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...Also add a section for special mentions... That is stupid me forgot this one and that for an award.... 

so I would like to special mention ahead of time -before I forget again, if that is okay, two nominees I forgot to mention...

BEST MOD of the YEAR: NAM-TEAM NAM v35 ....  it keeps making a new game of an old dog...

Favorite Team:  NAM-RRW NAM v35 for a trans-formative version that spurred and spun-off other sidings of RRW development and made SC4 into a train set...

Christmas Spirit: SFBT Team-Andreas... for creating the advent special 2015 and 2016... its always a good surprise for Yule Tide

again forgive me for not getting these in on a timely fashion...

the process could be simplified... what I liked were the two pages of notable works for 2015-16... the lists helped a great deal! special Thanks to those who made that... I would that we would have drop down boxes to pick the awards from... since picking awards for more than one game color code the awards to the game [blue for SC4; red for skylines]... more notions later...


good luck everyone

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9 hours ago, T Wrecks said:

I'm just thinking aloud here now, but maybe it would make sense to follow up the Trixies with a discussion about how the categories worked out for the voters - what was hard to understand or which categories were hard to tell apart from another?

Great idea, we'll get a general feedback thread opened for the weekend. :ohyes:

That would also help pass the time and keep focus until the awards ceremony...


37 minutes ago, Ln X said:

Will the nominees be announced this month?

Not ruling it out, but like I said on the previous page, I'm afraid we can't provide an ETA of when they'll be announced. If we knew, we'd make this known. *;)

However, we'll be trying our utmost best to get them out as quickly as possible, while not compromising on quality. I'm sure everyone will appreciate there's a need to be thorough, and this can't be a rushed job. Especially when data needs manually entering (garbage in, garbage out).

There's also a fair bit of polishing to do...

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Now. Now I became aware I forgot to nominate two people. You know, I concentrated to not forget those contributors with 'not so famous avatars' and I started my nomination with those I said to my self: you shouldn't forget him/her. And what happened is: I forgot to nominate two people that are my personal plugin folder heroes, the most influential. 

I focused on the stuff in the shadow and forgot those in the bright light. What a shame.

I hate nominations. As they make me feel like a daddy with 3 childs and one ice cream left in the fridge. No matter what I do - I will tread them unfair. Or like a husband that forgot the wedding anniversary. And you always forget someone. And - so strangely - often you forget someone really precious to you. As you focus on not forgetting something mostly you forget the obvious. Like your going fishing. And you concentrate not to forget the insect repellant and to put fresh batteries into the flashlight and all the different baits and hooks ... and when you're arrived at the lake you become aware - the fishing rods are still in the garage.

How I hate this.


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Hahaha, don't I know that feeling. The blanket is always too short somewhere.

However, I think your approach is good. Those who are rather well known by most members will probably get their nominations anyway. Don't forget that - unlike a parent - you're not the only one responsible here. At some point, you need to live with imperfections and hope someone else will cover you. *:)

I also failed to nominate at least two persons who did outstanding work because I couldn't find a free suitable category, but it would really suprise me if nobody else had nominated them.

In much the same way, I'm pretty sure when the awards are presented, I'll often slap my forehead and think "Oh right - why didn't I think of that?". Oh well.

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      Haha , short blankets , left fishing rods and only one forgotten anniversary . Sounds like the story of my life . I messed up , my grandson and I have been out doing stuff . I seen one day that it was time to nominate for the Trixies . I figured I had plenty of time to do so , well I was wrong . I had a half done nomination list on notepad and was looking to complete it . I turned on Simtropolis and right from there I knew I messed up . I seen , in bold letters , Nominations Closed . So I guess time flies when you are having fun . While I was out having fun , I clearly missed participating in the nomination process . But as @T Wrecks said "but it would really suprise me if nobody else had nominated them"  . So now I'm not as hurt , that I didn't nominate anybody .

      Sorry folks , good luck to everyone . Well , if I miss the winners announcement . I know I will enjoy seeing  who all , won what .

5 hours ago, Fantozzi said:

That's why you get married, I think. You double the chances to remember the fishing rod

Right , I haven't forgotten the fishing rod for a long time . Thanks to my better half of corse .

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