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It's a known bug. Those zig-zag routes (you can see it drawn using the 'drawpaths' cheat with the DLL extra cheats) allow the biggest RHW overrides to get their increased capacities. Remember that the RHW works overriding much smaller networks, so the NAM team had to develop a way to force the game to give more capacity to the same small networks, but only when overriden by the user.


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3 hours ago, matias93 said:

It's a known bug.

Do you know what the NAM team calls this so I can search for a discussion? BTW, Since it is behavior of the automata, may I surmise that it's purely a display issue that does not affect underlying model?

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The NAM Team has no official term for this, though we've informally used the terms "drunk" and "zigzag" (as well as "stupid") to describe this sort of behavior, so I knew exactly what the OP was talking about. 

The automata do often behave rather stupidly in general, but to be precise, there's actually two kinds of automata out there, that each behave differently--commute-generated automata, and lot-generated automata

Commute-generated automata is a visual effect that results from the automata simulator reading traffic simulator data, and is designed to roughly correspond to the level of traffic on the roadways.  This type is prone to occasional stupidity, but unless there's some other underlying issue, these automata don't tend to zigzag on RHW crossover paths. 

Lot-generated automata, however, are automata that are associated with specific lots or types of lots.  They aren't fed any sort of commute data from the traffic simulator, and instead initially show up in close proximity to the lots that spawned them.  Since there's no simulation that is influencing their behavior, they basically "explore" all the paths on the networks they are traversing, without too much rhyme or reason, and are extremely prone to zigzagging with crossover paths.  Examples of lot-generated automata include construction/moving trucks when zones begin developing, police cars when new police stations/kiosks are plopped, and so on.  If one uses traffic generator lots to boost the appearance of traffic, those will produce lot-generated automata that will zigzag.

Occasionally, commute-generated automata will start to zigzag if the traffic simulator is feeding the automata simulator screwed up data.  Inadvertent installation of a non-NAM simulator in a location that overrides the NAM simulator will absolutely cause this to happen on an RHW network.  The wider networks in the RHW and Network Widening Mod (NWM) require specific settings in the "Congestion vs. Speed Curve" to encourage "spreading"--otherwise, the commute automata will just clog one side of the network and may zigzag.

The vehicles here appear to be freight trucks--those are generally commute-generated vehicles, which search out the edge of the city tile.  While there are lot-generated freight automata out there, I do believe there could be a traffic simulator plugin conflict involved in this instance.  Checking the Congestion DataView would help in diagnosis--if the thing is glowing red or has uneven red/green stripes on the RHW, you know you have an issue there. 

In that case, I would reinstall the NAM and make sure to run the "Cleanitol" option in custom installation mode, which should eliminate most potential conflicts.  If you prefer a manual search, look for hailman's Variable Route Buses or the SPAM Traffic Plugin--both of those are actually incompatible traffic simulator plugins that will completely zork RHW functionality (they have the RHW network set to 0 km/h speed with a capacity of 0).


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