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So, I embarked an retrofitting some NAM.

First, is it a known issue on an OWR-5 that some automata go the wrong way?  Down the center lane?  (see screen shot)

Second, I could not figure out how to make RD-6 turns.  I ended up with intersections which don't really make sense.

But it was a first attempt.  I see with grading and everything else why the focus it on roads first.


17-03-16 22-09-03.jpg

17-03-16 22-11-07.jpg

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Hi Markshot!

1. This is a visual glitch. Pathing is ok on it.

2. Try making two 45 degree curves instead of one 90 degree curve, the network should stabilize. If not, try placing some additional starter pieces near the curve and click around until it stabilizes.


Hope this helps!


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Bear in mind (2), in the screenshot you've dragged the roads outside of the footprint of a curve. Drag the innner curve first, then the outer curve thereafter, but do not try to connect or overlap them in any way. This is because you are in essence using two roads to make a single road, the code will know what to do, but will mess up if the inner/outside parts are not separated.

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Regarding the RD-6, it does not have the ability to make sharp 90° bends.  The single-tile NWM networks can, and of the dual-tile networks, just the RD-4 and TLA-5 have the ability to do so.  The OWR-4, OWR-5, and RD-6 lack sharp 90° bends, as do the triple-tile networks (TLA-7/AVE-6).

The reason the RD-4 and TLA-5 got the functionality is due to them having the same number of lanes per direction as the Avenue network, which also has the ability to build those sorts of curves.  I've been hesitant to extend it to the other networks with more lanes per direction, but don't consider the matter of whether or not they will ever be added a closed one.

@Haljackey's suggestion is the best right now.


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  • Original Poster
  • In another thread it was stated that SC4 city design is a deep philosophy echoing the patterns of of life.

    If SC4 is philosophy.

    Then, NAM is particle physics and the Quantum Zoo!  :)

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  • Original Poster
  • BTW, Haljackey, I switched to from 5-OWR to 6-RD as the traffic going the wrong waywas too Hollywood for me.  When I do the back lot of MGM, I will put the 5-OWR back.  :)

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    You know, you can always edit your post rather than make a new one. Double posting is OK (in moderation) if it is for adding new, separate information a given amount of time from the last post, but if you're adding extra in, and it's right after a previous post, there's no sense spamming people's notification boxes. A simple edit will do.

    It's not a serious issue, simple generic forum courtesy. Common sense is usually the best guide here; unfortunately there's no hard and fast rule but I think it makes sense that if there is a double post back-to-back in a short time frame, it is more sensible to edit posts rather than make a whole bunch of short ones.

    1 hour ago, MarkShot said:

    Then, NAM is particle physics and the Quantum Zoo!

    There is always a small amount of uncertainty as to the stability of a given setup (though like with particle physics, increasingly less uncertainty and increasingly stable experiments), and you can always know either the speed or the position of NAM developments, but never both at the same time.

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