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MY son and I are in multiplayer.  We have they cities in a region and have started an International Airport in the Great Works area.   It has as establish, construction started and it asking for Alloy, Metal and petroleum from the cities. We have stared the giving process from two of the cities and the arrows show it should be going but nothing seem to ever get there.  One city has oil wells and the other recycles to get Alloy and Metal.  What are we missing? I tried turning off Global Deliveries at the trade center but that did not help. Suggestions?  thanks

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I think you'll need Global Deliveries to export the goods to the Great Works site. Perhaps you need to switch off local deliveries, to avoid the resources being used locally? Otherwise if you have a surplus, perhaps you can "gift" them to the Great Works like with other cities, although I never tried this personally.

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I believe that rsc204 is correct.  You will need the global deliveries turned on to deliver the goods to the Great Works project.  However, I believe that local deliveries and any needs in your city take higher priority.  Therefore you will need to make sure you are producing enough extra to take care of your city needs, then any neighbor deals and finally the Great Works needs.

Also, make sure you give the simulator enough time to actually recognize the deliveries.  If the deliveries are being made, you should actually see trucks driving to the Great Works to drop off the material.

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Posted (edited)

In order to get this to work, you would to need to setup your trade system kind of like this if you produce from your city chunk (locally).

->Extraction unit->Processing Unit                     ->Storages ->Delivery service.


So in the end, you would need to have, at least, two trade buildings  : one used as an extra local storage plates for your local products and another one for deliveries.

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Better grammar, corrected typos, added a bit more details.

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