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Are there any games where you can be an totalitarian dictator? And Controlling everything and everyone?  Yes i know Tropico is such an game, but you are only an dictator of a small Island, not really a powerful ruler. Are there any games besides the tropico series where you can be an cruel dictator? Any games where you can rule over more than just a tiny Island as a dictator?

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You have already created the thread Games like Tropico asking this same thing. There is no need to create a new topic for the same inquiry. If you want, you can edit the title of your other thread if that is the reason you created this one in order to have a different topic title.

Thread closed. -Cori (Moderator)

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      Hello everyone
      We would like to introduce you to our upcoming game Playfield. Earth / Urban Management.
      PFE / Urban Management will be a mix of city builder and comprehensive city management. 
      We want to go completely new ways in this genre, the player takes over existing cities, districts, villages or metropolitan regions with all their characteristics, specifics and challenges.

      PFE / Urban Management offers different sub-gameplays (game modes) that simulate all aspects of real urban planning, urban management and typical municipal politics:
      - Urban planning
      - Traffic & transport
      - Public safety management
      - Society management
      - Economy & infrastructure management
      - A mayor mode
      - A multiplayer mode in which players take over a municipal government

      Our trailer shows some of the pre-alpha builds and features we are planning:
      We are looking forward to your opinions, ideas and criticisms.

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      Ok this is a mystery to me. Here are two city service buildings relatively close to one another. One spits out a train of ambulances, alls fine and hunky dorey! The other claims it is "Operating normally," but it is yet to spit out a single fire truck. I've consistently had this problem. I've rebuilt all of the streets in this area. What gives? Why does Mass Transit show NO ROUTES to this fire dept.? There have been fires at its doorstep and it just sits there.

      Working as intended. 

      has never even considered working 
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      Let's play a new game, a mix between a Show Us thread and a typical forum game.
      Game Rules:
      The first user posts an image of a city of their own, made on any city-building game (or even on another game that allows cities to be built), asking what the next person would fix or change on the image, with the idea of improving some aspect of it, to make it more functional, realistic, beautiful or fun. The next user has to propose a fix briefly, in no more than 7-10 lines (or in no more than 5 lines if including an image). The proposal has to be civil and constructive (even if literally consists on demolishing some structure). Remember that everybody is always learning and has the right to make errors. To finish their post, the next user has to include their own image of their city, to be fixed by the next user. If an image stays unfixed by five (5) days in a row, it will be considered as un-improvable, and the user will have won the round. Any other user could add their own image to restart the game. ____________________
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      So, what would you fix on this image?
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      Sphere Game Studio released Spacecity to Appstore and Android
      perfect to simmars 

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