exemplars to modify first. That said, it'll only be hard if you are unfamiliar with the reader. If you need a hand with that, I may be able to help you out.

    Of course all this assumes you are only using the Maxis content. If you have custom buildings also, similar changes *may* need to be applied. However the problem there is that custom buildings may not all be modded with similar balanced values. So it may take a bit more work to calculate them.

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  • Original Poster
  • Thank you very much for the feedback. I have the industry quadrupler yet it's not enough. The large tiles (256) only make up a neighborhood,  and to spread over a real size city is with enough houses to support having skyscrapers realistically I still think I'll need to adjust the individual houses. It'll be worth it, I've accomplished long term sc4 goals before.

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