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[Release] More Assets Tags - adds custom Steam tags to assets!

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Calling all asset creators - you need to get this mod! This is gonna make the workshop less of a mess, but we're gonna have to open and save assets again to add the tags. It takes time ofc (and is annoying with decals), but it's soooo worth it in the long run!

We can go cargo train hunting or browse for light cargo cars - and as we fill them up many other tags!

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    • By OcramsRzr
      I have become more familiar in 3Ds Max and even gained enough expertise in it over the past few months that I think my skill level is approaching a point where I think I am good enough to start making mods for Cities: Skylines. I started practicing in 3DsMax to make brick rowhouses for the game Banished but since I am more interested in Cities: Skylines now and my buildings were practice so I can mod C:S, I decided to start a new project of making buildings just for Cities: Skylines.
      I whipped this building up over the course of 4-7 hours today. It would have taken only 1 or 2 hours had I not made a ton of mistakes that required me to start from the beginning.

      It will normally grow on a 4 tile wide x 3 tile deep lot with the ability to grow on a 4x4 lot with a backyard.
      FYI, I plan on making a ColorMask for the outer 2 rowhouses so it could have more variety (bright red, pink, tan, and whitewashed).
      Please give me feedback to help me improve the quality of my creations.
      Thank you!
    • By Ronyx69
      So I was recently looking at some Japan driving videos and got inspired to make some highway pillars.
      I'm planning to make an entire set of various types of pillars in this style, even a 6cell over-canal pillar. (if it goes okay)
      Tell me what you think about my first attempt, I need to nail the style and the details before I start making other variations.
      Constructive criticism welcome, also any ideas.
      By the way, do pillars have LODs like regular buildings? I should just make it just the pillar, without the small details - pipe, wires, supports.
      Not sure when they're going to be done and available.


    • By Voeille
      This thread will include everything I create and share for CS, either in progress or already finished. I’m slow so I won’t add much often, but every now and then I’m tempted to enhance the game and add a little to the community
      Now I’m making an enhanced temperate theme that is supposed to look lush, designed for maps full of forests and eco cities with lots of nature beauty instead of dirty factories. It’s basically finished, but it’s never bad to ask for some feedback before releasing. I changed all textures and normals except for moon, gravel, and pavement, and tried to make them as little repetitive as possible, and balance a nice look between zoomed in and zoomed out views.
      Ruined is supposed to look like dirt, not like sand or dry ground. I changed alpha of ruined in a way that stops it from appearing under cliff (I never liked it). Field is fine, so I left it very noticeable, just changed the colour. I hope my alphas make a natural and smooth transitions between textures. Oil and ore areas are basically unnoticeable when zoomed out. It’s on purpose, because the vanilla “stains” don’t look good in my opinion, and there is the resource view that lets us see the exact resource placement. When zoomed in, there’s a little difference in the grass look. The textures are mash-ups, edits, and blends of The Sims 2 (and 3 with respect to grass) textures (I create content for TS2 and I often use original textures from that game to make mine), and a few free ones found online. I’ll post necessary credits in the description in the workshop. They either were seamless originally or I made them seamless, so there isn’t any tiling noticeable. The scale of tiling (adjustable in the theme editor) was the hardest to balance for the cliff texture. Large tiles look pretty good from distance, but very blurred when zoomed in. Small tiles look good when zoomed in, but make the texture very repetitive when zoomed out. I went for something in between, so it looks alright in both views, but I’m not perfectly content with it. It’d be best with a huge texture, but that’s not reasonable (and I don’t have any), so it’ll probably have to stay like that. It’s just my opinion, but the default temperate sand is terrible – not only does it glow orange/yellow, but has strange and repetitive alpha.  
      I know the previews aren’t very good, but I’ll make nicer and more descriptive ones for the actual release 
    • By Bad Peanut
      Hey guys, new Poll!
      Please choose out of the following options for a 32m wide network which will have 4 tram tracks.
      The idea is that this is still a station track prefab so it will only be able to be placed inside an asset (so similar to monorail station tracks). This is due to the fact it will be using a unique track configuration which I will make compatible with the CO vanilla groups (they will connect visually with any tram network using the same connect groups as snowfall tracks)
      The trams will be able to stop on each set of track so you can have 4 separate parallel stops on the same road.

      Please keep in mind the following:
      - DLC required for lanes,
      - platform widths (some of them are very skinny so maybe they're not as good)
      - overall usability as a medium road.
      - vehicle flow compatibility with vanilla/DLC roads

      FYI red tram lanes are tram only (not bus as well)

      IF you think of a better layout still vote on the above, but also POST a streetmix pic illustrating exactly how it can work within 32m and with the correct widths for lanes/platforms
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