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    • By zahrul3
      I recently downloaded the 2007 version of LBT house pack complete with lots, unfortunately for me there were a lot of missing dependencies and textures unlisted in the LEX link. I already have the LBT mega prop pack and LBT mega textures pack (supposedly all textures and props from LBT Textures 1,2,3,etc and LBT Props 1,2,3,etc) in my plugins folder and also the LBT housepack V1 props. I'm still not sure what dependency I'm missing here but the least I know is that some base textures are definitely missing as well as many building textures.
    • By DefconZero
      Linux user here (quick shout-out to all users of unix-like operating systems) and new to Simtropolis.
      I'd like to customize the installation of NAM beyond what is offered by the "minimal" option as presented. Essentially I'm only interested in the enhanced path-finding functions, pertaining to sims using transportation options and nothing else. Skimming through the manuals, I didn't find a detailed technical report on the data files themselves and which ones contain which functions. I'd like to know which file(s) are necessary for pathfinding so that I can delete all other non-essential plugins and components. I guess you could say I'm just an optimization geek and I follow the Unix philosophy of "Do one thing only and do it well."
      If I overlooked such a report, or technical overview, please direct me to the appropriate page as needed, I love reading technical documents!
    • By VitroOliveira
      City wide fire station plugin or dependency fault... help please...

    • By VitroOliveira
      Hello all friends, My new city not load since Oldshoes SC4 Modpack 2013 are installed recently... why... can I resolve this problem, any sugestion please... thanks

    • By KrispyKayak
      I have a city that has about 150K people in it, and is starting to be zoned for medium and high density buildings. My city is in a mostly grid-like pattern with zones well-mixed so nothing's too far away. I have a bus station every other block or so on main streets (5x8 squares large, lined with commercial and industrial), with about 3 blocks of residential in between each main street - no Sim in my city should be more than two blocks away from a bus stop. I also have a subway and El system throughout my city, in addition to a beltway and other highways for busier areas. Despite all my efforts to mix up these zones and make my city easy to live in and commute around, my medium and high density residential buildings are being abandoned en masse due to "long commute". It has nothing to do with desirability, which is all they way up on the RCI chart. In fact, my city is still building apartment buildings, which are often abandoned as soon as construction is finished.
      As you can imagine, this is incredibly frustrating, as no city looks good with tower after tower of abandoned residential all over the place. I searched the forums before posting this for answers, but most of the solutions given were things that, to my knowledge, I am actively doing. For example, take a look at the screenshots below of two different parts of my city:


      As you can see, there are lots of abandoned apartments popping up. In some cases, the apartments being abandoned are right beside a bus stop, El station, or right off a main street.
      Now, here are pictures of the RCI of these areas (sorry for low-quality pics):


      I feel like these zones should be sufficiently mixed up; yet apartment buildings keep being abandoned. Any tips on what I can do to stop this from happening, and to get people to move back into these apartments? It's really sucking a lot of joy out of the game for me. Thanks for your help, and let me know if you have any questions!
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