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    • By MisterBlueStar4
      And of course someone is offended by something just like every other day.
    • By RandyE
      ● Combines Maxis City College and Radio Station Reward, transmits on KSIM frequency at 1420.5 MHz.
      ● Student Capacity: 7,200. Monthly Cost §1,000. Plop Cost: §900. Landmark Effect: 25 over 20.
      ● School EQ Boost: 38, Mayor Rating Effect: 50 over 440. Network and Transit enabled.
      ● Inspired by the 'school of radio station 1' by 'people of NYC'
      Immediate mass communication began at the beginning of the 20th century with radio; generations since are the children of the "school of radio station". I was thinking of Pablo Picasso, arranging the Maxis props like a cubist. It is claimed that when he first viewed the pre-historic cave paintings in Lascaux, France he said, "We've done nothing better since".  The KSIM frequency at 1420.5 MHz refers to the Wow! signal received from interstellar space Aug. 15, 1977.
      Dependencies: None
      Install: User Documents SimCity 4 Plugins
      Copy and Paste the unzipped *title* folder into *user*\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins. Delete readme and preview files. Menu icons will appear in-game for the associated lots.
    • By Jonathan Irons
      Hello Mitchell's
      First of all,I somehow ended up in ghetto High school while I had a decent score that could made me get into an good high school
      "Thank" you grandpa
      When I go to the school my mind is like
      "Socializing ?,Friends ?,Trusting each other ?,Cheating alliances with bro's?, Thats all Bullshit"
      I Got my lesson a long time ago
      "School is a place where you go for exams and learning. It is NOT a place for socializing"
      So my mind is simply
      "I Dont have time to waste on socializing, school is a place of learning and I wont waste my precious time there"
      I Am not an asocial but I dont want to socialize either
      And one last thing
      Since that's a ghetto school
      Everyone smokes "Dry Weed" [Tobacco stuff like cigarettes, not Cannabis(Who cares ? they are both harmful drugs)] so should I team up with government and become an "Deep Cover" guy ? (Believe me, I am not an dumbass 14 Y/O that plays modern COD (But an BFV COD1 MOHAA veteran) or believes "$%&^! life" that is repeadetly shown on TV)
      So... Should I team up with government and become an deep cover that reports drug addicts ?
    • By Ceafus 88
      Do your sims need a place to take their pets when sick? Solving this problem is this small veterinary clinic.
      It has been modded to work like a regular medical clinic in-game, but with the advantage of 4x the radius and capacity of the in-game small clinic. Making this a useful way to provide medical services in smaller cities.
      Capacity: 3,200 sims
      Radius: 1856
      Cost to plop: $600
      Monthly Cost: up to $500 (depending on staffing/radius levels)
      Provides 20 R$, R$$ and R$$$ jobs each
      Pollution: Air 3, Water 4
      Power Consumed: 1
      Water Consumed: 3
      Find this lot in the Health Menu.
      No Dependencies required.
    • By MayorBCL
      I'm working with a modded hospital like MaxiMed, or Memorial Hospital.  Whenever I get about 2 million residents, it doesn't matter how many hospitals I build, all of them have the same patient number and capacity.  I used the Ilives reader to jack the capacity up to 999,999, but when I get back into the game, the capacity isn't nearly that high, and the same problem ensues.  
      Any thoughts?
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