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    • By Moerp
      I've tried to made a SC4 Devotion account, but I can't activate it. In the E-mail there's the activation link and the activation code, but when I'm click on the link, I just get to the Forum-Site and I still can't log in. The same at SimPeg. Can anybody help me?
    • By andix
      Lot Editor and Plug-in Manager Forum Archive 2016
      This thread contains all of the stray topics created in 2016 in the Lot Editor and Plug-in Manager forum. This thread serves to condense those topics into one topic before merging into the new SC4 BAT & Lot Workshop forum.
      However, all of the posts from the original threads are merged chronologically, which means that if two threads were posted in during the same time span, their posts will be mixed together, making it harder to read. To help with this, the title of original thread has been edited into the original first post of each thread.
      Remember that you can use Ctrl+F to search through your current page.
      2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
      Lot editor problem
      I created my first simple building according to the BAT essentials tutorials and tried to put it on a lot with the Lot Editor.
      It's a 1x2 tile building. But I cannot place it correctly on the lot (no matter if it's a 2x3 or 3x3 lot:

      When I try to place it at the road in the right window I can move it to the road but in the left window which shows the result it's in the backwards area. And this is indeed the final position after saving and testing it in the game.
      When I turn the building around it's in the middle of the street when I move it to the forward part of the lot:

      An additional problem is that the Lot Editor creates a lot with nonsensical values for the Zone Types: 0x04, 0x05 and 0x06:

      Of course I can change that and then I can plop the building in the game but this values I think should not appear in the first place.
    • By SC4B
      Lot Editor and Plug-in Manager Forum Archive 2015
      This thread contains all of the stray topics created in 2015 in the Lot Editor and Plug-in Manager forum. This thread serves to condense those topics into one topic before merging into the new SC4 BAT & Lot Workshop forum.
      However, all of the posts from the original threads are merged chronologically, which means that if two threads were posted in during the same time span, their posts will be mixed together, making it harder to read. To help with this, the title of original thread has been edited into the original first post of each thread.
      Remember that you can use Ctrl+F to search through your current page.
      2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
      How can i make a ploppable construct like a growable?
      Can anyone help me with the question above?
      If u didn't understand, its like this,
      when u find your plugin inside the landmark folder, u select it and when u place it in your city, it just appears wid some dust coming out.
      I want to know, when u plop the plugin from the LM menu, instead just appearing, i want it to start constructing wid some crane on it..
      I had seen this in the "Eclipse tower BAT" which is found on the STEX
    • By docj101

      There are many threads across several sites that discuss this same information.  However I've looked around and I can't find a good beginners guide for modding that still has active links to pictures or much depth.  So I have created this to help fill the void in 2013.  I'm sure that people are still (re)discovering the game all the time.  This is my small attempt to help them/you get started customizing their cities and experience.
      Modding Made Easy by -Docj
      The process for creating 'certain' game modifying plugins is actually very simple.  The steps I am going to illustrate in this guide can be applied to anything contained in the simcity_1.dat.  From bus stops to the traffic simulator, after reading this you will be able to customize many things in the game to your liking.  You can also use the process to adjust the values of downloaded plugins more to your liking.
      The only tool(s) required for this is "iLives Reader" v1.4.  Getting this program installed and working properly is covered here, and here, among other places.  You can also use "iLives Reader" 0.9.3 to do the exact same thing however you have to do manual 'hexadecimal' to 'decimal' conversion for everything (hex - decimal converter).
      It is always safe and very functional to open and view file properties in v1.4, the automatic unit conversion can save time.  Sometimes v0.9.3 is preferred for editing because of potential file corruption upon saving with v1.4.  I run both readers; trying v1.4 first, then after checking for problems revert to using v0.9.3. 
      Assuming you have "iLives Reader" installed and configured, then you can continue with this guide.*1
      The goal of this example:
      In my example below I am going to modify a city hospital so that 1 actually serves the same function as having 2 side-by-side.  I am going to double some values so that it serves and employs more sims.  Accordingly I'll raise power/water consumption, costs to plop, as well as increase the pollution this hospital creates. 
      Without some extreme measures being taken I can't successfully increase monthly operating costs of the hospital.  I have found altering those values creates a bug causing all hospitals to reset themselves to MAX funding each new month.  I bring this up as a good example of things that can go wrong, and the sort of thing to watch for.*3  I will be modifying 7 properties to achieve my desired effect.  I chose to make a basic mod with multiple changes to illustrate a few points that would've be hard to explain by making a simple, single value change.
      Please keep in mind, this is an example, and may not be practical for your personal use.  The results of this hospital mod will cause ALL of your region's hospitals to adopt it's effects, but only if the .dat is in your plugins folder.  These hospitals can still be funded with sliders according to demand in game.  100% funded is now 6000 patient capacity + 200 doctors, likewise, 25% funded is now 1500 patient capacity + 50 doctors.  Cost per patient in this hospital mod will be cut in half, this is the only attribute where original game balance is somewhat lost.
      The process for creating a basic game modifying .dat file.
      1. Launch "iLives Reader", open simcity_1.dat,
      2. Bring up the 'navigator' view window.

      3. Within the left side directory tree: navigate to "Civic Buildings" > "Buildings" > "CV44x44_LargeMedicalCenter_0313"
      4. Within the right side properties window:  recognize those highlighted are the 7 properties I will be adjusting for the hospital.  Double-clicking any property opens it for editing.  From here I am going to begin with 'demand created'.

      5. (This only applies to "Reader v1.4")  After opening a property to edit you'll see the editor.  In the editor window change the values from 'default' to "Display as" 'Int' (integer).  Now you see the property's value in a form that is easily altered.  In this example below, the associated property ID is also shown, and this will not be changed. *2

      6. In the appropriate field of the editor window you can change the 'value' to any number you want. In this example I am using 'demand created' and multiplying jobs x2.  For a building where you find 'demand created' for jobs and amenities together: the values should be increased together equally.  What this is doing is creating the extra jobs and ensuring residential demand for the appropriate sims needed to work there.  These 3 numbers are the distribution between $, $$, and $$$.  Notice most workers are $$.
      7. Click "set" then "apply". The property window will close at this point and the changes are temporarily saved.

      8. Now, I am going to move right down the list, adjusting the remaining 6 properties one at a time.  To keep the balance of the original hospital I am going to double the values.  Most properties are straightforward and easy to recognize and modify.  However, 'Sint64' 'data type' doesn't convert 'int' correctly for me.  If I type 2200 for "plop cost" and hit 'set', the number turns into 8704.  I had to enter the number in as 'hexadecimal' aka 'base 16' instead of 'decimal' aka 'base 10'.  If I convert 2200 from decimal to hexadecimal I find that 898 entered as 'int' will give my desired 2200 cost to plop in game; double maxis default. *2

      9. These last 2 properties are best thought of as a pair that you should increase together equally.  The term "catalog capacity" is refering to the number the game uses to properly display the capacity in the menus.  The corresponding "hospital patient capacity" is refering to the number the game actually uses and shows you upon building query.  Keeping these values the same ensures 'displayed capacity' and 'actual capacity' are the same everywhere.  I will change these values to 6000 now.

      10. Now that all 7 values have been adjusted I want to make a small .dat file that will override the default values in the game by being in the plugins folder.  I don't want to just try and 'save' these changes directly to "simcity_1.dat"; that would be permanent and it doesn't work that way.  So on the left side directory tree 'right-click' "CV44x44_LargeMedicalCenter_0313", then click "add to patch", then open the "patch manager" by clicking on it's button up top in the 'tools' panel.

      11. In this window you will see "CV44x44_LargeMedicalCenter_0313" as the only entry. Highligh it, Click "Create DAT".  A dialog asking for a filename and
      location will appear.  You can name it anything you want as to easily identify it (i.e. My_Hospital_Mod).

      12. Navigate to where you saved the .dat file and drag or copy it into your '....username\Documents\SimCity 4\Plugins' folder.
      13. Next time you enter the game you will see your new capacity at all maxis hospitals, without rebuilding.

      That's it, that's all there is to it!  This mod works applied directly to my game with no problems.  "IF" you encounter problems with the 'budget slider' after editing civic buildings, you may need to bulldoze all existing civics of that type before using the mod you created.  Bulldozing all civics of a type first also allows for 'budget cost' adjustments to work.
      I realize I made this explanation rather long.  I wanted it to be easily understood by even the most novice of modder.  Using the steps I provided you can start using your imagination.  For example:  maybe you decide your Sims found a way to make burning coal cleaner, cheaper, and more efficient.  Now implementing such a change yourself is possible.  You can lower pollution amount and radius, lower the plop and operating costs, and increase power capacity... maybe name it "Infamous_Clean_Coal_ Tech".  You can now open anything you want to look at and adjust it's values.  Start making some .dat files for yourself! 
      A few tips:
      You can copy and paste properties and values to speed things up. You can open multiple .dat files side by side for comparison or to find properties you may want to copy. You can add multiple adjusted files to a .dat by repeating steps 1 - 10 clicking "add to patch" each time.  After you have added multiple files go to step 11 and you can create a .dat that combines those changes into one mod file.  You can open any other previously created .dat or lot files to edit and save, or create a .dat of your own from them. Try to avoid creating conflicts by having 2 mods of the same type installed simultaneously.  Always test in game for effects, allowing an in-game year or more to pass before you are convinced everything works as you intended.  Some properties can be added in places they previously didn't exist, the best way to know what works is testing (i.e. can you add jobs to a water pump?  hmm). For 'Float32' "data type" enter your value with "display as" 'default' selected in the editor window. You can open .sc4lot .sc4desc and other files inside of reader. Reading other threads after following this guide should make more sense now.  Explore the wealth of information on this site and others.  Never use the 'save' option on SimCity_1.dat, always 'create DAT' in patch manager. Sometimes v1.4 will corrupt properties of a file upon saving.  If you notice this happen modify the file with v0.9.3 which uses hexadecimal only. You should always test your results of mods in test cities to ensure everything works correctly, in case you create a bug such as the 'phantom slider bug'. Sometimes a bug like 'phantom slider bug' will require you to obliterate city to make it go away! I recommend toying with things yourself as much as possible; discovery is half of the fun! The more you explore and experiment, the more you will learn, have fun with it!  
      I hope this helps someone who has wished to modify their game, or encourages others to do so!
      And don't forget, removing the file from the plugins folder will undo the changes, so don't be afraid to experiment. *1
      *1: Remember to always make back-up copies of any file you intend to modify, or using to make modifications from.  This is just good practice in case you ever have a problem.  Especially have a copy of SimCity_1.dat sitting somewhere because if your game ever corrupted; you can usually fix it by just overwriting the bad .dat with the good one.  In general make back-ups a part of your life.  Never click 'save' on your SimCity_1.dat.
      *2:  My installation of Reader v1.4 doesn't convert integer for 'Sint64' data type properly, this may just be a problem specific to me.  Usually integer is the best way to enter the value, but if you click 'set' and see the numbers change from what you just entered, you have the same issue.  In this case just use a 'Base-10' to 'Base-16' online calculator to convert the 'decimal' number you want to use into the appropriate 'hex' value.  Then use that number and hit 'set'.  This is the same process for all value changes made in Reader v0.9.3.
      *3:  The 'budget cost' can be adjusted, but it requires that all hospitals (or w/e adjustable budget building you are working with) are bulldozed before putting the mod in your plugins folder.  Once this bug is triggered cities can require obliteration (or restore from back-up) to make it go away.  Test budget changes to the default civic buildings in test cities, or leave budget alone.  It is safe to adjust budget of all custom buildings in y experience.  You can read more about this so-called "phantom slider bug" in the replies below. 
      Thanks for reading!
      - If you found this helpful or interesting for other reasons please let everyone know by voting this post +1 in the corner below!  
      Please don't quote the whole post for replies, scroll wheels would overheat.
    • By MOTM_inbox
      Did someone in the forums help you solve a tough problem? Or did someone upload a fabulous creation that you just had to have? Or maybe someone's CJ knocked your socks off? We highly encourage you to help us recognize excellence and experience by nominating a member for our Member of the Month award!

      We are always taking nominations for this monthly award, and you are more then welcome to make a nomination at any time. Simply click here (or in the signature below) and send a PM to MOTM_inbox with your nomination. Please include a brief, one or two sentence rationale to support your nomination. Your nomination will be added to the ballot for the current month. Only one nomination per member per month will be considered.

      In addition, while there are many excellent sites within the SimCity 4 community, our nominees must be nominated for contributing in areas at Simtropolis. Please join us in recognizing those who contribute to our site and help make this community what it is!


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