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By: superchad


I thank Mayor Tims Klondike Delta for inspiring the basic design of the city and basic airport idea.

This City Journal is originally from 2008 but a bug that prevents me from fixing the original post has prevented me from reviving it since the pictures are no longer loading, I will be trying to find the original pictures to go with the original story i had planned, so bear with me, there are some very slight tweaks to the story and some number changes to be more consistent, here is the original thread: 

This is my second City Journal, I used some cheats early on such you don’t deserve it (for a few things or things that were  rejected, somehow lost, or are needed to fix mayor rating), I also use the "Helpful Simolean Tree" in some of the cities to add additional income from other sources (sales tax, airport fees, seaport fees, etc) I use money cheats as many of the cities where built quickly for the story and may have included several changes during construction.


Hello My Name is Allen Rogers, i am the 19th mayor of Utopia, i was elected at the end of last month after mayor Ryan Young tragicly died of a Heart Attack, only 4 years into office.

At the time of my election Utopia is a city of 747,262 inhabitants and growing, our economy is reaching new heights, more people move her every month than any other city in the region, most people have fallen in love with our unique scenery, and they love our city’s planning and layout. 

Due to the isolated nature of the city most stuff is brought in by airlines and ships. Utopia has above average food prices, oil prices are actually reasonable and cars have much higher efficiency standards in the city. You can buy a 200mpg car for around $47,500, a 150mpg car for $35,500, a 100mpg car for $25,000, and a 60mpg car for $17,500. Gas costs about $2.89 for performance, $2.79 for plus, and $2.69 for regular. The average air fair is about $575. The average shipping rate is about $150 per ton and $20 per 50 nautical miles. and the nearest sea port and major airport its 1200 miles away

Since I am Currently newly elected I have not yet received full authority as mayor and can only get you a few pictures, here is a picture of the growing city of Utopia.

in the next update we will view the downtown.

Have any thoughts, comments, or questions, feel free to post

Here is an updated picture of the region, the above is part of the story and the original region when i first started this CJ, current Region Picture is as of 4/14/2017, if this post becomes unable to be edited please check future updates. the blank tiles are were I plan to at some time make the region larger, the actual terrain that was auto generated is only 1/4 of the total region leaving plenty of room to expand in the future.



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It's good to see a fresh, yet well developed CJ on the scene. Is this vanilla, and if so, will it continue to be? I'm interested to see where this goes.

I'm also interested to know if SuperChad Productions is still hiring...

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  • Original Poster
  • No, it is not Vanilla, it has many Mods most of which i have lost track of in the last several years

    Lol SuperChad Productions is done and I would surprise myself if I ever revive it.

    for reference we are in luck, I saved the original thread years ago and should have most if not all of the pictures, i plan to reupload the original updates and to do the updates i planned to in the first place

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  • Original Poster
  • Update 2: Views of Downtown 

    Hello Again, today I was sworn in as mayor, I was able to take the mayor private chopper up for a spin and snap those downtown pictures for all of you to see


    We start off with a few views of downtown, the 4 black office buildings where abandoned due to low demand and we are hoping demand will rise and they will become re occupied, or we might have to remove them. The university that you see is called Gump University, after our 5th mayor Thomas Gump who support the improvements to the university that greatly helped its academic performance.







    now we move across the river, development here is growing and there is plenty of spare land for future growth.


    here is the main industrial area


    here is the oil refinery, which produces 30% of the city’s oil needs, the little tower is an experimental device that cleans and purifys the air, it was installed 2 years ago by mayor Ryan Young


    here is the old landfill, we are letting it decay so that the land can be developed, also near by is the Utopia Regional Disease Research center


    here is the new landfill built a few years ago to better handle trash needs of the city


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  • Original Poster
  • Today, Mayor Allen Rogers listed some of his goals as mayor, he stated "these are my top 12 goals as of now, They should help improve the economy, living quality, lower the cost of living, and attract more business and people to the region"

    1. Increase CO$$ demand
    2. Revive Abandoned skyscrapers
    3. Expand the Airport to handle increasing traffic
    4. expand farmland to lower cost of food
    5. increase development on the west side of the river
    6. City-Wide tax cuts to encourage economic growth and attract more people to the region.
    7. Mass Transit Improvements and expansion
    8. Reorganize Government offices to reduce costs
    9. Build more shopping areas in the suburbs
    10. Revive and rebuild the suburban mall
    11. Build a downtown mall
    12. Build a new Airport to relive the main airport, mainly to be used for cargo as the cargo terminal is very small.

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  • Original Poster
  • Update 3: Downtown Outskirts and Suburbs part 1


    Hello, today I present you with some pictures showing the edges of our downtown area and our suburbs, enjoy

    Here is a picture that shows some business development, the small suburban mall, industrial area, and parts of the suburbs.


    Here is another area showing som mixed development of business and residential as well as part of the suburbs, you can see an extension of the Utopia Monorail system


    Here are some pictures showing more of the suburbs and one of many shopping areas



    Here we see a commercial area of the suburbs that has not been developed much, at the top is the suburban convention center, development has been stalled for years do to some people wanting the mountains to be left undeveloped


    Yet more suburbs and a little bit of undeveloped land, there are as you can see a hospital to the northeast and a some solar power plant, we plan to move the power plant elsewhere as it bothers some residents, I also plan to close some unnecessary hospitals to reduce expenses allowing us to focus money elsewhere, or lower taxes.


    Here is a picture showing Harley University, and the Harley Memorial Stadium, Harley University is named after Mayor Harley Walker, our 16th mayor who supported its improvement much like mayor Thomas Gump did for Gump University, the Stadium is named in his memory.


    if you have any comments, or questions, feel free to post.

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    Whats the big blue building?

    Also I'd reccomend getting some more of SG's files DLed I noticed your missing a few. Also one last thing. I'd reccomend a slope mod.

    Other then those little nitpicks I think your doing great.

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