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i want to donate money to you guys,for your great work here at simtropolis, but i can not because paypal is not responding.Why dont you guys make an open pay system for credit cards,then we do not need this hassle. 

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Hi there,

Thanks for your interest in supporting the site, and welcome to the community. *:)

Yes, I'd recommend to contact @Dirktator our webmaster, who handles the donations. Usually the best way is via PM, but also the email @Haljackey specified above would do the job if that's your preferred method of contact. Any questions/issues with PayPal or to explore an alternative payment method, I'm sure Dirk will be able to help you out.

One reason why ST doesn't use an internal commerce system is because the site doesn't yet support HTTPS (secure connections). Currently, this means payment details wouldn't be encrypted here once submitted. So therefore, since PayPal is an independent service, it allows transactions to be processed using their systems, which use appropriate security measures.

However, suggestions are always welcome, and other options can definitely be explored in future.


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    • By SIMplemente
      Dear Simtropolis staff.
      On december the 3rd I made a donation 25$ via Paypal (please contact me privately from my account for details)
      I never received any updates from you on my email about it. I wanted also some information about where or when I am going to get a link to download sine STEX stuff ( I still don't wether a link to download or you will send a me a cd, or for my donation I don't have right to anything else, or perhaps nothing.)
      Everything is so confusing.
      Can you contact me to make things clear.
      Many things in advance.
      Best regards.
    • By boformer
      Simtropolis is my favourite online community and I made multiple donations to support it.
      Before I make my next donation, I would like to know how much money (in absolute numbers) is required and how it is used (server, licenses, expense allowances). Can you publish this information?
      Also, what happens when the monthly goal is not reached?
    • By Cyclone Boom
      Hi everyone!
      With a completely new forum software, it's time for a brand new bugs thread...
      When reporting issues, it always helps to be as descriptive as possible, such as by including the following info:
      A summary of the issue. Screenshots / videos to highlight what's wrong (with annotations if applicable).
      Images are best uploaded to an online image host, and the direct link pasted into the editor.
        Your system info (e.g. browser version / operating system, device type). When the issue started, or how often it can be reproduced. Any error messages shown?
      This can help us to reproduce the problems, and then work on finding solutions.
      Thanks all for your help!

      Known bugs and issues can be found below in the following post. We'll work and aim to get these fixed ASAP.
    • By Cyclone Boom
      Site Upgrade Announcement   
      I'm pleased to announce @Dirktator has confirmed that today, Simtropolis is scheduled to receive a significant site upgrade. In the process we'll be incrementing the site's version to ST9.0. The latest major update to the IPS Suite will be applied to bring a whole host of new and exciting features.
      Most notably:
      Reactions This will give more flexibility to describe why you like a content item.
      It'll allow Reactions to be tailored to best suit our community, such as with custom sets & icons.
        Recommended Replies A way for helpful, informative or useful replies to be highlighted inside a thread.
      Will be a way of drawing attention to popular posts, including those providing answers to the OP's question.
        Content Messages Allow announcements or important info to be seen within a content item.
      Uses may include thread guidelines, reminders to follow, or even useful info for reference (e.g. links or images).
        Promoting Content A range of possibilities to improve the accessibility of content. STEX files, CJs, forum posts, the whole lot.
      Social media options can be explored, such as to connect with the site's Twitter as a content stream.
        Fluid Forum View Optionally view the forum via a topic list or grid mode instead of traditional categories.
      This is configurable for all users via a toggle, so it's possible to easily switch between the views.
        Editor Uploading Improvements Simplified ability to attach images and files to a post.
      Now possible to drag & drop into specific locations, without needing to insert manually.
        Gallery Improvements A range of enhancements for uploading Gallery images.
      Usability improvements also introduced for albums, and also the navigation with the image lightbox display.
        City Journals Sidebar CJ authors can optionally add a sidebar with information about their entries.
      This uses the post editor, so text or other media can be added. HTML access available on request.
        Letter Profile Photos The default avatar replaced with a random coloured background, featuring the 1st character of a username.
      This will only affect users who haven't changed their avatar from the anonymous grey silhouette.  
      There's also the Clubs feature, which will restore a similar functionality to the old Groups. The advantage here is it's integrated and built into the core software, whereas previously it was a 3rd party plugin that was made incompatible. We won't be rolling out the Clubs immediately, but we have some ideas on how they can be used more effectively this time around, since they'll allow more options.

      Plus a visual overhaul and an assortment of other minor changes.
      Along with a few other surprises in store coming soon, so watch out for those too...
      Expected Downtime   
      Since this is a larger update than usual, the site may be unavailable for a slightly longer period. It's scheduled anytime from 12pm noon EDT / 4pm UTC onwards (view clock), and we anticipate this will be no more than 1 hour.
      Should the downtime be prolonged, please check our Twitter feed for progress updates.
      Bugs & Stability   
      The new version has been released in a client beta for several weeks, meaning stability has been tried & tested. However as is common with any new software product, there's a chance for undetected bugs to crop up when applied in unique environments. Please bear with us if there are any instabilities to start with, and report them below or in the bugs thread.
      We'd love to hear ways the site and the above features can be improved or best implemented. If you've any ideas feel free to share them below. We'll also be opening threads specifically to gain feedback on specific aspects within the next several weeks.
      Thanks everyone, and we hope you enjoy the new site!
    • By BC Canuck
      I've been busy the last few days and only started looking through the 3 discs yesterday.  I downloaded them on Monday (quite easy to do with the WinCDEmu software and now I understand how this works - couldn't be simpler).  I just need to back-up the discs on a  new flash drive (currently on my external hard drive - just in case - stuff happens...)
      I am quite pleased with the contents.  A bunch of these creators I have never heard of but have some interesting content.  Tried and true favourites are here:  FrankU, Mattb, Jasoncw, JBSimio and so on.  But it is so "well organised"    I love it.   No more trolling through the STEX trying to remember who created something or depending on our own private search engine otherwise known as @Yarahi 
      That doesn't mean I won't be downloading some of the new stuff - great content still coming out!!
      Thanks to @Dirktator for putting them together. 
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