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    • By SimCityHawk
      Hi all.
      So I have had a great deal of fun playing SC4 the last couple of months. 
      But I have a somewhat hard time dealing with this supply/demand thing. 
      I recognize that you need to balance your ratio of citizens and jobs due to the differences in income. However, it seems like a natural rule of law that in order for the city to grow quickly, one must build a lot of dirty industry and thereby create many low-income jobs.  I have also figured out, that as the game progresses, I can delete the dirty industry and create more manufacturing and hi-tech industry, and thereby create more demand for higher income citizens. 
      But, somehow the dirty industry is almost in high demand all the time. So here I have two options: If I satisfy the demand for dirty industry and therefore also for low-income jobs, my city turns into some kinda industrial hell-hole full of pollution. And not to mention the ugliness of the dirty industry buildings. These ugly complexes does not fit very well into a clean metropolis. On the other hand, If I do not satisfy the demand for dirty industry and low-income citizens, a lot of my beautiful buildings will turn dark og abandoned due to the low demand. 
      So, it seems like I'm out of options in order to create the city I want. The optimal conditions would be a city without any dirty industry at all. A little bit of manufacturing industry is something I can live with. And high levels of high-tech industry is of course something I admire very much.
      Can somebody please enlighten me on what I am doing wrong? Education and health leves are usually very high, crime rate is low and my mayor rating ig generally very high.
      EDIT: Another question: How come, that ALL my high-income AND high-density residential skyscrapers ALWAYS turn black and abandoned after 5 minutes? It's pretty annoying that they just won't stay nice and clean.
    • By Ronyx69
      People have always asked for help by tagging me in this forum or messaging on steam or reddit.
      This thread is:
      A discussion about my tutorials, scripts and source files.
      A place for anybody to get help with whatever you think I'm qualified to help with.  
      You can ask me about 3ds Max, Photoshop, ModTools, scripts, some basic modding and reverse engineering, game files... 
      I guarentee to respond in text or with a very quick and short "tutorial" video if it's appropriate.
      Do not request assets or ask extremely broad questions like "how to make assets" here.
      Realtime Asset Creation (Ingame Texture & Mesh Replacement)
      Asset Creation Videos (+ Theme & LUT)
      Modding Videos
      Tutorial Videos
      Asset Source Files
      Mod Source Code
      Quick Help Response Videos
      Quick Tips
    • By SC4L0ver
      Buenos días! 
      Acabo de comprar SC4 a través de Steam (por fin tengo SC4 tras años sin jugarlo, al no poder usar la versión CD en Windows 10) y me gustaría saber si el LotEditor, SC4 PIM, y demás programas son compatibles con esta versión, pues teóricamente la carpeta "plugins" se encuentra en otro sitio.
      Gracias de antemano!
    • By olegario39
      i have RRW installed on my SimCity 4 game, but the variable angle pieces are still the default Maxis textures. and it kinda looks awkward on my cities

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